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ns Apr 2015
An infant wrapped in ***** sheets
No heat to warm his soft cheeks
A mother weeps for her mistakes
Clutching the baby tight, trying hard not to break

Absurd thoughts crossed the mother's mind
What harm could happen if she leaves her baby behind?
Never has she wanted to keep him alive
A sin she can easily connive

A night full of guilt and regrets
Things she wishes to forget
If only she was a better mother to him
Everything would have never been so grim

Tonight she shall cross the street
Walk the pavements of melting sleets
Lay the infant down on freezing concrete
Turn her back, a sin she would concede

But guilt twisted her stomach as she walks away
She feels as if her baby calls for her to stay
Conscience compelled her to walk back
To the little angel lying on its back

She picked him up and love confounded her
"How dare I leave this poor angel? I am such a terrible mother!"
She planted a kiss on the baby's face, she then wept for her mistakes
Holding the baby in her embrace, little by little, the heartaches dissipate.

I haven't written in a while so forgive me if this poem's a bit off.
ns Mar 2015
Father, father, please come back.
Cradle me in your arms, mend my heart that cracked
Wipe my tears with your strong hands
Keep my soul from being ******

Father, father, please come back
Fill up my heart with love that lacked
Hold my hand and guide my way
This time, father, can you please stay?

Oh my daughter, please forgive me
I am afraid of what has become of me
I cannot stay with you for I am one of the ******
I have to protect you from becoming what I am

I cannot fill your heart with the love that lacked
For I am only an empty shell that cannot love back
I may not even be able to hold your hand
For I am scared that you will not understand

ns Jan 2015
Oh, how cruel a fate it is,
To gain hope from void assumptions,
For it all amounts to horse ****,
But nonetheless it curdles ones imaginations.
Guile created from ones own mind.
A goal, impossible to attain yet continue to find.
If love, beith abstraction illusion.
Hope the manifestation of delirium.
Oh, high empryn. What love of pure blessedness can your high ruler endow me with,
But literary devices which are in my usage,
Is simply the context of garbage.

A poem written by my cousin.
ns Nov 2014
Moonlight reflects on a lake
Tonight love shall be re-made
Two frail bodies waltz on water
As the howling of the wolves got louder

Hand in hand, heart to heart
Two pale shadows got lost in the dark
Bruised skin, broken bones
He whispers in her ear, "you look so beautiful."

They swore their oaths
To never leave each other alone
One last kiss to end it all
Before they went down to the last fall

They tried to run
But they were caught up and came undone
The wolves tore their bodies apart
Stopping the beating of their hearts

They died holding each others hands
The blood of their love drips unto the land
The ghosts cry for their demise
A young love's true promise

Tonight love had been remade
By two pale shadows that had to fade
An oath to never leave each other alone
Granted until death, a love written on stone

ns Nov 2014
A mixture of colours in your eyes, I see
"What colour are your eyes?" I ask thee
Emotions hidden under an unfathomable hue
Colourful orbs that are almost see through

A storm blue stare that pins me in my place
Pierces through my soul, locking me in a haze
Looking deep into your eyes, I lose myself in a maze
Because of thee, I have been hypnotized for days

In harsh winds and cold weather
The beauty of your eyes never wavers
Orange red like falling autumn leaves
Golden specks of sunlight that shines so brilliantly

Pale green like the first of spring
Oh such joy and peace your eyes bring
Dark green that almost looks like blue
How I wish I could see you through

Seasons passed, but you never answered me
"What colour are your eyes?" I asked thee
Emotions still lie beneath an unfathomable hue
Just tell me the colour of your eyes, oh please do

ns Nov 2014
She is deafened by a melancholic song
The night has never been so long
Years have passed but the sun never shone
To her, happiness has become unknown

She let herself rot inside a keep
Hidden down below, six feet deep
She cuts her tongue, afraid to tell the truth
Her lips long to form words, yet she remains mute

Streams of her tears dance through the air
She covers her face for she is scared
To feel pain is her way to feel alive
In a body of a girl who's dead inside

ns Nov 2014
I wish to spit on your grave
To make you feel disgusted and ashamed
You, who look down on me shall suffer from eternal rue
Thou shall writhe seven times over the pain I went through

Go feed everyone with your pathetic lies
Oh, what a pity to have such a miserable life
You live in a world of your pretense
Just to please yourself, such nonsense!

I curse you to perish from the earth!
To leave your bones to decay in the dirt
To watch the life drain out of your eyes
'Tis I long to see before I die

No one shall be there at your funeral
No man will mourn for your demise
You will not be remembered nor be recognized
For this curse, you shall grieve all your life

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