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Eyes fixated on the skies
Watching a star
Dancing to a tune
Such an enthralling dance
Oh she's coquetting with the moon
Illuminating the heavens
Lighting up the skies
Like a diamond delicately strewn
So ethereal
She jumps and twirls
Like a dainty ballerina
So out of this world
But she's got to hurry up
The sun is on its way
There will be no let up
End this amorous array
To discouple this heavenly tryst
Just like yesterday
When she tried to persist
And the days before that
But baby you can't twist
These legislations
Go get all miffed
Just like yesterday
When you tried to desist
And the days before that
You catchin' my drift?
Eyes heavy with slumber
Vision covered in mist
I sleep to the sight of a blazing sky
To the sight of a passionate rift
Dreaming about this celestial pair
They danced and hugged and kissed

Broken dreams
And shattered hopes
I walk all alone
Along these slopes
It's a bumpy ride
Full of twists and turns
A road called life
You live and learn
To love and to hate
To give and forgive
To fall and rise back
To be free and to be captive
Some rules maybe followed
Some better be broken
To choose to be silent
Or to have spoken
To be a shining bright star
Or burn like the sun
To be calm like the moon
Or choose to be none
Be a crashing wave of the oceans
Or a ruthless storm
Be gentle like the river
Or be the fire, comforting and warm
Or be the fire that can burn
Everything around
Or the fire that burns
And illuminates its surrounds
Be the guiding light
And learn to be the leader
Or be the darkness of the night
Or you can be the dreamer
So I walk all alone
On this road called life
My dreams in my pocket
And tired sleepy eyes
I need to rest
Can't do it anymore
What's wrong, what's right
So much to explore
It's a long way ahead
This journey full of struggles
And heartbreaks and sorrows
A whole lot of troubles
But how do we endure this
Keep going on
What gives us the strength
To continue all along
I ask myself every day and night
To find answers that I need to know
Maybe this need is the reason why
We choose to fight and choose to grow

S. Mohamad

— The End —