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Razbliuto Jun 2015
kung bibigyang halaga ang pag-ibig
siguro, pulubi na ako

pagpalagay nating
isang daan na lamang ang pera ko
at bawat pagkilos
ay tatapatan natin ng
sampung piso

sampung piso para huwag mo akong i-seenzone sa fb
sampung piso para huwag mo akong i-unseenzone sa fb
sampung piso para i-chat o text mo naman ako
sampung piso para bawasan 'yang init ng ulo mo
sampung piso para patawarin mo ako
sampung piso para kausapin mo naman ako nang maayos
sampung piso para maintindihan kung ano ba 'yang gusto mo
sampung piso para malaman kung ano ba talaga ang nararamdaman mo
sampung piso para bigyang-oras mo naman ako at magka-ayos tayo

at itong huling sampung piso
iaalay ko na lamang sa donation box ng chapel

baka sakaling dapuan ako ng milagro
at matauhan din ako sa katangahang ito

dahil ubos na ang pera ko
ngunit 'di ko pa rin mabili
ang pag-ibig mo.
randoughs Jan 2015
The era of social media and virtual interaction
Where it is so important to keep your reputation
And yet indeed it'll take you nowhere
Because you're just another particle in their atmosphere

No matter how hard you try to seem kind
They just can't bother to reply, they seem to be blind
No matter how many thousands of follows you've got
Your friends are still the same old scattered lot

Selfies galore, plenty of them
Show yourself to yourself, feel like a gem
You go with your friends riding a bike
Post a picture on FB and it gets many a like
You're all content about it, it feels so nice
After which, conversation turns to ice

At gatherings telephones sound
Ringing all day, a new friend was found
Introduce yourself, one more time again
And fall into oblivion, it's starting to rain
Just how I feel about virtual interaction
Skye Dec 2018
Tap tap
Scroll scroll
Click click

Hit like
(they'd probably hit like back)

Excuse me how dare you unfollow me
(here, I'm unfollowing you too)

Um, I really do not like your content
(but I don't wanna lose a follower so there you go)

How did this photo get only 40 likes
(deleting it now)

How did she have so many followers
(all of her posts are *******)

Wanna have dinner?
(We can spend 2 hours sitting across each other while our hands are glued to our phones.)

Hey, want to meet up?
(So we can post social media stories to make it look like we're having fun.)

Hi, how was your day?
(Oh wait, I'll just check on your feed.)

Hey, how'd everything go with that job interview you had today?
(Right, I'll just look at your FB status.)

Hi, do you ever wanna talk?
(But you know, on the phone, or like, only online?)

Connect to disconnect
Aladdin Aures H Jan 2014
When I see your face Shining
When I see your eyes sailing
When I hear your heart beating
I smile , I smile , I smile

Yesterday in the evening
Caught a glimpse of your face on the shelves of the sky
I'm Going On lovely Way
I found the remnants of your smile
Writing On My heart your Mail
printed Your word on My cheek
Your Love Was My Only Weak
Big World Of Words On My Blog
I smiled and I forget All The Wrong

I smile
I smile when I see you on my heart flying
I smile when I see you in love falling
I smile to love when you keep trying
I smile , I smile , I smile

Yesterday at sunset
Committee Of Roses
Sweet Paradise in the earth
That's What You Worth
Love Standing With Hope
Under the dew drops
Under the orange light in my Face
I smiled To your Lovely Face

I smile
when I see The lights of Love Coming
when I see you On my love swimming
When My Song To Your Heart Entering
I smile , I smile , I smile

Yesterday in the night
In a cold bed of silk
I was dreaming In the deck
swimming In a sea Of love
Make Me Singing In Every Move
I will not draw you to that World
I will never Forget that Nod
I will not hurt that Silence You Hold

I smile On my Dreams
I smile , I smile , I smile

Author / Aladdin
FB / Stay-Still Stay Strong
Crissel Famorcan Apr 2017
May isang bagay na nais kong sabihin
May mga salita akong nais na bawiin,
Di ko alam kung dapat ko pa bang banggitin
Pero kahit saglit, ako sana'y iyong dinggin
Naaalala mo pa ba nitong araw na nagdaan?
Isang tula mula sa akin ang iyong napakinggan
Huling Mensahe kuno kaya ako nagpaalam
Ipinangako na pipilitin kong maparam
Na pipilitin kong mawala
Itong damdamin na di ko alam kung paano ba nagsimula
At mas lalong di ko alam kung paano mawawala!
Ano ano pa ba ang mga dapat na gawin?
Bakit ba kay hirap nitong tanggalin?
Inunfriend ka sa fb, dinelete message mo
Di ka pinapansin,umiiwas na ko ng todo
Lahat na yata ng paraan ginawa ko
Pero di ka pa rin talaga natiis ng puso ko
Kanina lang kausap ulit kita
Napapangiti tuloy ako ng para bang tanga
Nagsasalita na ako dito mag isa
Mga tao sa paligid ko para bang nagtataka
Mga kasama ko bigla na lang napapanganga
Eh ano bang **** nila?
Minsan na nga lang maging masaya,
Papakialaman pa ba?
Minsan na nga lang magkaroon ng sigla
Itong mundo kong puno ng lungkot, ng takot,ng pangamba, ng kawalang pag asa,
Kaya salamat talaga at nariyan ka
Picture mo pa lang ang laki na ng epekto,
Para akong sira ang ulo, malaki ang depekto
Sa isip na walang ibang laman kundi ikaw
At puso na walang ibang sinisigaw
Kundi ang pangalan ng nag iisang ikaw
At magdaan man ang maraming taon
O lumipas ang mahabang panahon,
Ikaw lang at walang iba
Sasabihin ko lang naman talaga
Gusto kita.
Gabriel K Sep 2015
So she like invited me FB invited me
if you can call it invited
to some thing
a Ken Russell film I've seen:
this priest
tempted by a beautiful mad temptress
...I get it I'm the priest
you're Vanessa I guess
but I don't respond
for an hour
or so
end of play
a day two days a week;
that'll show her
I think
every sixty seconds or so
loud and clear
she'll know what it means;
by night I entertain chaste dreams.
By day
I fantasise about pain
picture her
in torment
this is what I dream,
a pain
that eats away
like cancer
won't let her sleep;
she'll know
it's a consequence of my love
directly proportional;
then she'll realise she loves me after all.
© Gabriel K
Steven Martin Sep 2014

