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Siye Aug 2014
I miss you...
But i will never tell you this because the last thing i said was 'go to hell'
I hope you are good
Heard you found yourself another hope you are happy ( actually i hope that ***** treat you the way you treated me)
I was yours but thats done
Siye Jul 2014
would you miss me?
would you beg for me to stay?
would you grab my arm and pull me close
and say "you never want us to be apart"?
Yeah i am just wondering if the boy I love loves me back
to my friend...
would you reveal all my secretes cos i have no way of defending myself?
would you call me every week?
can you promise that are phone calls will not get shorter?
will you move on and get a new best friend?
will things be awkward between us?
stop saying we are BBFs because when I pack up and leave
you won't stop me but you will move on.
Siye Jul 2014
10 years ago you smiled at me and
wished me a happy birthday.
my birthday is coming up and
i pray to hear your voice one more time but
you're not here.
17 years ago you
swore that you were gonna protect me
from the evils of this world but
you left me before the world started getting me down and
now i long for your touch and
winter days seem colder and
mom hasn't been the same.
I ******* haven't been the same.,
i pray to God that wherever you are you live with regret and
your wondering soul never gets to rest
cos my birthday is coming up and
you wont be around.
this is for my father who left me in this cruel world 10 years ago.
  Jul 2014 Siye
Are you even capable of such feelings?
When you inhale
You pull the life right out of me
And I’m left, alone
Siye Jul 2014
I used to smile at the thought of our occasional talks
How for a minute or two, I felt as though I mattered
As though I was also special or maybe I was just as important.
How, i got to know what made you you
And maybe shared a bit of me.
But I...saw you and her laughing like we never had,
Gazing into each others eyes and, looking so ******* immature,
And...I went home.
In bold, black letters i wrote on my wall...
I HATE THAT *****!
our talks are no longer the same
cos all you want to talk about is her
and... I can't tell you that the ***** you're with
is probably ******* another dude's **** as you,
sit here and try to convince me to believe that she is amazing.
But no, I am jealous and I don't want to be trapped into liking her,
So I, create a monster, a kind, beautiful monster
who is perfectly perfect for your loving heart and...
who wants to be in your chest
who sees you and only you
therefore, I ******* hate that *****
but ****, she is perfect for your caring soul
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