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Razbliuto Jun 2015
how stupid of me to think bad of you

texting your ex
trying to stalk her
reliving the memories of you two in your head

when all this time
you did nothing
but weep
because of your father's grave illness


**** it.

how selfish have i become

this is beyond embarrassing

Razbliuto Jun 2015
I’d like to believe
That unicorns do exist
I’ll ride on their backs
And fly into the clouds
Where rainbows shine with glee
As I wave my magic wand
And turn everything around
Into golden sprouts of happiness
Love, and everything in between.

But unicorns don’t exist
And the world isn’t full of rainbows
A magic wand can’t heal the pain
Of an unrequited love affair
There can never be assurance
That happiness is eternal
For the world is full of hatred
And everything in between.

Help me
Unicorns cannot exist
Tell me they aren’t real
Stab me with words I hate to hear
‘Cause I’m afraid I’m starting to believe
That the impossible could soon be real.
Oh, the days when I was starting to fall in love with you like crazy.
Razbliuto Jun 2015
An epitome of sin

You are pride
You are greed
You are anger
You are lust
You are envy
You are sloth
You are gluttony

You are mortal and deadly
Yet you make me feel
Immortal and alive

You are
My favorite
Razbliuto Jun 2015
“ Belayer, ready? ”
“ Ready! ”

I stood beneath the tower, staring at you, as you slowly rappelled into my heart. You have this black wavy hair, porcelain skin, expressive eyes, and lips so red and tender. I’ve always dreamt of having a taste of heaven. But I am no more than a mediocre, vulnerable mortal. You, on the other hand, sat on a golden throne of excellence. You are a god of your own kingdom, of your own beliefs.

I marvelled at your existence. You have that uncanny knack of making hearts melt. Mine was made of pure cold ice, yet it succumbed to the flames of your personality. I found myself melting. Dripping uncontrollably onto the ground. Sinking into the depths of your soul.

were a jack of all trades; master of almost anything. Impeccable—that’s what you are. Or so I thought.

There I was, begging for a hint of affection. Pleading for a simple attention. A tiny piece of an unwanted shrub lost in a garden full of Juliet roses. I suffered from the realization of a dream lost at birth. This feeling of remorse crawls up like a spider ready to eat its prey. I was the prey, entangled in my own web of imaginations and fantasies. Fear dominated my mind that I decided to bury my feelings. Here inside my heart, they remain silent and untouched.

Months, years passed. And all of a sudden, you desensitized me. You’ve pulled me into some kind of portal where a world full of possibilities awaits. I blinked again to find reality. No other relationship could get as frivolous as ours. What are we, really? My locked-up emotions were raging. I couldn’t stand the ambiguity. Albeit all questions running down my spine, I looked down and cried,
“ Belayer, ready?! ”

My question just echoed through the distance. There was not a single reply. Not even the slightest kind of whisper. I guess you were not yet ready to catch me.

If I fall.
Razbliuto Jun 2015
kung bibigyang halaga ang pag-ibig
siguro, pulubi na ako

pagpalagay nating
isang daan na lamang ang pera ko
at bawat pagkilos
ay tatapatan natin ng
sampung piso

sampung piso para huwag mo akong i-seenzone sa fb
sampung piso para huwag mo akong i-unseenzone sa fb
sampung piso para i-chat o text mo naman ako
sampung piso para bawasan 'yang init ng ulo mo
sampung piso para patawarin mo ako
sampung piso para kausapin mo naman ako nang maayos
sampung piso para maintindihan kung ano ba 'yang gusto mo
sampung piso para malaman kung ano ba talaga ang nararamdaman mo
sampung piso para bigyang-oras mo naman ako at magka-ayos tayo

at itong huling sampung piso
iaalay ko na lamang sa donation box ng chapel

baka sakaling dapuan ako ng milagro
at matauhan din ako sa katangahang ito

dahil ubos na ang pera ko
ngunit 'di ko pa rin mabili
ang pag-ibig mo.
Razbliuto Jun 2015
minsan naisip ko
isa akong sago

tigasin talaga

pero sa oras na lunurin mo ako
sa kumukulong tubig
titigil ako't manlalambot

isa lang kasi akong sago



natatakot din.
Razbliuto Mar 2015
i pity myself for always
trying to say sorry
when in fact
i shouldn't


but then i get afraid
you might leave me

why do i always feel neglected

why is it that
you'll just go here when it's convenient for you
what about me
i wanted to see you as often as much
am i allowed to visit you too


you know what
i feel like i'm being used up


giving you relief
when you're in dire need
of support

but see

i'm getting consumed

one day
when i shall speak none of your name
wonder not

there's just nothing left of me anymore
i tried to give you all that is mine, all that i am
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