My solar plexus is really feelin
you right now
Powerfully internal longing
I mean ****
Even digital communication is
And you know how I feels

I do!!
Ergo my slight surprise

I'm missin you girl

as I feel we've indeed kept the
whole not-getting-too-sticky-
over-text communication
you're making my heart smile

I feel you from here :)
I'm trying to get up there
Before school starts I want to go
explore places with you

month left!
ample time

Start thinking of places you'd
want to check out
We could crash in the back of
my car or tent or whateva
And get mad homies to come too
But I think a lil day trip with us
soloing could be very cool

find a creek
we'll be there. only paddle
needed being yours
I just miss you on top of me,
hugging my body to yours
the feel of your shoulders

Lightly touch your neck with fingertips
As they find their way to the
roots of your hair
And I squeeze
And a hard kiss
As I stare
Deep into your eyes


I'm driving so I fear I shall stop promptly

why would you drive and talk to me -_-

Reckless lust.
Laying underneath the stars with
you in my arm
Thought fills me with warmth




As soon as
And not possible
Buenos noches
Satine dulce
Shobhit Mar 2018
Last October, I deleted my FB account
just to satisfy my curiosity
how my days will be without it.
will I be tagged a Cave-man
or called the anti-social guy
or some pretentious snob
who wants to stand out in the crowd...

The first couple of weeks were tough
and I craved for that juicy stuff
and every time I opened my browser
my fingers would press "F" FIRST

In the first week of November
I wrote my first poem
not because I was feeling like a poet
but I had to channelize my focus
away from the topics, my friends discussed
all the memes that were flooding
the Viral videos that made them laugh a lot

On one cold night, when
I think the moon was bright
or maybe I was too high on ***
I googled "Start a poet's blog"
and I came across "Hello Poetry"
I am sure my stars were too high on luck

Before I published my first one
I read more than hundreds of them
Some poured them arranged
some had a celestial range
a few "songs for their lover"
some stories of "How it got over"
Many of these brilliant minds
have derived out a way
to tackle depression
and suicidal cravings
through rhymes and words
I felt this is one of the best
support group in the world.

The best of all, I was overwhelmed with joy
when I ran through the comments
and I discover this blessed group of people
who actually  cared about your plight
they shared their own stories
and assure you with sublime affection
that "you are not alone going through this"

This is more than just a poetry blog
It is a whole new universe
where the thoughts are profound
and your feelings really count
no matter how filthy it is
when you write them here,
It takes the form of fertile ground.

And this is home for some of us
who find the world too distorted
but cannot let their "waves" go free
for they fear for the judgment
and the social decree
or the worst of them all
fear to be transported to some
asylum for behaving like a "Lunatic"

Till time takes a turn
and normal is "the real truth" again
I will make this place my nest
and let all my chaotic vibrations
get settled and be ready to harvest.....
It has been over 200 days, And these are best days of my life for a long while.
I have been more productive than ever. And I feel sorry for the guys who still are hooked on the discussion on some post on some page about some meme. Not because I care so much, but they exist around me.
I am experiencing the magic of solitude. If the basic Nirvana exists, it must be like this.
Kim Cleverly Feb 2015
Assholery here
Directed at a member
Drives women away.
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Abbey Engel was tagged in Abbey Zastrow's photo.

Abbey Zastrow with Abbey Engel.
19 hrs ·
Transformation Tuesday w/ my bestie
on to new things Dec 2013
You always meant the world to me ....even if I didn't show it....*** I wanted you from the moment we met and deep down u know it.
You said you cant "say it", well im the opposite of that..i can "say it "but im scared to "show it" .. *** what if  I do something dumb and blow it?
There isn't anything I wouldn't do to have u back in my life....but I don't think you want me in ur life  especially since you already pretty much  have a "wife"...
it hurts so bad it feels worse then being cut with  a knife.
I want to just talk to u....*** I so badly miss u....I think it will even matter....but you've always been the one....that's why before we meet my soul knew when we connected  of fb that we weren't just 2 people talking....Ive talked to  a few guys here and there....had no connection with even one of them....but with u.....I cant even get u outta my mind. I was looking for u too but not like Sherlock....(maybe a sure lick but not a  or how some look for others....but I was looking for you,,,*** there was something about u that had some major hold on me.....then when u left me on fb I knew u were on twitter and I was on there a few times before that  but once u left I was addicted to it.  I was watching your first I was anaylising(I know its spelled wrong and I don't care....its to know one so why would I give a **** if its correct.) the things that were said and if certain words you used more then others  also you  spoke like a knight would at times and say things that only "knights" of the round table kind of guys say.... im not going to tell you *** then youd know. or I was watching the content of which the words were worded and the types of ords you used. if your punctuation was perfect every time. also the typos if any or not *** when u are on fb and instant msg someone its fast and u cant proof it before sending. so u made basicly none but you did on few things and ive always remembered them... I watches what words you said or used the most....things you would say every time...because were connected for some reason. You know its true but you for some reason don't want to let yourself feel real love....or are scared of did u ever get her if your always in fear of everything...? I don't know why you  don't want to let urself feel these feeling and keep fighting it.....I don't know why.....*** I can feel all of u have 4 or more people inside u and they are the ones whos fighting u....its one against like 3 or 4 if your my angel and the others are the devil.....
*** I learned that you had many many various accts...womans , kids,  men , boys, kids in high school, teen girls who cut, many others ....from other countries....those were all my favs.....but the one the MAIN one (was Be_N....) was a farm animal...I couldn't not go one twitter and see what he said.....*** I was in need of closure....   I was also convinced I could win u back becus we had a weird connection....and it was lust or anythg stupid like that....its is *** we were suppose to be together....why do u think I was honest from the gate....I told u I cared and have love in my heart for u but I was in love with "him" and would point to the computer.......
my point is you know ive always wanted u and if you cant see that.....then im lost and have no idea what to do.....*** all I know is....for all eternity I will be loving u.
it was going to be a (lame rhyming poem) but I started to say what I felt ...sorry kinda dumb.
Gabriel K Sep 2015
It's not like I loved her
not really
she never made me prisoner
though she was/is fit
we were FB,
I didn't love her
but I didn't like it how she start on Tinder she told me
I didn't like that
my body's not cold *****.
She wanna dip lucky dip
in the pool
men: tall, large-dicked
with careers
6 feet
manners no doubt
walk on the outside open doors mouth closed when you eat
other dubious qualities.
At lunch we chat
she checks for matches
at the same time
Less Than 5 Miles
swipe right.
We're free
don't look back
I'm not in love with her
not really
but I didn't like that.
© Gabriel K
Lanox Aug 2016
Ang mutually exclusive ay tumutukoy sa dalawang pangyayaring hindi maaaring maging parehong totoo.

