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Oct 2014 · 235
Samantha Oct 2014
Death can free me
It releases me from my cage
My responsibilities are relinquished

Death can free me
It can take away my pain and want
I can now roam wherever I wish

Death can free me
I will no longer be trapped in this ailing world
With brittle souls and greying hearts

Death can free me
I can finally let go
Forgetting all my sins

Death can free me
For I will never die
Death is not the end

Death can free me
Watch me fly
You will never see my casket

Death can free me
And I will be free
Oct 2014 · 6.5k
Samantha Oct 2014
I don't recognize the face in the mirror
This face I see isn't mine
Perhaps it's the makeup I wear
The red lips, painted face, and gorgeous exaggerated eyes
Or maybe it the choices I've made that makes this girl unrecognizable
All the times I've chose right over left
Or adverted my gaze.
When I chose not to see what was right in front of me
Maybe the face staring back no longer belongs to me
This girl with the pale skin and beautiful soul seeing eyes isn't who I am
It isn't that my reflection is lying to me but simply everything I have done has made me lose sight of who I was.
How could it be that my vision became so warped that I no longer see the innocence?
That face in the mirror no longer belongs to me
That isn't my face
That isn't me
That is my innocence
Oct 2014 · 309
Samantha Oct 2014
Maybe you can't put a time limit on love
To limit would be to destroy
I think we need to let people be themselves
If I could love you I would
I can't bring myself to accept those feelings because I know I will just hurt you.
The worst thing you could do is fall in love with me
I am broken beyond repair
I am like a shattered mirror, I still reflect the happy hollow girl but my jagged edges will hurt you.
Perhaps I will love you, and maybe it will hurt
But what is love without the pain?
If all you ever know are the good days how do you know they are good?

— The End —