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Ayu Prameswari Mar 2017

(when I lost you)
Only I cried
Instead committing suicide

(Mar 2016)
Ayu Prameswari Nov 2016

The Mighty Poet's
rhyming tranquility to my heart

(Mar 2016)
Ayu Prameswari Nov 2016

I'd be one
You read out loud
All day night

(Mar 2016)
  Nov 2016 Ayu Prameswari
Ramin Ara
In my world
Is all things bright and beautiful
Even  ugliness
Ayu Prameswari Aug 2016

Being son or daughter
I don't know it either

But, sure
It will bring me lot of laughter
In my life till forever
Thanks for having me, lover
Glad that you're getting closer

Once you coming over
You'll be the one I cover
When you're growing bigger
I'll be so much happier

If dad throws his temper
I'll give you a day of pamper
When day's getting tougher
I'll hug you at whenever
I'll be there in wherever
I'll love you for whatever

To him or her
Who calls me mother
See you sooner!
I haven't gotten married as well as haven't gotten any baby, I am now single, and.. I have nooo idea why I could write such poem xoxo.
Ayu Prameswari Aug 2016
Like a fetus
Asleep in ******
A living dormancy
Awaits for its democracy

A spirit of a lotus
Resides in a hiatus
A divine treaty
Delivers an eternity

Ayu Prameswari Jun 2016
If my heart could speak
She would cry instead of saying
For the too much pain she endured
Of the aching illness you've tortured

If my heart could walk
She would run instead of stepping
For she is about to escape her shadow
Of her past memory makes the life hollow

If my heart could swim
She would sink instead of floating
For she is out of power and energy
Of suffocated by day and night stormy

If my heart could climb
She would collapse instead of clinging
For her spirit is conciously to pound
Of the grotesque sore stitches and wound

If my heart could sing
She would scream instead of rhyming
For she has strayed beautiful melodies
Of her broken notes and torn voices

If my heart could fight*
She would combat instead of beating
For she lost her soul and dignity
Of the love becomes her biggest enemy

(June 2016)
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