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Irate Watcher Jul 2014
Put your head down
and werk.
Put your feet up
and twerk.
Run quickly
and watch the  
pavement blur.

Don't ask questions.
Love you answers,
and explanations,
your valuations,
and justifications.

In the mood for pizza?
Cause the shop's on your left.
In 0.5 miles, it will be on your left.

the protocol is exactly THIS,
not THAT.
So just do it.
Nike said so.

Just buy it.
we suggest it.
Just try the Quesarilla
#tacobell #mexicanfood #foodporn

How bout a selfie
where you look miserable
and unhealthy.
But you're a celebrity.
Rub your likeness
on me and
I'll get you publicity.

What happened to real pain?
And did dissonance disappear?
Why must I hide my tears?
And be bright and happy
And ogle guys with fohawks
trimmed so carefully.
And live a lie,
of numbers and rye
bread is the worst,
sandwiched in bursts.
We all live
and we all hurt
and we all deserve
a life like hers.
who you say?
Kim Kardashian,
of course.
Taco bell in my body
It aint no shot bus shawty
2 Am munchie run
Driving high, much fun
Crashed into a pole
Driving high not so much fun

Get to tacobell what joy
I want to eat it now o boy
Forgot to order how embarrassing
She staring at me, looks discouraging
order caramel apple empanada
She asks for money, I have nada

Go back to car forgot it's totaled
crashed into pole earlier, to much yolo
walk home tired and hungry and pretty sad
Forgot about this blunt I never had
light it up and I now feel glad
Life without tacobell not so bad
Ja feel?
I'm nearly catatonic.
My eyes shift spasmodic in their sockets.
They're closed, and it's far too quiet
for the racket ripping my inner eardrums.
Reliving the sound of grim acceptance.
Slack faced,in the blackness.
"I guess this is it".
I said it then. And I say it now.
  Didn't make a terrible difference,did it?
Gifted quesarito wrappers are
halfheartedly crumpled in the floor.
I was dead, I died, I'm dead once more.
G H Goodland Apr 2014
A grand moment when TacoBell opened in 1962
Great multitude of folks spent all day in the loo.
Dont be so up-tight; have a laugh!
Nellie 55  Dec 2019
Woke up
Nellie 55 Dec 2019
I need you with me, so beautiful and we're so meant to be. Blushing and smiling. Kisses and snuggles all day. Baby I'm on my way home, we going to eat pizza I'm about half way. Some raising hope or some shane. Don't matter baby you're my main. I love the way you kiss me with that beautiful smile. I'm a lay here with you for a while. Good morning beautiful, I'm a hold you before i go to work. A little late but it's worth it. Hey babe let's eat tacobell and perhaps watch some youtube. In the mood to watch playthroughs. Would you like to split a drink? Eat some fries or a cheese burger. Bbq sauce and some comedy every night. Baby I'm a hold you so tight.
(Loud music playing)
**** that was a dream, I guess I just woke up

— The End —