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Randhir kaur Jul 2020
Counting down the years brings me affliction. Your name, voice and remembrance ain't dwindling. Your memories are stirred in my soul like a principal necessity that builds up a body. The difference is I am perhaps not growing but just adhere to past, to you, in your silhouette. Everyday I try your number with a hope of 'Hello' which is a hallucination in a mirage. But it never dies. It never kills my fingers to run back to you, even though it is mere starless. Letting others know about you led me to this point in life that I regret trusting the idiom 'blessing in disguise ' into human personification. I have enveloped you anonymously  in my words that the world will never know till it ends. And that you are so much safe now. But very, very sadly rescued after losing you. Alive in prosody.
Randhir kaur Nov 2017
She is a murderer.

Cops cannot nab her because she smiles superlatively. 

She genocide the innocent people.
Randhir kaur May 2017
You are my centripetal. You are my catharsis. You are bonafide. You beckon me.
How shall I eulogize my Yahweh that he forged a  human like you. He contrived you for me so that I must caress you with the profound love.
Randhir kaur Mar 2017
Oh please help to get me.
Hey whipper-snapper be my vestige again.
Those trees are obscure, be my mirage again.
Far-flung from my kernel ,be my chain again.
Oh please help to get me,
Be mine and my again.
Randhir kaur Feb 2017
We are thousand miles away.
Still I say,'stay away'.
People meet either because they are meant to be isolated or to be in their life forever.
We know we want each other,knowing that it won't happen.
Are you here to lessen my soreness and increase my my sprits. Let me tell you dear,I am in love and relationship with lugubrious. I am the most propitious and wealthiest person because I had had ever you in my lifetime, a cache.
What are we meant for?
For schism or forever?
When we are meant for nix,then let us not give each other unfulfilling expectations.
Randhir kaur Jan 2017
Today early morning I was sitting on the sofa and having tea. Suddenly my eyes went on the showcase where I had kept my certificates and a trophy which I had received  on sports week day for the achievement of getting second position in story writing and quiz competition  respectively. I literally had a smile on my face. I don't share my trophies,certificates,medals with my family. I just keep it as a show piece. If somebody care's and notice's they ask. If not then I really don't feel like telling.
Today for the first time I felt it that I should tell my parents that their daughter is talented,she is good for something at least. And so I revealed. I did shared and that too with my Hero. My protector. My FATHER.
My father was so glad to see my trophy,medals of 11 and 12 th standard and all the recent certificates.I narrated every incident  where I had received praises.He addressed me,'Emerging writer. Be someone who will remember you throughout'.
Do you know why and how I shared my success today all of a sudden,in the middle of my life. Why not this thought strike me before when I was living my life in vain? How today's sunrise brought a revelry on my phiz?

Because I realized how technology is ruling our heart. How technology is ruining our life. How busy we people are that we don't have a minute to share our happiness with each others. How we don't have the time to stand and stare the beauty. I didn't touched my phone and I saw a beautiful outcome. My phone didn't ring and I saw myself sitting at peace.
Randhir kaur Jan 2017
And the yarn starts when I was in fourth standard on 9th February,2007 at St.Carmel Convent School (Jorhat,Assam,India) where I was just known as a ‘infirm’ student and not by my name.
Not that incident,date or time but that person changed me into a better human. For the first time when a person made me feel special. For the first time a philosophical kid was loving to hear the frail taunts about herself. For the first time she was apt to sit alone at recesses time. And for the first time she was being treated vulnerable.
                                                  “First impression is the last impression”  
And this so true. No impression was more resonant than my Teacher. Even today she remains vivacious in my soul and in my world.
                             “Teaching is not a service, profession or a job. It is a pillar of the society”
Well,my narration starts in class four when the whole class was just at verge of reciting the morning prayer at school. But just then my computer teacher entered, requesting my class teacher to standby the prayer and said:
                                                “Excuse me Reena teacher,where is Randhir”?
I raised my hand from my position. She passed a beam and said:
                                                             “Happy Birthday to you”
It was just from that day I realized that she too had her Birthday on the same date. And every now and then we celebrated our Birthday’s together.
No matter how much I was discriminated emotionally and mentally. No matter I failed to give good result to my other teachers. No matter I was being teased. All that matters was and is my teacher’s appreciation towards me. How being a kid I was cohered to this world. At a very tender age I knew the difference between the good and evil. I faced the agony of being a lame student, of being a pale figure in my friend circle. But one person who made my school life memorable is than that of my dearest Sobha Bothra Pincha Teacher. No boon of a child in her life, black hairs are turning into grey but her nature seems everlasting for all her students because she is and had been a great motherly figure. Her words to me:
                                               “Help me to keep the smile on my face”
And I am following her words. From her I get the strength to give respect to all my teachers who have crossed my way. Not a single teacher is untouched by my loving gratitude that I owe. Some students celebrate teacher’s day on 5th September, I celebrate it everyday. And today I am glad to hear the applaud from my teacher’s not for my good results but for being a good Student. For once I regretted. Today I have no regret because I take pride in being taught from my Sobha Teacher.
Dear teacher your advice, wisdom and teachings will remain engraved in my life. Good teachers teach because they are passionate about teaching. Great teachers like you, teach to make the world a better place.
If I am successful in any way today, be a good daughter, a good friend, a good consoler, a good sister, a good person or a good student. I owe all and all to you Sobha teacher. And if I am able to write this in the honor of you it because you taught me the value of letters. All these years I kept asking and you kept giving. Now I think its time I started giving back and it all begins with two simple words-
                                                                        “Thank you”
Please give respect to your teachers because they deserve our attention and gratitude.
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