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Sober Clover May 2018
i always wonder why
as i see cinderella cry
a surge of emotions wrap my head
that haunts me as i dream in bed

i always wonder why
i always loved to jump up high
unlike the tragic roots
of the little ariel who can't wear such boots

i always wonder why
the blonde rapunzel caught my eye
as i always seek for more
not contented of what's behind my door

i always wonder why
just like merida i'd touch the sky
such impenetrable rules hinder
my love for a life that's fuller

i always wonder and wonder
why do i feel the same
it is just the influence of the sealing border
or am i a princess just lost and without a name?

and i keep wondering, wondering and wondering
when will my life begin
as it seems that my time outside is just so fleeting
as i go back to the state where i am always aching

many would dream to be a disney princess
and i sure did sing like a damsel in distress
yet one thing i realized in this song

is i am a disney princess...

gone wrong.
my life ***** praying for yours not to be
Sober Clover Aug 2017
a peaceful click tapped on his shoe
as he strode tippy toes out of the blue
his stern face was burnished with shine and glow
yet mr. nutcracker still clanked up at do
  Mar 2017 Sober Clover
I know why I love horror films
I just never say it.
I love them
Because I am tortured by feelings
By empathy
By kindness
And I'm looking to learn
The kind of safety that comes with ruthlessness.
I'm looking to glance up just for one second into my own eyes in a mirror
And see nothing at all behind them.
Just once.
I think people who love as hard as I do always long to feel nothing.
Sober Clover Mar 2017
An unexpected ****** perceived love
That her own young heart could not suppress
The gap of beliefs meddled their serene relation
A realization opposed the pragmatic conclusion
Torn the petals of the lovely flower
Later has come
So much had changed
Lives have swapped throughout the age
To an island she escaped
With the man whom she revolted against ages ago
Who shielded her with the raging bullets
Her father unconsciously saved for her
But remnants of the past pricked her once again
Yet the timeless love constantly lingers
Another fire is kindled
But one love is replayed
As their emotions once again flailed
through the secluded piece of land
A land that was situated to engender a sensation
A land that was meant to bring madness
A land that was brought to life by their love
A land of waters
A land of fire
Island of fire.
Sober Clover Mar 2017
Bold innocence engulfed her system
As an unintentional injury severed their lives
Hope was cancelled
So was love
This radiant creation is the only aesthetic
Of his so called perfect existence
Lean, good-looking, brilliant, wealthy
This Adam was paved onto his own Eve
His fortune, his dream, his everything
Yet as this phenomenal experience shut her mind
The waves of memories still, relentlessly remind
Of the expression first splashed
when their hearts were winded as one.
Sober Clover Mar 2017
A stern queen of fire and land
Braced the shore with outstanding elegance
Met a prince of earthly integrity and principle
As the waves of the pristine sea crashed onto the sands of romance
A scorching sensation
A beautiful involvement
of the two young beams
Colliding into one scorching love.
Sober Clover Mar 2017
This time I'm speaking my mind out
As we've been restrained to express
by the society's most important seniors
in which undeserved privilege overshadowed
the true essence of beliefs and traditions.
In many aspects
the youth is believed to be the hope
yet elders traced a trap through our most awaited start.
Dreams were differed, sanity is shattered
by the mere false authority of the few abusive elders
whom they have thought of stepping on amateurs
would mean respect or submission.
Sad to say
the past brilliance is now spoiled
by the lack of calcium
the inability to cope up with technologies
the traditionally wrong mindset
the ego of a native
the pride of a pioneer.
Past experiences would make you a better person they say
but frankly the new generation forces the beam of innovation
that could make today a better station to dwell in.

If and only if
this corrected mistake was never rectified at all.

- a Youth
seniority would always mean authority and privilege but being one does not let you disrespect and heartlessly offend youngsters. this belief is a sin and is never a right thing to do. our society has always been a joke yet it is no fun at all.
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