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Telli Rose Nov 2017
do you honestly believe
that just because she has
those infamous violin hips
that gives you any right
to play her?

you’ll be in for a
rude awakening
when you finally realize
no sweet harmony will
come from her

you will not hold her
by her delicate neck
and drag your worn bow
across her thin, ****** strings
as if she was the first, or last
orchestra instrument of yours

do not forget about
deep viola, and intuitive cello
do not mock mighty trumpet and jazzy sax
with your tenuous conductor’s wand
you are no master of a spectacular concerto.

go away Amadeus, you’ve lost your mind
if you can sit down comfortably
and think you won’t have to pay for
defacing every instrument in this precious ensemble
you once had.
-11/13/17 c.m.
Telli Rose Sep 2017
You say confidence is what completes a woman
But I am no woman
Or did you forget?

Confidence is not my friend
Confidence and I haven’t spoken
In many days, and many nights
It’s pointless for her to help me
Because I am no woman

I am the moon
I am the most confusing
Reverse cryptid
You’ll never get
To figure out

I hide myself among curtains of darkness
I call them my friends
The stars protect me and let me see
I call them my brothers
The sun reflects it’s light on me and calls me beautiful
I call him my lover

Isn’t it funny
How I only let you see
What I choose to show you
I will let you see me at my fullest, but only for a night
I won’t let you see me at all
And each day I reveal and conceal, whenever I choose

And even then i am a mystery
Because a valuable piece
To this complex puzzle
Is missing
Because just like every woman
Don’t I have a dark side?
- C.M. 9/3/17
Telli Rose Aug 2017
I used to live in an achromatic world
Everything was plain and simple
Yin and Yang
Salt and Pepper
Black and White

A coloring page lacking its vibrant
Rainbow of colors
An explosion of reds and lavenders
A blank page, bleak and boring

Until you came around
With your fancy coloring box
And your artistic eye for all things

My life without you was stark and unhappy
Because I know that I am very spontaneous
That I am more than the blackest black and
The whitest white
And so are you

I am the entire rainbow in all of its excellency
And you are the first person who is not
- C.M. 5/12/17

— The End —