Di ito nalalayo sa kasabihang nasa Bibliyang “Hindi maaaring pagsilbihan ng isang alipin ang dalawang panginoon nang sabay.” Ngunit habang ang nasabing nagmula sa banal na aklat ay may mga binanggit din patungkol sa Diyos at sa pera, ang mutually exclusive ay mas malawak ang saklaw kaya’t maaaring gamitin para ihalintulad o paghambingin ang kahit anong dalawang konsepto sa matematika, pangyayari, pakiramdam.

Sa programming, may tinatawag na Boolean data type. Ang data type na ito ay maaaring “tama” o “mali.” Ang itinatalagang halaga kung tama ay 1 at 0 naman para sa mali. Kung may dalawa tayong konsepto, pangyayari, o pakiramdam, at ituring natin silang mga data types, ang mga posibleng values na makukuha natin ay 00, 10, 01, at 11. Kung ang mga nasabing dalawang konsepto, pangyayari, o pakiramdam ay mutually exclusive, maaaring makuha ang 00, 10, at 01 ngunit hindi ang 11.

Gumamit tayo ng mga halimbawang mas madaling maunawaan.

Data type number 1: ang pag-inom ng iced coffee, decafeinated, served in a mason jar with a paper straw, and with extra whipped cream, at pagpost nito sa Instagram, #stressreliever #compromise #freewifi.

Data type number 2: ang pagtulong sa mga kawawang bata sa lansangan na walang tsinelas, marumi ang kasuotan, at pinagpatung-patong lamang na mga karton ang natutulugan.

Madaling magpatuksong pumalakat gamit ang Facebook status at sabihing, “Ang daming mga batang nangangailangan tapos yung iba dyan pakape-kape lang, #pasoshalpamore.” Ngunit kung susuriing maigi, hindi mutually exclusive ang dalawang data types. Pwedeng si ateng nagkape ay pagkalabas ng coffee shop, binigay yung extra croissant nya dun sa batang nanghihingi ng limampiso. Habang si ateng nag-rant sa FB, na nasa bahay lang, kaya nga bitter dahil di makagala, malamang di rin naman nag-effort lumabas at mag-ikot sa mga kalsada para maghanap ng mga paslit na matutulungan. Ang dalawa pang maaaring posibilidad ay may isang ateng mahilig magkape at allergic sa mga bata at may isa pang ateng tumutulong sa mga bata at nagkaka-anxiety pag umiinom ng kape. Pwedeng magkaibigan sila, pero di sila nangingi-alam sa isa’t isa.

Naaalala ko tuloy nang minsa’y tumambay akong mag-isa sa isang kapehan malapit sa bahay.

Gaya ng inaasahan, may mga batang nag-aabang sa mga lumalabas na mamimili upang magbakasaling mabigyan ng mga barya o tirang pagkain—katakam-takam tingnan ang mga pastelerya roon.

Tiningnan ko ang makukulay na tinapay sa platito sa harapan ko.

Napagdesisyunan ko nang ipabalot ito at ibigay sa isa sa mga batang ngayo’y naglalaro na habang wala pang dumaraang kustomer.

Tapos ko rin naman itong kunan ng larawan upang ipost sa Instagram.

Kelangan kasi updated ang account ko.

Baka kasi isipin **** nawalan na ko ng sigla at nagmumukmok na lamang sa bahay simula nang tumigil na tayong mag-usap.

Baka tuloy magmistulang ang kalungkutan ko at ikaw ay mutually exclusive.

Na dumarating lamang ang kalungkutan sa tuwing ika’y lumilisan,

O na iniisip ko pa lamang na maaari kang bumalik, ito’y napapalitan agad ng kaligayahan.
Andrew Parker Feb 2014
Cyber Bullying Poem

Let's talk about cyber bullying.
I wonder if you instantly thought,
"Oh gosh this is gonna be intense."
Well maybe, maybe not.

Some forms of bullying aren't intended to be intense.

Sometimes bullying comes from the smallest things you can do to someone.
Sometimes bullying just takes a minute to type and press send.
Sometimes bullying just takes another minute to close your web browser.
Sometimes bullying just takes a third minute to walk away fine.

Bullying is possible in just three minutes:
send a comment to anyone anywhere in the world
ruin their day.
destroy their confidence
personally insult someone you don't know personally
influence their minute, hour, day, week, month,
life, suicide.

But this poem isn't about suicide,
it isn't about life or death.
It is about those small things you say to someone on the internet,
without ever realizing
you are a cyber-bully.

This poem is about the time I met an internet troll.
Someone who says things in chat forums to elicit an elevated response.
I was in middle school, one of three Jewish kids.
I posted on a forum about video games,
and for some reason
another middle schooler on the same forum as me,
somewhere unknown in the world,
posted off topic about how the Holocaust was great for population control.

This poem is about the messages you get on your dating profile,
that just say "hello" or "hi."
Because you took the time to fill out and divulge personal information,
and the best they could come up with was a measly greeting?
26 letters, 10 numbers, and 46 other keys at your disposal,
with unlimited time
no pressure at all,
but you'll use a hell of a lot more keys when you retaliate to my angry response.

This poem is about the debates you get into on FB.
someone posts a provocative status about cultural misappropriation
or about how English should be the national language,
and you respond unable to resist,
trying to keep it professional and scholarly,
citing sources doing your thing,
until they make a personal insult,
unrelated to the debate topic,
maybe about your political orientation or religious beliefs.

This poem is about the person who you were supposed to go on a date with,
but they told you about how they once got upset at their ex,
and posted their photos on Craigslist.
******* and no thank you!

This poem is about the poems that I've posted on my blog,
that someone out there thinks are open to public criticism,
as all art should be they said.
Maybe if I was published and making money, sure?
Maybe if I actually thought your opinion was valuable?
Or maybe, just maybe, you could be a cyber bully.
Spewing your **** like the internet is your personal toilet seat.

