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Gemma Aug 2018
Cheers to the people that are stronger than me
Listen to songs on the radio and the emotions from the lyrics don't bother them
They depend on nobody to find joy in reality
So raise a glass and praise those who dont hate themselves-
Lord knows I do
I'm the one to blame for every personal issue
and when I feel used  and the sadness has been substituted by suicidal breakthroughs
I'll remember that I am merely the floods after the rainy day
I'm clearly the flickering lightbulb in the morning bright that needs to be replaced
I appear to those around me like an exhausted head case
" she's too tired to load the gun
  she's too dazed to end her life
   I dont know how much of that girl
I can take
   I dont care that she isn't alright"
sara Jul 2018
Since it was me who started it,
I must then beg your pardon; it
made sense to let my heartstrings
play the tune of your sweet laughter.

But use my heart as your ink-***
and I'll cry tears blue like ink blots,
asking "why?", I'd ask you "why?"
each time you say that we should stop.

Words run wet right down the page;
'til ***** and *** taste the same;
'til black and blue blend just one shade.
I thought love was something that lived just next-door-but-one to hate.
exploring the theme of disrespect within a romantic context

Edited: not personal not personal not personal **
Nylee  Nov 2017
cozy bed
Nylee Nov 2017
I walk on a thin wire
of this very delicate life
right above my grave.
a slight imbalance and
death waiting down
like a cozy bed
for me
to fall.
lX0st  Oct 2018
lX0st Oct 2018
His transient touch
Taught me to love
Elusive hands embraced
Inverted beneath skin's layers,
A plastic pin point impression
That prickly sensation
Lasted for years
Hollowed hands turned every touch
Into white noise
Soft static buzzing eardrums
Burrowed deep beneath
Old memories, sneaking in
Through dopamine
Vibrating neurons numb
Until I can't sleep
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