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Heather Wright  Jul 2013
Heather Wright Jul 2013
Once a cheater always a cheater
That’s what I have always heard
Some say its absurd
Some say that’s only true with repeaters
So what are you?
A repeater?
Or just a one time cheater?
What should I do?
You have proved you’re untrustworthy
But can I trust you ever again?
You’re stuck in my brain
But thinking like this isn’t healthy
I love you
But you lied to me
My brain says to flea
I am afraid my heart will not pull through
Tom McCone  Feb 2014
Tom McCone Feb 2014
personification and retreat
I am here like I am here
like I am or have been here
overridden and steadfast
folded like wideswept domains
I broke walls I count splinters I pack light and swing heels I am broken most of the time and I kind of like it
it’s easy to construct
socket set memories
a forest of meaning sprouting up defining swan songs
and their resonant structures
crawl down the valley all sweet and serene
Night Owl Mar 2010
Ballerina stance leaner
porcelain poised demeanor
lined up for a chance at that old 500 gram repeater.
Yeah, a little firecracker,
a little fire eater.
Twiggy figure, ****** fire dome where her little wires teeter.
Excellent muse material
my ***** optics viewed ethereal
Beauty, and she knew it.
Noted, duly.
Pittsburgh's resident fire ant, with a grace to match her face
And a whole crew of troglodytes racing to get a taste
So thanks Angela Chase;
I prefer the fantasy too.
And thanks to you my chickens won't be sleeping easy in their coup.
Loop Jabberwocky with Calligraphy
and dabbled in polygamy. purpose:
****** cyst bubbles to the surface.
Misinterpret the tongue touching and hand clutching,
you were baby girlie thumb-*******
But thought more than twice about it when it came to dumb-*******.
Pretty face: check
Depression: not yet
Appreciating phonemes, but still a nervous wreck
false carrot tops to bed, awkward with the ***** work.
Near waif redhead. Pittsburgh Boys. the city lurks
It's been a minute since the girl scouts got at me, I bought it.
Hop in the DeLorean tell Lauren that I'm off it.
These are the lyrics to a hip hop song I'm currently working hence the rhyme scheme. I posted a draft of it previously but I have now updated it with the final poem.
Duke Thompson Nov 2014
Sitting in white shirt
(Loosened yuppie Windsor knot)
Armchair laughing
Having realized the grand joke of life

Satisfied little Sanskrit honey
Is it a bohdi tree or burning bush
(When really are one and same)
Don't think too hard

Suburban white boy dreams of trap houses
With tie over shoulder
As the tv says it prevents
***** on tie

Little air planes
Round and white
Hard pressed (to explain)
Make one fly at high speed
Get it? (never mind inside joke laughing)

Talks like a gang banger
Can't take it seriously
Little big boy equals not shook
Drinking rot gut tallboys

Days after and minutes away
Zehaf-Bibeau war memorial
Winchester repeater in hand
Supposed ideological threat needed
Expand the police state
Man  Mar 2021
Drop A Signal
Man Mar 2021
she was a wireless broadcast
that was when i was a receiver
now i'm pickin up zilch,
she's not a long repeater
M Tamura  Nov 2015
M Tamura Nov 2015
How can I expect thoughtfulness from one who doesn't feel ?
I cringe at your definition of friendship
I know you don't know how to be
While you trample on sacred ground
with a head full of high I's
I see you've never known love
I see the writing on the wall
a play not written by you
Repeater of those vanished voices
Ashes at what once was alive
Resentment passes landing on your doorstep
Careful trotting on rotten floor boards
To lose yourself in dream killing doors
Excuses will not fill the void
Stumble around in a cloud
Clenched teeth
Hoping in mirrors and ghosts for salvation
You're living a lie... time is tick ...ticking by
Daniela  May 2019
Daniela May 2019
It's crazy how close we were
Then we fade and it's all a blur

All the memories we have had
It disappears except all bad

Whenever I think about you
I just somehow start to feel blue

You have left a hole in my heart
Some days I just want to restart

I thought about second chance
Maybe we can fix our romance

Then I realize you're the cheater
I don't want to be the repeater
I have learned, years ago, to work quite hard to make the proper changes in myself.
I may not be the greatest at my trade
The handsomest of Faces
However, I believe I have worked quite well for what I am.
An equal seller on Life's Library Book Shelf.
I might have been a lose and broken man before.
Not this time.
I've broken the circle of being the "repeater" and I have blossomed once more.
I change for the better of my own life becoming brighter.
To repay kindness of those who always believed in the real me.
People who never hung on to what "Bad" I used to bring onto the table.
A more delicious and brighter dinner for those who have supported
and have clearly waited for me to set myself free.
Free from worries about who shall accept me or what status quota I shall fit ,amusing.
Myself as an actor portraying some one other than who I truly am.
A comedian  who brought down  his own house of cards  by becoming the laughing stock
of the Drunken Clowns.
I rose up upon life's stages and became a truer actor.
One who is the truer artist by appreciating those who enjoyed his "Newest of Magic tricks."
"****!" I metamorphosed into a dove.
I fly away,now, to a glowing life which fits me
like a hand in a glove.

— The End —