This poem is about the minutiae,
the minutes in which someone can damage you,
because your screen on your computer has no filter,
it won't protect you from the cyber bullies,
who say small comments that make a big impact.

No happy inspirational ending,
other than that I hope they read this poem on the internet,
and maybe feel a little bullied themselves.
Gabriel K Sep 2015
So this woman friend someone I know
onetime FB
sectioned herself
this divorcee
went bi
put her in Riverside Ward
St Mary’s
so now
she's in transition stage
visits gym accompanied outings,
she's ask me
onetime FB
to accompany her
supervised trips
the cinema park the Natural History
she need walking

So I'm now she's all out and ****
she's >Soo much better
Received 11 November 2014
hasn't got time for ***
she's >Meeting a friend for tea.
Where TF was this 'friend' b4
when you need accompany?
She's had time to think
she needs relationships that are supportive nourishing
lose the negativity
“You get me?”
I think I do
© Gabriel K

FB - abbreviation for either Facebook or fuckbuddy
TF - truncated form of *** (What The ****?)
JK Cabresos Sep 2016
Milyun-milyong mga blankong mukha,
papahiran ng pintora
ang iba’t ibang kastilyo ng pangarap.

Subalit sa paglipas ng panahon
ang mga kastilyong ito’y rurupok,
at sa isang ihip ng hangin  
ay pwede ‘tong gibain.  

Masasanay kang matalo,
para sa atin ‘tong mundo.
Para sa atin,
hindi para sa kanila,
kailanman hindi ‘to masasakop
ng mga mapapait na luha.  

Nasanay ka na sa panonood
ng mga teleserye o pelikulang
kung ano ang theme song
ay ‘yon din ang pamagat.  

Nasanay ka nang mag-abang
sa paiba-ibang kulay na buhok
ni Vice Ganda, o ni Yeng Constantino,
ang umasa rin sa paiba-ibang desisyon
ng mga tao sa paligid mo.

Nasanay ka nang magmahal ang gasolina,
at iba pang mga bilihin  
ngunit hindi ang magmahal ng totoo,  
dahil takot kang masaktan ulit,
ang iwanan, o umasa ulit,
sa isang relasyong pang-post lang
sa FB, IG o Twitter,
‘yong pang-“#relationshipgoals” lang,
nasanay ka na pero takot ka pa rin.  

Nasanay ka na sa mga surprise quiz.
Sa exams. Sa reporting. Sa thesis.
Sa Singko, INC, Withdraw o Drop.
Sa pag-jaywalking,
dahil late na naman sa 7:30 AM class.  
Sa paulit-ulit na sorry.  
Sa paulit-ulit ding pagpapatawad.
Sa paghahanap ng ka-red string.
Sa paghahanap ng ka-forever.
Sa mabagal na internet.
Sa job interview. Sa gobyerno.    

Masasanay ka ring matalo
dahil ganito ang konsepto ng mundo.
Patitikman ka muna ng pagkabigo,
bago ka ulit maging buo.      

Baka rin bukas-makalawa
maiisipan mo nang mag-aral ng mabuti  
at iwasang ang usapang mabote,
ang bumangon ng maaga
at hindi papatayin ang naka-set na alarm,
ang maging totoo
sa taong nagmamahal sa ‘yo,
o kaya subukang ipa-Photoshop
ang 2x2 picture mo sa resume
para sa paparating na job interview.  

Masasanay ka ring matalo,
masasanay ka rin sa mga peklat mo sa puso.
Dahil hindi ito matatapalan
ng pulga-pulgadang concealer ng Maybelline,
o kahit ubusin mo pa
ang stock sa AVON, sa Watson, sa HBC, o sa Lazada.  

Kaya tanggapin mo na lang  
na ang buhay ay puno ng pagkatalo,
dahil sa huli para sa atin din naman ang mundo,
kaya wala kang dahilan para sumuko,
dahil ang sumusuko lang ang natatalo,
at ang hindi takot sumubok ulit
ang tunay na panalo.
Victoria Nov 2017
Scrolling through face book
I see a memory pop up
So Ofcourse I click to see the rest
I see good times
Happy times
Just last year
and I smile
Then I see your face
And I stop
WHY would fb show me you
Why would fb remind me of the pain
Why would I still feel this way
I miss you
Im not happy about you
alebastard jones Sep 2015
When my ****** showed up on under the "people you may know" tab on fb. It felt like the closest to investigating a crime scene that I've ever been.
That is if you don't count the clock work ****** that I make of my own memory every time I go down Colfax avenue.
I sit in my living room and I search for clues.


He is Smiling...

And I see myself caught in his teeth,

He's Dancing in some club In a city I have never been to.


He is eating sushi over a few beers with friends

And I am under his finger nails.


I know that alley.


I killed the memory of that t shirt.



Is a baby picture,

There is also an older man,

Presumably his father.

They're are both round, And bright and still



He is shirtless,

And I see myself in the weight room mirror,


I call him the WOLF, when I write about him.


So as to make him as story book as possible.


When I write about him.

Which is to say my


Escapes the ****** When the internet suggests it.

Facebook, Informs me we have




Which is to say, That he is people you may know.

And that, I AM People you may know.

And there are people who know,

And people that don't know,


people that I am afraid to LET KNOW,

and probably people that know him,

That know of me, that know OF the word




NO is a flock of sleeping sheep sitting in my mouth.

And now.....

Now I know the wolf's middle name...

And what he listens to on spofiy.

And the all to familiar company he keeps,

And he can no longer be

"The wolf."

Or the nameless grave I dig for


We have...




on Facebook.

And now it feels as if they

Are holding the shovel.

64 people..

liked the shirtless gym pic.

4 people

Have told me that they'd rather I said


2 police officers,

Told me I must give his act a


or it didn't happen!

That obviously I could have

Fought back.

Which is to say

No one comes running for young boys who cry


When I told my brother,

He also asked why I didn't fight back.


I am...

Right now.

I promise.

Everyday, I write a poem titled


It is a hand written list

Of the people I know that

Love me.

And I make sure  to put my own name at the top

By Kevin kantor
You are not a victim, you're a survivor
Earl Jane Jul 2015

I've known an extraordinary lady,

                'Cause I wrote poems in HP,

                                                        Well, I thank HP a lot,
                                                That I have the opportunity,
                                       To know a person like her!

