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Evie  Oct 2019
looking up
Evie Oct 2019
things are looking up
things are getting brighter
things are getting warmer

hope is not only an idea
it is active
it is optimistic
it is stunning
it is eyeopening
it is life changing

self improvement starts small
baby steps every day
self love isn't self centered
self care isn't selfish
self image isn't vain

my heart has been opened
my mind has been cleared
i am starting to understand
happiness is beautiful
and it is real for everyone
had an amazing talk with some people i really love and care about. a lot of incredible things were shared. things that make so much sense. i can change my situation. i can solve my problems. i am not worthless. i am strong. i am able.
Unblinking reflexive opinions lean
     indubitably, favorably and certifiably
     with minimal pandering soliciting
     uber voodoo yawping woos

socially quintessentially obviously markedly
     consciousness brakes alignment
     defining mine political views
loosely yet not strictly, jerry-rigged,

     hidebound Democratic
     fealty haltingly pledged ones and twos
to roster of candidates
     slated to challenge incumbent Republicans

     all to quickly accused,
     sans participating sinister ruse
this active voter puzzled at controversial
     eyeopening ex post facto

     harmfully injuriously jaw-dropping
     suppression within top secret queues
during nasty donkey kong braying p's and q's
(case in point) scurrilous, opprobrious,

     and malodorous Clinton administration,
where (based upon my recent perusing
     "The Peoples History” –
     me strongly endorses

     (authored by Howard Zinn news
worthy revelation, (whose recounting
     atrocious, calumnious, egregious
     glaring ignominious knowledge

     jackbooted, mandated, predicated
     on blind trust, essentially billeted
     charade, facade, inlaid faux Hope loose
bandied cutthroat gratuity legislation

     favoring pandering "pork" via
     pretentiousness to wealthy gentiles Jews
abandoning average civilians snuffing out
     sputtering, grousing, and hoo's

flick erring tapering fuse
whereat this news worthy informed citizen
     totally tubularly unaware of any clues
pertaining to antithetical maneuvers,

     (loo win ski) shenanigans, and undertakings
     today yields genuine boo's
toward Clinton, where I despondently feel
     he renegged promises

     made to electorate (except top 1 %) got souled
     (sold) to remaining 99% cheapest bidders
     as-sized thirteen duff heated no nothing
     sneezing Schnorrers
     spluttering phelgm at me at-chews.

— The End —