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  Jan 2015 Samantha
Love her like
She's the raging sea,
Unrestrained and dark and deep.
And you crave her touch
Through aching pores
As you slowly drown in sleep.

Love her like
She's the tender storm,
A lovely shade of grey.
Like with every whiff
Of breath she takes,
She's taking yours away.

Love her like
She's the silent clouds
With calmness floating by.
Like you'd want to make
Sweet love to her
Under the moon's apocalyptic eye.

Love her like
She's the blazing fire,
And you lust the candied pain.
Like she's the disease
That swallowed you whole
And you'd like to die again.

When her gentle touch
Makes your chest explode,
And your addiction is your girl.
Promise you'll love her
Through hell and back,
Or don't you dare love her at all.
Samantha Oct 2014
Death can free me
It releases me from my cage
My responsibilities are relinquished

Death can free me
It can take away my pain and want
I can now roam wherever I wish

Death can free me
I will no longer be trapped in this ailing world
With brittle souls and greying hearts

Death can free me
I can finally let go
Forgetting all my sins

Death can free me
For I will never die
Death is not the end

Death can free me
Watch me fly
You will never see my casket

Death can free me
And I will be free
  Oct 2014 Samantha
Kissy Marie
I am
Long hair and swinging hips
With natural pouty lips
A smile that hides my intellect
A piercing gaze you can't forget

I am
Long legs with large soft thighs
With yellow flecked eyes
The sweetest of your dreams
The nightmares that evoke screams

I am
The girl with the skull tattoo
Who wants more too
The bringer of your pain
Who only wants the same.

I am
She who died inside
Until you made me rise
Loosely inspired by Maya Angelou's "I Rise"
  Oct 2014 Samantha
sleepless nights
and countless attempts
of flirting with death.
fear and loneliness
until the last breath.
  Oct 2014 Samantha
When I write
I feel my mind
Slowly melt into the paper
Like ink from the soul
  Oct 2014 Samantha
It has been 5 months
Since you passed
Must be truly blessed

A birthday cake
Big enough for two-
A piece for Jesus
And a piece for you

Although I miss
Your warm embrace
Loss is something-
That we all have to face.
R.I.P pappy. We miss you and hope you had a wonderful birthday in Heaven.
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