                And found out  we have the same nationality,

Not only that, she write these exceptional and amazing poems!!

          I was overwhelmed!

                And blithesomely chatted her,
                            She replied,

We have a good talk,
                 I was so broken into splinters those times,
             I could hardly remember the throe,
        But her words glare brightest in my heart,

She inspired me,
         With the hurting truth,
                   Well, I knew truth hurts,

Then we always chat,

    We exchange phone numbers,

                 And texting even not in HP,
'Cause I knew she is so much busy,

But I'm still texting her telling,
                     "I'M SO GLAD TO BE Your FRIEND."
And that,
"Ohayou Gozaimasu, konnichiwa & konnbanwa"
             "Kiotsukete kudasai Roan-chan!"

Oh yeah!
           We love Japan, and their language,
                 That made me love her even more.
                       (Love as friend okay?!)

    We exchange google+ & fb,
        And saw her angelic face,
            Scattering over her timeline,
                 I saw a beautiful soul,
                       Dancing and gleaming inside of her,

      She's indeed a very good friend,

                             When I have heartaches and tribulations,

                                     I share her my pain and sorrows,

She's like the sun in the noon time,
                  Heating me up with her love and care,

                    But even though I have not met her personally,
                I knew for sure that I'm so much blessed,
            To know such a golden spirit,
                              Such rare being in the amidst,

And I do knew,
                             That God will lead us together,
                         To spend time personally as friends,

Together with Ma'am Sally,

                        As what she told me,
          "We should have this ~poetess date~ "

How I long for that day!

I really pray to God,

                      That He will give you,
                         The best of the life,

   Give you good health,
          To continue enjoying life to it's fullest,

To have many more birthdays to come,
                 For you to see more,
      Of the beauty of God's creation,

                            And to find,
                     That very right man,
            That your heart longs to find,
                For quiet elongated time.

I pray also,
          That you will remain,
                 To be light to all people,

            And be that very good friend,
Everyone longs for,

In this beautiful day,
                   I pray you will be the happiest person alive,
                            And celebrate this marvelous day,
                                          God had given you.

      "Maligayang Kaarawan Aking Kaibigan."

                          © Earl Jane
                            ♥ E.J.C.S.
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Monday Night Showdown
Larry I Jones Aug 2014
If i write to you
In the cutest & curtest of phrases,
But have not love,
You can always unfriend me.
Anna Jun 2012
crush kita, alam mo ba?
mapansin mo naman sana
gusto kitang yakapin
ayoko lang aminin

pasulpot sulpot ka lang
pagkausap ka laging ang oras ay kulang
pero sa bawat minuto ako'y nalilibang
hindi mo lang alam malapit ng mabuang

unang kita ako'y natulala
naglakas loob na ika'y makilala
minsan lang naging sigurado
sa desisyon kong to

buhok mo'y nakakabighani
mata mo'y napakabayani
ilong mo'y nakakaaning
ngiti mo'y parang bituing nagniningning

puso ko'y parang sasabog
pag ang fb chat ko'y tumunog
ako'y nanghihinayang
sa picture nating nasayang

isa lang ang gusto ko
ang masabi sayo lahat to
cicadas quiet
internet down
phones dead
can’t tweet
nor yelp
4 Square
won’t process
my payments
bluetooth cavities
iTunes tuned out
blogger blogged down
web surf ain’t up
G+ Circles broken
defriended on FB
Outlook e-mails
stuck in outbox
G-Mail postman
not making
appointed rounds
apps won't load
YouTube on hold
my e-commerce
Myspace empty
tumblr stumbled
LinkedIn disconnect
digital blips ain't blinking
not sure if I’m alive
I'm in a virtual
existential crisis
uncertain if
I’ll survive

Donna Summer
I Will Survive


Gabriel K Sep 2015
infections incursions something moving in
deaths natural disasters
Aleksandr Milanovic in a bikini
Kay Simonsen
Gulda Aram
's post some thing
about Kurdistan
genocide massacre
a city is it a town?
something's under siege;
if I 'Like' your thing
campaign page whatever
will you like me make love to marry me
will you
Gulda Aram?
in Syria
Israel warplanes
if I embrace your country Gulda your cause
will you embrace please reproduce with me?
Jean coming in,
close window laptop
assume meditative pose
thinking, about some thing
kinna torment maybe
a compassion-pain feeling;
you get
it off of internet.
Lubna Al Balushi Jul 2019
What's on your mind?
An apple to eat!
A love letter to send!
Or just singing!

What's on your mind?
Before or after diet!

What's on your mind?
The apple you have not eaten yet
The message you have not sent yet
The lyrics still waiting for singing
What's on your mind?

Dear Facebook,
Why you insist to share an answer?

Maybe the question always was
What's in your heart?

Maybe your question mislead me,
Someone and everyone!

Oh Dear,
Someone's heart talks more than mind!
Someone's heart writes the incomplete lyrics!

If in someone's mind a red apple,
It’s a red rose in someone's heart!!

If in someone's mind to be a bird,
A heart says fly with me!!

