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Thoughts have a mind of their own
Effervescent their essence
Some like words
Some pretend
Some sail past
Few have to be executed
Some need action
Past their prime
Some evade words
Ever changing thoughts
Like waves and clouds
Make shapes
Soundless, ever present
Every day


Like the rising Sun

The beginnings
May come to an end

Days to remember
In between

I have been away from the world of words
But words never do leave
Shadows to keep
From East to West
Visible or not, play of light
Dawn to dusk, forever to believe
In words and world of words

Unmoved the pages

Stilled in a frame

Threadbare, the words disappear
Some days are good
Or I think they really are
I soak up the sun
And reach for the stars
Some days are bad
I suppose they really are
The sun seems too hot
And the stars — too far.
I saw my friend still look at the picture of a girl, who he used to like in his school days, whenever he gets drunk.

I saw a Grandmother who herself is too old and sick  worries about her grandchild health and appetite more than herself.

I saw my batchmate wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to talk to his girlfriend who lives in London.

I saw people falling in love online and putting enormous efforts even though they hadn't met for a single day.

I saw old couples holding hands in a crowded metro .

I saw a person who loves a girl selflessly without expecting anything in return.

I saw so many stories
And LOVE was in everyone
Hope you all are doing good....
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