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Henry Brooke Dec 2015
I wish we were together
Not world's apart like this
Not touching is one thing
But there's much more that i miss

I miss your face
Your words, and breath
The morning surprises
And midnight sets

I've never seen your face
North heard your voice
For you think you're ugly
That your voice is coarse

Show yourself honey
Well see how I feel about you
I can't take it anymore
Because you're beautiful inside.

What if you were a treasure
Hiding in disguise?
Same girl.
JP  Aug 2016
JP Aug 2016
When in love
a feel
you are incomplete
Earth incomplete
without moon
waves raises to send signal..... like
our hormones does to our girlfirend
If moon back to earth
like you married your girlfirend
then nothing in life to admireā€¦
moon and girlfriend are beautiful
when they are unreachableā€¦

— The End —