Dear FB,
You should have known that!
QQQqqqqqqqqqQQQqqqqqqqqqqQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQqqqqqQQQQqQqQqQQQQQQqqqq­qqqqqqQqQQQQQQqQqtdtsgcbcvttwtqydegtdgcbcvzvxfsftetsgdgdvdsdgdcgd­xsddsdxfswsgddfghsfncdehtfetdfetdfefdtefdevgcbvcbd cvbd vcbfd bnvfr vbfd bgttgbfgnvfd v fn fdnc fdbnvc dfv fdvnb fvdnb nf fbn cbvdf vbnfd vbdfn edfnb cbdns nbdfnbf bfb v bvb f fnn f nfdb frbn bn benw efwnb e b fnb dff fdfef v vdvb fe fb fbn dsnbdf bdfs fbn dbn  ddb fb bd fbfdfdbfbdfdbdffdbdfbe wb bbfds dc ds ds dc cd cd cd d cd dc dc dc cd cd cd cd cd cdcd  cdcd dc cnbedfn dc b dn cvb bnf vbdf vnv bd n vfrf br fvb vbn b fdds sd dd r nf vbn f ef  f f  fd dfb debf bde bnde ndnddbn ef n nefbne bn en nbebenebe nb ffnbf nebf dbn dn bne bned ed d   bdn bdnbne bd  n sn d dd nb dbnd dcb be cb dsebb de dbn bb  wq wd bdn q b db d cdnbc dnb bnzombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezom­biezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezo­mbiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiez­ombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombie­zombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombi­ezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezomb­iezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezom­biezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezo­mbiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiez­ombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombie­zombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombi­ezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezomb­iezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezom­biezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezo­mbiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiez­ombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombie­zombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombi­ezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezomb­iezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezom­biezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezo­mbiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiez­ombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombie­zombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombi­ezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezomb­iezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezom­biezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezo­mbiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiez­ombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombie­zombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombi­ezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezomb­iezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezom­biezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezo­mbiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombiezombie
Your probably wondering why this poem is called J. It's because there aren't any Js
Lynda Kerby Jul 2015
look, here it is 3:23 am
and i have been tossing and turning
for several hours with too much on my mind
and i finally relent to the fact
that sleep is not going to come easily for me,
so I can come down stairs
and get on the computer
and look at posts from others to distract me
until that first mighty yawn arrives.
Gawd, i hope it happens before the alarm clock goes off
solEmn oaSis Feb 2017
I've tried to google you,
pati na rin yahoo..
Pero bkit ako pinaasa,,
At binalewala ni piccasa
Kaya ngayon si gmail
Nag-twitter na rin kay
Instagram! At nag iwan ng katanungan...
Pwde bng sa youtube na lang tayo magkita...
Kasi mainit sa mata
Kapag sa youjizz diba....
Pero alam muh ba fb?
Sa dinamidame ng www
Ayosdito,, as in sulit talaga
Post! usap! deal! AyosDito
Magkakaroon ka ng maraming FRIENDSTER!!!
kaya hinde kta ipagpapalit khit na kay skype !
**emo talk** coming soon-a sequel of Dear facebook
Irate Watcher Sep 2014
My mom offers me a bowl of oatmeal she cooked at seven.
It is eight.
Sitting on the stove, it looks clumpy and cold —
a mash drowning raisins.
I pretend like I don’t see it.
But it calls my name as I start my day,
even though it looks repulsive
and I have avoided oatmeal since college.
I toast some bread.

She glances over the counter to see if I am paying attention  —
a reflex from my childhood.

Because as a child, 
my parents said I had selective attention. —
sometimes I listened and other times I didn’t.
When they got divorced, it got worse.
I was distracted by the bristle of my dad's 5 o’clock shadow
and the sigh in my mom's voice when they asked me

What time I needed to leave?
If all my stuff was packed?

But all  I kept thinking was:

Is that all there is?

You get married, get divorced, and cart around your kids.

The thought of swallowing this is repulsive.
like leftover oatmeal,  it stares me in the face.
I don't want it.
Most girls I know are raisins —
They already have their whole
wedding planned on Pinterest,
and their kids names picked out.
Everytime, I  see engagements on FB,
I can't help but forsee divorce
and I wonder why people run for a
partner, kids, and a mortgage,
when in college their
ambitions were more.
I wonder when their
mid-life crisis will be,
or when they'll wake up
and want more than
9 to 5 to fulfill a lie
patriarchy put forth.

So I spread peanut butter on  toast and
murmur, “I put the oatmeal in the fridge — someone will eat it.”
My mom puts her head down and finishes her coffee.
I eat my peanut butter sandwich.
I am stuck trying to answer an impossible question,
as she begins sentences like
"Once you get settled,
you'll want to look for someone..."
I tune out.
I don't have selective attention,
just the perception that
everyone is ignoring
this important question:

*Is that all there is?
Confessions of a jaded millennial
Jonestown Kool-Aid coming down stairrods.
Old, sparky stairlifts tail crematoria
Adolf's, Presley's lovechild, 20th-hungover
Kuklux twang intones 'Rock & Raus, raus, raus!'

rancid candy ketoacidosis
gust as Jeffreydahmer floors his burgervan.
I don't know what's in Jeff's Sexzomburgers,
but leaves Trump tang of chlorinated chicken.

Hoeing like hotcakes, commemorative stamps
depict stirring scenes from British history.
Philatelists covet a Kenyan being sodomised
w/ boomslang by sicko owed cenotaph solemnity.

Firstborn stillborn's full pentalogyofcantrell
no visceral florist could rearrange less yuck sight.
Was it augured by silhouette of biggest bouquet
obscuring torso of recessivelygened Mr.Right?

Chai latte beach of drowned childrefugees,
sabretoothed serendipitilessly w/ my old syringe,
whilst Sir Philipcobblepot's ****** megayacht
gutbursts thru blue whale's rostrum as penguinge cringe.

Simpsons Halloweenspecial in Fox's ***** vaults,
where Homer & Marge's roles are yellow Fred & Rose.
Sherri & Terri in the basement in ducttape
Wiggum digging Lisa up from underpatio.

Mensheviks vs. Montagues vs. Capulets vs. Bolsheviks
vs. Heracliteanfire vs. Billyjoel vs. Fattyarbuckle
vs. Irresistibleforce vs. Blur vs. Kramer vs. Kramer
vs. Oasis vs. Tutsi vs. Hutu vs. myschool vs. yrschool
- bundle!!!!!!!

My Auschwitz Absplan killer workout is
killing, working out - all the smalltown skeletons
Thinspiration pinup is the rind of the crescent,
arrosively I idolise Musselman in the Musselmoon.

The Future's childinacape emotes Neilhilborn
on FB meme - still don't mean the Future will fly.
It'll climb
'long monkeybars of dogshitty dildoes over pits
of ******* crocodiles (the Pope won the Turnerprize).

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The Void's in **** hard & soft, the Void is bought & sold.
But you also feed the Void when you feed the ducks
All good godfathers gottohell whacked by the Voidmother.
Vacuous absurdosaurus universe is ghost mote in eye
of the Voidshark.  

