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Jan 2017
Eyes fixated on the skies
Watching a star
Dancing to a tune
Such an enthralling dance
Oh she's coquetting with the moon
Illuminating the heavens
Lighting up the skies
Like a diamond delicately strewn
So ethereal
She jumps and twirls
Like a dainty ballerina
So out of this world
But she's got to hurry up
The sun is on its way
There will be no let up
End this amorous array
To discouple this heavenly tryst
Just like yesterday
When she tried to persist
And the days before that
But baby you can't twist
These legislations
Go get all miffed
Just like yesterday
When you tried to desist
And the days before that
You catchin' my drift?
Eyes heavy with slumber
Vision covered in mist
I sleep to the sight of a blazing sky
To the sight of a passionate rift
Dreaming about this celestial pair
They danced and hugged and kissed

Written by
S Layaan  Unicorn Island
(Unicorn Island)   
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