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Amelia Rose Jan 2018
when will I ever be enough?

why is life so unendingly rough?

He greets me with peace

tough times passing
He loves me unconditionally

He's my Father
but He's yours too.
all you have to do
is believe He is there,
and that He cares

And trust me, darling, this time of uncertainty will end
because He is your greatest friend,
even if you don't know it yet.

His love, so unconditional
will embrace you as you are
even with your biggest scars

All you have to do is let go
and trust Him
Amelia Rose Jan 2018
when the world is so full of hate
the least you could do is love
                                                                             because love truly saves
Amelia Rose Jan 2018
the light shines through the room
big, bright, and beautiful
i'm awestruck by the moon
i gaze at her through the window
she takes me by surprise
because all those times i looked at her
was never in the eyes

yes, they call me crazy,
proclaims the moon cannot see
but, oh, i guarantee it
she's watching down on me

what a wonderful confidant
what a wonderful friend
i don't  have to worry
she'll be with me 'til the end
this just kind of flowed out of me one night. i had never thought about the moon much, but it is truly beautiful.
Amelia Rose Jan 2018
What gives them the right to say
everything will be okay?
When in fact,
years and years have passed
with my emotions masked.
I struggle through each day
without the strength to say,
I hate the useless fights.
I cry myself to sleep each night.

I've mastered the art of silent tears.
Each night. Each month. Each year.
My family tries to understand my emotions,
claims they've been in this same motion
but, oh, how could they have been?

I watch from the outside,
continuously struggling to get inside.
I watch the family of four,
though only from the door.
And ask myself,
Where am I in this mix?
It's simple. I merely don't exist.

But it didn't start off this way. No.
When exactly did I go?
My soul is trampled on.
My heart seams simply gone.

I watch as my siblings change,
growing each and every day,
and here I am staying precisely the same.

They say I'm afraid to develop.
When in fact, I've simply given up.
They say each day is a token.
Then why does it just leave me broken?
When I try to explain,
they say don't complain.
But they just don't see,
It's not my surroundings that make me unhappy.
It's simply what's inside of me.
Which happens to be nothing.

So now I will ask,
When will this pass?
Another day. Another month. Another year.
How long must I continue with these silent tears?
My first poem! It's a bit of a sad one, but it really exemplifies my emotional struggles recently. My friend said she really related to it, so I thought I would share it. Thanks for reading.

— The End —