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Feb 2019
Godliness, can we imagine what that means?
can we a gree,
groupup on a time be
transformed, ah, aitia!
a cause accuse,
have you considered my servant, Faust?

Why now

of all times

am I alived again? Who axed me how

Godliness, with contentment, is great gain?
When did yo'rever begin?

You play Sorry? Y'know how you land at
the right spot and
that makes the time right
to gain more than your role allows

by the rules.
Rules is tools t' keep yer atmostfears from

sending out fruiting bodies,
after the icecaps of ignorances melt.

This is one o'them Sorry places,
in reality.

Never since water recalls, though, now
I recall reading of another water
we have, ringwoodite, those memories are
who could think 'em? Chthonic radicals from
trees of knowledge
espelliered to the western wall, while growing

free in forests, wild, whither the wind listeth, and rain falls.
Jeremiah wrote,

can you hear me now?

Earth, Earth!
Godliness, with contentment, is great gain?
Weeping Prophet?

Wouldn't you?
pto whenever this was first sung
Don't take yer guns t'town, son.
Leave yer guns at home...

Awake at my wake, what a gas,
all wrapped in white linen beyond the ripped drape
no curtain betwixt e certainty and me

but just a glimpse.

One time, I saw a her, an animus of a salvaged sort,

reporting a he I thought was me, was
continuing to fall,

claiming penance for vengance and **** and harsh words.
Lies, most of all...

She came in clad mit rainbows, like an angel in the Bible.
You never noticed those?
Messengers of mercy.
They're all naked, except for light,

how did you not notice those?

Jungians tend to invest heavily in dreams,
turns out,
in the long run,
by mortal measure,

dreams hold meaning longer than

wishes never letgo so far for fear o'
madness o'the Bed'lamic sort

quenching this little light, which

... can't be in dark
no light is in dark

thin light ai'n't no light. Here we are,

this light is all around about me, say

it's in me
once more, shall we. Give it a spin,

imagine dreaming forever of new and inter'string things,
without dying or being worthless.

Be content imaging that. Great gain. Okeh.
Act like you know forever started some time ago
and you are a character, a named character,
with archetypical friends,
in the live production of the famed Book of Life,

"Life, as much as we can aspire to"
Title pending final cast conspiracy. You're the star.
Fruit from a fine time of not watching the oscars.
AITIA The Greek word aitia (or aition ) derives from the adjective aitios, meaning "responsible," and functions as such as early as the Homeric...
Google it.
Written by
Ken Pepiton  72/M/Pine Valley CA
(72/M/Pine Valley CA)   
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