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Oct 2014
I don't recognize the face in the mirror
This face I see isn't mine
Perhaps it's the makeup I wear
The red lips, painted face, and gorgeous exaggerated eyes
Or maybe it the choices I've made that makes this girl unrecognizable
All the times I've chose right over left
Or adverted my gaze.
When I chose not to see what was right in front of me
Maybe the face staring back no longer belongs to me
This girl with the pale skin and beautiful soul seeing eyes isn't who I am
It isn't that my reflection is lying to me but simply everything I have done has made me lose sight of who I was.
How could it be that my vision became so warped that I no longer see the innocence?
That face in the mirror no longer belongs to me
That isn't my face
That isn't me
That is my innocence
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