I assumed maniacalcackle was madman close,
modulating the Cosmictragedy gelastically,
but my hubris dawned on me: it was Void's amusement
that I thought to sate its inverted Babel intray maw
w/ puny cunting poetry.
Kira Jul 2014
She asked for my new address,
around my birthday

you have to scroll a lot,
on my FB page
To find a super belated wish

Yet, twice a day,
I merrily pick a small key
Acknowledge the faint flutter within
and check the empty letterbox

Coz I am pragmatic,
not a hopeless romantic
I check the empty letterbox,
coz I have already bought
a lovely red Thank You card

   PSA: Poetic Service Announcement - written 05/01/2017
   Please feel free to share with established and future
   authors on FB.
One of the toughest decisions, an author has to make, is the selection of a reliable publisher. With more than six months of personal experience, I have painfully learned that PBP (Published By Parables, headed by John Jeffries) is NOT one of them. For decades, I’ve listened to ministers tell me that “Mediocrity is not a hallmark of Christianity; it’s halfway between success and failure.”; and yet, the shoddy workmanship of transforming my manuscript into a usable PDF (that would produce the book) failed to even reach the level of mediocrity. I extend an apology to those, to whom a premature recommendation of PBP was given by me. Don’t repeat my mistake! Please. You’ll be grateful and thankful for heeding my warning.
This company engages in deceptive practices and doesn’t operate with complete transparency. For example, it advertises that it will publish your book for free. While this is technically true, you will have to make an initial payment of $185; $35.00 for the copyright and the $150.00 for the ISBN-Barcode. In addition, John will subtlety lecture you, regarding why he won’t cover this expense and why you should.
Before I began writing poetry seriously, I acquired 30 years of IT experience and 20 years of desktop publishing experience; so I understand conceptual ideas, the need for high standards and the importance of having a solid, but flexible framework. In addition, I was taught the criticality of working with a mindset of excellence- a topic taught by most ministers. One example is Titus 2:7-9, which states: In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine shewing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity, sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.
Computer templates, used in today’s bookmaking operations, are not meant to be static; rather they set an initial foundation from which work can begin. Given the style of my writing, PBP had agreed to modify the template being used, as to minimize the impact of my having to change my writing to accommodate the shortcomings of said template. I understood that this would possibly extend the timeframe to get my book constructed. I was okay with this and never rushed PBP in its efforts.
With each iteration of manuscript changes, new random and unexpected problems began to appear; so I was blamed my project’s lack of progress, since the errors arose from PBP’s ongoing modification of my manuscript’s template. It’s unimportant to realize that ALL modifications to the template were made solely by PBP. PBP never reviewed an updated PDF before sending it to me; therefore, it became my responsibility to identify issues that resulted from the technical incompetence of PBP. So what if titles lost their boldface attribute, while the text of poems were inadvertently made boldface. So what if poems were displayed to the left of the left-hand margin, pages numbers were lost, or randomly displayed in boldface, or that page headers would be missing or cut in half- it was my fault for desiring a template customized to meet my personal need. So what if the page numbers were corrupted within my index of poems, from PBP inserting new pages into the beginning of my manuscript. So what if I was concerned that the index’s format was changed from the way I desired. Stuff happens and I need not concern myself over such details. Apparently I was delusional in thinking that I was responsible for the vision of my new book.
And if that wasn’t enough fun, PBP would ignore some of my changes, such as inserting the occasional blank line, as well as making unauthorized modifications that included adding, replacing and deleting PBP graphics. One graphic I was fond of, PBP removed because its intended purpose is meant for “internal company use only”. Guess I’m just an unruly rebel for wanting to use it. Since he originally inserted it into my PDF, using it must have been initially okay. This incident is one of many that shows John’s lack of attention to detail.
In addition, I was unreasonable for wanting my legal name displayed properly (so I can differentiate myself from the other “Joe Breunigs”; no offense guys!) That correction alone took John SIX MONTHS to address; my book’s title also created angst for PBP, since it contained an ellipsis. Twice I e-mailed instructions on how to insert one because he misplaced/lost the first correspondence. And so I was unreasonable once more, since his option of using three consecutive periods was deemed unacceptable by me. An ellipsis is my favorite punctuation mark; if he couldn’t handle my previous instructions, he could have COPIED IT DIRECTLY FROM MY MANUSCRIPT.
John constantly complained about updating the template and the slow iterative process of making my book. At one point, John made the remark of how he had published two other titles during the timeframe my book was being worked on. As Christians, we get in trouble when we compare ourselves to others, since everyone’s journey is unique. So it’s clear that PBP’s intent was to manipulate me into feeling bad, regarding PBP’s lack of progress. Supposedly I was out of line for suggesting that he remember James 1:2-3, which teaches us: My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. In discussions with PBP, I indicated that I have 15 complete and unpublished manuscripts of poetry. In addition, I stated that we would have the most hiccups during the creation of my first PBP, since we had no experience working together. Nor did PBP understand that this process of creating a personalized template for my work would save time during the construction of future titles- both for me and other poets. Should I apologize for forward thinking?
Given the problems I was forced to face, doubt became evident in my selection of PBP; so I decided to ask more questions, to step up due diligence on my end; NONE of my follow-up questions were ANSWERED. I had the audacity to ask for a contract, how much I could expect to earn per copy sold, why PBP didn’t request my SSN and other questions of concern. I wanted to understand how to stop PBP from making unwanted changes or ignoring the ones I desired. One would like to think that a publisher would be appreciative of a proactive author, seeing that I have one title already. At one point, I had the false hope that my book could be completed by December 2016, but not in time for Christmas. Now we’re into May 2017.
Nor was I ever allowed to see the prepared book cover- FOR MY BOOK! I was informed that I couldn’t be allowed to see it because the image MAY need to be re-sized. IMO, this is a ridiculous excuse. Since I never saw the cover, I was unable to either review it (for mistakes) or critique it. Supposedly the cover was made three months earlier; since I’ve not seen it, I must assume that PBP is not lying to me. And it was crazy of me to imagine using the graphic (OF MY BOOK) as a marketing tool to create excitement and interest in my latest title or possibly generate pre-order sales. When a publisher intentional decides to play games like this, does anyone else see this issue as a “Red Flag”?
Caught between his impatience, unrepentant attitude and ability to be easily offended, John refused to apologize for his technical ineptitude and unwillingness to press forward; instead he chose to hide behind his spiritual authority (which I do not fall under); he essentially demanded that only I had the onus of forgiving him. After a weak and failed attempt to bully me into accepting substandard work, he later announced that he was quitting my project. In a phony letter of apology, John even implied that I needed to accept responsibility for the failure to get this book made, since I HAD CONTACTED PBP. In addition, he reiterated that PBP is a ministry; if that’s true, then why didn’t he demonstrate patience, perseverance and humility towards me or ensure quality of effort… as unto The Lord? Should PBP want to dispute my account, John should be reminded that I’ve retained a copy of various PDF iterations of my unmade book with the aforementioned issues.
I took no pleasure in composing this PSA, but felt that it was my duty, to share my poor experience in dealing with a difficult publisher, to my writing communities. This notification could have been prevented, if John had repented, swallowed his pride and pushed forward to get my books made. Instead he chose to become an irrelevant part of my journey as an author, which is sad, since he acknowledged that I have a gift for writing poetry. IMHO, we the writing community, must be willing to stand up to publishers, since the responsibility (of the vision for our books) lies with us. We should be able to freely ask questions and have templates modified to suit the individuality of our books. Let your voice and concerns be heard. Please share this message with the writers you personally know. We should not be forced to accept shoddy work! John can be reached on FB at; the PBP website can be found by searching its full name. Please feel free to share this PSA on John’s page, so he understand the ramifications of his actions.
JoJo Nguyen Feb 2013
They link together,
number and days,
strings of value
punctuated with semicolon winks;
(and consonant curved smiles.)
A grand unifying theory
hanging Baubles, Bangles
and bright shiny Beads.
The impulse Force of changing
momentous Month bending
light years in frequency of days,
mega-Hertz too compressed
up longitudinal mornings
and down transverse evenings
of negative pressure silence.

