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Columbus    Black hole for twisted thoughts
lagos,nigeria    All poems are originally written by me Ovi Odiete © Except the reposts of fellow poets. Ovi Odiete is a Poet and Writer with over ...
SG    The quiet things that no one ever hears about
The Revolutionist
Chicago, Illinois    I write poetry, all sorts of poetry, ranging from love to war, it doesn't matter I love the fine art of poetry and I'm ready ...
In the city    I have a copyright at the Library of Congress and am the author of Memories of My Grandfather. I am a college graduate with a ...
The Girl Who Loves You
Within My Heart    Just writing what I think, what I feel and everything inbetween. As Poe said "All that we see or seem, is but a dream within ...
Amanda Francis
United States    I don't think that the question of being okay automatically has just one answer
Andrew Siegel
Dark soul
M/mumbai; India    Am just here to endure the writings and to enjoy the richness of it ....
Brooke Cierra
Noah H
20/M    Just a guy with a moderate typing ability
Maddii Lloyd
Australia    Losing everything, but weight...
Anig Muh
Ohio    Human Fire Hazard, an existential circumstance.
the states    Making the most of what I can out of this terrible place. Basically the inside of my mind written out. Enjoy, share thoughts with me ...
16/F    a . n . d . y
Randhir kaur
Jorhat,Assam,India    I master my life as I master my uniqueness.You'll find meaning in life only if u create is a poetry to be composed,it is ...
canada    Having big dreams with no plans. A fear towards independence and moving on. 16 and living life, waiting for the day to move out of ...
Carrollton, GA    Maybe this is right. Maybe this wrong. Whatever this is, just know I'll always be here by your side. I'll ignore you. I'll fight with ...
Sophie Monigatti Lake
Ohio    "Others may write from the head, but she writes from the heart, and the heart will always understand her." ~Washington Irving
Natasha Ivory
Alaskan Grown. Cali life.    Writing calms my soul. Lead with Love. Natasha Ivory Evans © Copyright 2010
Ohio    It's been awhile but I have a poem coming out soon.
Warren    pray to god i'm the devil
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