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Tim Sep 2018
Balance is what we want
Balance is what we believe we want
Balance is what I believe we want because
Balance is what sows what we call imbalance
Imbalance is what we believe we hate
Imbalance is what we need though;
Balance is the writing
Imbalance is the highlighter
One can exist without the other
While the other’s reliance is desperate and sporadic;
Balance in its own right is imbalance
Imbalance is bred from balance
Imbalance is bred because we realize:
Imbalance is what we want
Balance is what we need
Both are interchangeable
Both create the never ending cycle that we call life;
Without imbalance, balance would be boring. And without balance, imbalance would cease to exist.
Just bed time thoughts
Tim Aug 2018
If you have all the money in the world, are you really the richest person in the world?

It doesn’t take a wise person to understand wise concepts, but a wise person to create understandably wise ideas.
Tim Feb 2018
A new horizon brings new hope;
Hope seekers gather here
Treasure and Riches is what they hear;
Kings proclaim an ant is an elephant
Creating conflict all anew;
When you gather at the horizon in search of hope
In its stead, the church chimes ring red;

They come for the gold
And leave to the rich man below
Despair is all they know;
Hope is on the Horizon for new adventurers to seek
Hand in hand the cycle repeats

Hope brought up
So it can crash down;
Leaving nothing left
Not even the crown;

Pandora’s Box foretells
Do not trust it
A wolf in sheep's clothing;
Masked despair;
A new horizon brings new hope;
Tim Feb 2018
Looking across the battlefield;
One Brave Soldier
One Cowardly Refugee;
Both understand
Their means of doing are different
Even so
Death ensues;
One Brave Soldier
One Cowardly Refugee;
Both understand
War is only a means of death
Even so
They can't seem to see;
They can't look past
Their own-
Death ensues;

— The End —