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I crave you more,
than the sunshine marmalade,
want you more than,
the childhood games,
of which I've played,
lust for you more,
than tide between toes,
need you more,
than the maple tree can grow,
wishing for you,
with no end,
every lucky penny,
I will spend,
watch from my window,
the clouds float along,
I want, lust need you,
for both of us, we belong.
she sprints through the grass,
where the blades won't harass,

the gentle wheat crops against her skin
running fast, they tickle her shin.

galloping, chasing, like a gazelle,
rays of sun caress, enchanting dark skin with spell.

curvaceous body with no care,
lovely lady, as free as her hair.

she grabs at the violets, press to her face,
indestructible woman, found her place.

jiggling, wobbling, dancing with joy,
this here woman, life is her toy.

she moulds it and holds it as she changes to sprint,
the sadness in here bares no hint.

curly hair, heritage rich,
this bird here, unpicked every stitch.

she stops, she stops, at the edge,
scrambles scrambles stopping before ledge.

jiggling juggling, in the ****,
she dances around, no want to intrude.

escapee, escapee, that's what she's become,
and oh now, she feels like the only one.

boundless beauty, encased with dark lattice scars,
her body contains a bounty of stars.

no shape can hold her,
no one can tame, encase,
no hands can hold her,
more valuable than lace.
I'm going to write I love you,
With the tide,
The ripples on my finger,
Watch me glide.

I've grown wings, fins,
Darling can't you see?
Way up here, it's what you've done to me.

I'll etch Mount Rushmore,
With your face,
Darling darling darling,
Catch my pace.

I'll blow rings with the clouds,
Loops of love,
The silver bounds.

I turn the light bulbs,
In the stars,
Make them shine,
You'll see them from Mars.

The water the sun
The earth, the flame,
All of them wild,
A love I can't tame.
sleepy poetry
you lavish like silk,
velvet to my cheek,
your body an oyster,
holding my pearl.

creased sheets,
clingy skin,
sticking like a love note,
knotted string.

cool cool breeze,
blowing our candles,
hold on tight,
grip to my handles.

tangle you with lace,
our poses in memory foam,
our hands clamped together,
how could I feel alone?
You're my lucky charm,
Silver locket,
Heather in my pocket.

The twist of fingers,
For a promise,
A love so pure, forever honest.
we share a soul,
give our heart,
no distance,
will hold us apart.

I'll travel the dotted lines,
follow your veins,
the miles between,
shall never refrain.

I'll kiss you, caress you,
my arms stretch wide,
my passion for you,
not something to hide.

wear our rings,
gold silver bands,
never ending circles,
linking our hands.

your touch, your touch,
I need it so,
my partner for life,
I know, I know.
I found you, I've found you,
my golden man,
you and me,
let's conquer the land.

sunshine fella,
mine forever,
you and me,
let's ride together.
You've scooped me up,
in your caring hands,
touched me with a love,
no fool could withstand.

Held me close,
and held me tight,
you sweetheart,
are my love at first sight.

Share this longing,
in our bones,
in you my love,
I have found a home.
Oh look, oh dear there's a seam,
Pull at the stitches
In my skin,
Push fingernails to find my sunshine beam.

Oh here,
A little hole,
I push inside,
Scratching for my soul.

Oh dear we go,
Black bats under my eyes,
Little eyelashes,
Woven with lies.

Rip my nails off,
Push back skin springs,
Bite, bit,
Where do I begin.
Unsteady feet,
Tread cobbled, wobbled floor,
Little potted plants,
Dead at the door.

Salt in the air,
Flurries of sun
Entwine fair hair.

Cables zap as they shake
Up above,
In this place of chipped paint,
Lacking it's love.

Spray crashes over
The spread harbour arm,
Knocking out,
All of its charm.

A sweep of the gale,
All unsteady will fail
to keep postured posed and poised.

A flick of the mist,
wail of the lighthouse,
As the weather consumes,
The quaint little homes,
All torn up
In the turmoil of natures fumes.
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