Derek Yohn Sep 2013
i am the lyrical terrorist,
     stalking virtual grasslands
     technology fueled efficient

     IDK how 2 roboto-cize
     spiritual growth.
     IDGAF bout your FB status
     if you dont respond to mine.

     the sheep are now wolves
     preying on our weaknesses


     so much 2 say...

               i                   g
           r     the globe      n
               c                   i

Aladdin Aures H Jan 2014
It Was Supposed To Move My Land
From First Breath To The End
Brought Down The Mountains
Bring It Tabular There Is No Lines
Your Feelings And Mind Are Mine
Blue Becomes Black
And Red Becomes Dark
Go Beyond The Level Of Fear
Lit With A Passionate Fire

It's Was What I Wear
It Was My Only Tear

I Asked Why The World With That Silence
Sad Creatures and It's All About Your Absence
Nor Butterfly Can Fly
Nor Bird Can Stand By
The Words That Comes From Your Mouth
Make It Happy From The North To The South
It Sets My Poor Heart Aflame
When You Was Just Playing That Game

It's Was What I Wear
It Was My Only Tear

The End Of EveryBody Under The Ground
And Every Shooting Star Coming Down
And The Moon Changed His Look "Unknown"
And Life Chose To Make It Alone
The Seas Becomes Quiet
While The Ice Was White
No Water Reflection
No More Construction
No More Flame
No More Blame

It's Was What I Wear
It Was My Only Tear

It seems Unfair, A Target Lies !
Between Its Shoulder Blades !
And Another Wisps Right Back !
A Drop Of Blood Would Pin Back !
I Am Not What I Have Done !
I Am What I Overcome !
Never Forget Your Love
Never Forget What Make You above

It's Was What I Wear
It Was My Only Tear

Author / Aladdin
FB / Stay-Still Stay Strong
Aladdin Aures H Jan 2014
Dark gray walls reflections
Feeling Make Me Handsome
The unnamed city rocked by boredom
Thou dreamed of being dazzled
More than much hundred
If the stars will serve as shelter
For Your Love I Will Be The Sun Hunker
The Way I love You Make me Stronger

The day we bows
For Love Not Sorrows
The night posing with elegance
Shining light From your Face
Your eyes open up carefree
Take my hand We are Free
You'd like that one again
Traveling In Our World To Cross The Line.

So come, oh yes come.
Oh come I Will Take You With me
Dancing on the moon
Wander through the dunes
Dancing on the moon.

Escape for a moment
The breath of torment
Smile again,
Perfume pleasures
Forget your tears, your sorrows
keep The Words
I know the way.
It's Love Today.
Dancing on the moon
Wander through the dunes

Author / Aladdin
FB / Aladdin Aures
Frank Ruland Jul 2015
Oh Lord, here we go again:
some creeper's stalking me from his lonely dungeon;
having more than a look at my Facebook
Trolling and scrolling, you got me LOL'ing
No life of your own, so you're all up in mine
It's all kinda sad, yet I'm laughing and rolling
******* be slipping, like Amanda Bynes
Twitter, FB, HP, Instagram - do it for the Vine
I'm moving forward, but you're falling behind
Got Google Alerts on me for your benefit,
so you're the first to know when I take a ****
At least buy me dinner before you hop on my ****
Can't let sleeping dogs lie, like Michael Vick
Bro, your ****'s blowing up my phone -
open my Gmail and my inbox is blown
Talk **** about me and my girl, but you ain't got your own
**** started on HP: makes it poetic,
plus your pity party makes you pathetic
Wait - oh, **** - you're ******* poe-thetic;
more useless than a ****** prosthetic
******* all night before you catch some ZZZ's,
then dream about ***** - Lord, help him, please
You're a loser, a nobody, a venereal disease
Just like Paris Hilton - ID'd as ******
Live in your mom's basement while I sign a lease
to live in an apartment, cause nothing is free
Except these laughs that you're giving me
Talk about my rhymes, but what do you do?
Fling **** at people, like a baboon
We're not supposed to feed animals at the zoo,
but here we are, paying attention to you
Dude, you're more deplorable than Svengali
You make me cringe worse than 2012's Benghazi
I don't see you dropping rhymes like this
Open your mouth, kid - I've gotta ****
You're used to the taste of human waste;
your whole people probably **** in your face
You're a mistake I should erase;
like Michael Jackson, you're a ******* disgrace
Like Kanye and Taylor, you're out of place
You're so obsessed with me, I'm amazed
Hating on my face these last few days,
because yours leaves people afraid
Put a mask on, like you do online
One day of the year, you'll be fine
So look. I could go on, but I'm on vacation
While I'm drink 45's, you'll be masturbatin'
While I'm loving life, you'll still be hatin'
I'll put my pics on Facebook, for you to Like
I believe this is where I drop the mic
Lol, you're a ******* loser, dude.

— The End —