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Abbi Sep 2017
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I suppose it's better that way.
User cannot be found.
So I wouldn't try to say "Hey"
User cannot be found.
A hole grows larger in my heart.
User cannot be found.
This is absolutely tearing me apart.
User cannot be found.
I'm sustained by the memories I keep.
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And by the dreams that haunt me in my sleep.
User cannot be found.
I hope you're doing alright.
User cannot be found.
And that someone is appreciating you, holding you tight.
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If you all enjoyed this one, I urge you guys to check out my other poetry, as this one to myself is good but I'm much more proud of some of my others. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words. Glad you all could relate as I just wrote how I felt.
Thomas Thurman Dec 2010
See you our server farm that hums
And serves HTTP?
It's spun its disks and done its sums
Ever since Berners-Lee.

See you our mainframe spewing out
The Towers of Hanoi?
It's moved recursive discs about
Since Babbage was a boy.

See you our ZX81
That prints the ABCs?
That very program used to run
With Lovelace at the keys.

Magnetic floppy disks and hard,
And tape with patience torn,
And eighty columns on a card,
And so was England born!

She is not any common thing,
Water or Wood or Air,
But Turing's Isle of Programming,
Where you and I will fare.
A rather silly homage to a rather lovely poem in Kipling's "Puck of Pook's Hill".
Do you realize that races are overrated,
since God is no respecter of persons?
Colored perceptions of hatred and bigotry
may ultimately destroy our existence.

Who needs people that:
• Lack brotherly love and respect for others
• Lust for power, wealth and *******
• Lack vision and purpose
• Lack maturity and wisdom
• Have attitudes of superiority
• Are poor in spirit
• Lack discipline and self-control

Colored attitudes, regarding skin tones and hues,
pale in contrast to uncontrolled emotions.
Without responsibility and accountability,
people get themselves in trouble rather quickly.

Who really wants or needs:
• Red’s lustful, passion for someone other than your spouse?
• or Green’s destructional envy of others’ wealth or possessions?
• or Yellow’s fear, smelling of ***** from peeing ourselves?
• or White’s collection of powdered deaths?
• or Blue’s inner sadness or coldness towards others?
• or Brown’s poverty, shame and overall uncleanness?
• or Orange steadfastness for a Godless life?
• or Purple’s smugness from a self-conceived ideal of royalty?
• or Black’s foreboding sicknesses and death?

Our human collective needs to find real commonality,
within this brotherhood of man, as planetary stewards.
Under girded with a genuineness of concern and love,
true understanding can lead to harmonious relationships.
We all have the ability to commune with God’s Spirit;
however, we each must have a desire to do so.
Utopia may be unattainable, unlike… unity of community.
And yes, I forgive you, for thinking I might be racist.

Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Acts 10: 34; Gal 2: 6; Deut 10: 17; 1 Pet 1: 17

Learn more about me and my poetry at:
http: //

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2012, All rights reserved.
Hello friends! This is my first bilingual book.HAMMER @ ANVIL BOOKS released my book of poems as e-book on AMAZON Kindle: http: // 00E5XY5PO/ref=sr11? s=digital-text&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1374938945&sr;=1-1
Special thanks to Vessislava Savova (translator) , Mercedes Webb-Pullman (Editor) , Adam Henry Carriere (Editor) , and my daughter Liliya Pangelova (illustrator)
All proceeds from the sale of this collection will go to the Bulgarian Integrated Education Foundation, working to improve the lives of children and youth with special health and educational needs (including mild Down syndrome, autism / autistic spectrum, cerebral palsy, language-speech disorders, and hyperactivity) and their families.}
Thanks for your support everyone! I wish you happiness and good reading.
Bozhidar Pangelov
Ann M Johnson  Aug 2015
Ann M Johnson Aug 2015
Love. Com  
(Progressive Poem)
Feat Elizabeth Squires

Data is a gal’s best friend
All the info input tells her what profiles trend
Tall handsome ones can intrench in the heart
Buyer beware in the matters of the heart try to avoid
Online dating schemes for they crush a fragile ladies
Fairy book dreams
A guy’s dream of a perfect date
Can too quickly crumble and crash
Because too soon he runs out of cash
Lost is a true soul who stands by the office
Water cooler hoping that a
Gal catches his eye
The everyday good guy
Seems not to rate
He hasn’t got the perfect
Ideal of a PC’s mate
The truth is true beauty
Comes in all shapes and sizes
Too many people fall
For model like disguises
Instead of the beauty within
That could be found in the friend
Just right in front of them
A gal should never overlook the guy
Who is respectful of him she’ll
Not ever be regretful
The love he’ll show is genuinely lasting
There is for him no http// imaginary casting
True love survives long beyond ones passing
True love is everlasting
Thank You Elizabeth for responding to my Progressive poem Challenge, it was fun to work with you.
eight inbox emails were
received by me on Saturday
with a link direction
how to access a poet's http-bay

these sorts of messages
are very similar to spam
I can't remember asking
for this butting in ram  

as soon as I see the
red ink dot com address
that's my cue not to
peruse the sender's press
Elena Smith Dec 2015
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Elena Smith Nov 2015
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