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Tim Aug 2020
I understand your emotions
I use them like a premotion
Like a foretelling
A chance for me to hop at
A plan for me to utilize
I understand your emotions
I abuse them before you realize
I’m nothing special

I can’t understand myself
I’m empathetic yet I can’t put myself in my own shoes.
Given a decision I don’t know what I’ll do.
I’m driven yet not
I’m a perfectionist surrounded by his own imperfection
I’m struggling but I’m not
The list goes beyond my conception
My brain is a labyrinth created
For my protection

I’m empathetic but not sympathetic
I care but only materially
I can only think pragmatically
Perhaps I’m not a person
But instead something dead
I’m tired. But I felt like writing so I did.
Tim Aug 2020
A new horizon brings new hope;
Hope seekers gather here
Treasure and Riches is what they hear;
Kings proclaim an ant is an elephant
Creating conflict all anew;
When you gather at the horizon in search of hope
In its stead, the church chimes ring red;

They come for the gold
And leave to the rich man below
Despair is all they know;
Hope is on the Horizon for new adventurers to seek
Hand in hand the cycle repeats

Hope brought up
So it can crash down;
Leaving nothing left
Not even the crown;

Pandora’s Box foretells
Do not trust it
A wolf in sheep's clothing;
Masked despair;
A new horizon brings new hope;
I wrote this awhile ago but I wanna publish it cause why not
Tim Aug 2020
The moment has come
Don’t look away
Your inner feelings may sway,
The decision is now
And the future is behind you
Don’t be afraid
You’ve got the power
This isn’t your final hour
Do what you desire
With a heart of fire
And burn the night away
You’re the crux of your own life don’t let anyone make you think otherwise
Tim Mar 2020
words cannot convey
what I wish to say
My thoughts they
Show a story
But these words they
Tell one poorly
Tim Mar 2020
When life is right
And you behold their sight
You think just might
Be my new shining light

That thinking won’t last for long
Because it is certainly wrong
It’s a sirens song

One is not singular
Everyone is like snakes are
Something modular

This is scary
So do not tarry
When finding someone complimentary
And if you are to marry
Know that it is necessary
To understand their itinerary

Protect their light
But see their darkness
Help them in their fight
Because you and them share a likeness

Don’t fear the dark
It’s part of the spark

People are not one thing
your mind will be in a pink spring
So remember to bring
Something to fight that veiling
Which is so blinding
Eyes half opened never see everything but somethings are hard to see. Sometimes eyes half opened are best.
Tim Mar 2020
No I’m at the brink
I’m gonna sink
Into the beyond
So I’ll abscond
I am not fond
Of being tired all day long
So play me a bed time song
Until I’m gone into
Somewhere far
Sleep cycle is gone
Tim Mar 2020
The frequency at which life produces
Is much to high
It often reduces
The great to nigh
We can’t keep up anymore
So we go to the store
Analyze what people decide to afford
And steal until there is nothing more
Our creative process
Is diverted
Into something of a recess
And inverted
We are looking for easy access
To that which we have interpreted
To be success

From me to you
And you to me
Please just you do you
And not me
Or someone not you
And I’ll be me, hopefully
So we can can go back to how it was
No more stupid laws
No more stupid genres
No more stupid constraints

Creativity is anarchy;
Please don’t try to change that
I know we can all can think
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