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I wish
Tears would never had to flow down on cheeks
The helplessness
Burden me more
Than the pleasure of being teary!
i want to be free
i want to run
i want to learn
i want to make mistakes
i want to break some rules
i want to sin
most of all i just want to be me freely, without having to be sorry about it  
just accept me not judge me.
If you want light and life
do not delve in darkness,
she'll lead you to death.
He said, "I love you!"
I replied, "Thank you very much!"
It wasn't until many years later,
that I was finally able to say,
"I love you!"
Such is the story of those who've
been abused.
I have read
The thousands of pages
In the book of your eyes
I have felt
The ocean of love
In your heart
I have felt the hidden pain
between your breath
I have sensed the deepened  pines
Inside your lines
You can pretend & hide yourself
From the world
But not from
This heart of mine

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