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Jan 2019
Looking pigeons and free wishes

Clouds are wondering with chirping kisses

Looking thou art of sweet dreams!

Flawless garden and green eyes like icecream…

Oh, my Rainy!

Where shall I live, tell me thee

Oh, pure love! Calls me!

Truly in my dream

I feel free…

I don’t wake up

Because I will be in your dreams

Sailing across rivers and oceans…

To meet thee!

Infinitely till the silver lines shine your way and
make your happy forever as your stay!

Dark the wind and oceans breezes

Dark the sea and the clouds freezes

Everything I feel sometimes lament

Under the real drops of fearful tears…

Sometimes I change my gear

And listen to you in my heart

You’re more than a divine art

So don’t tell me to wake up

Don’t wake me up Dear

Let me live just a few more years…

Till I depart elsewhere in the vast universe

Kiss me softly

And become my free verse…

Let the vice versa happens in streams of dreams!

Oh my Rainy

Become my dream!

And I will pursue your dream

Under the dream…

We will cascade new love…

Let’s meet in inception…

With the speed of light, we will thrill our passion

Cherishing each other enthusiasm









Like waves…

We will wake…

Sin cosine

Oh my Rainy

If you wish

We will one day

transform imagination

Believe me

Till I live in your dreams

Under the impression of imagination

We will spark a new world

I guarantee

and dancing snow

Will be a new hut of enthusiasm

Supernatural earth…

Supernatural moon…

Under the supernatural universe…

We will live purely in the heart to heart natural..

Oh, my Rainy!

Come when the rain stops

Under the digital circuits

We will flip flop

Stop the watch…

With eyes to eyes…

We will dream more!

Amore and Amore!

Oh, my Rainy!

We will wish together…

And the clouds of love will remain all years…

Till we reach the next version of dreams!

We will live more than together…

Will you come in the dreams of my dreams?

If I truly wish in my wishes

Looking glass and mirror of the streams!

Oh, my Rainy!

Brew my heart

And drink it!

Brew my heart

Drink it!

Let me be yours completely

I am sincere truly


Oh, my Rainy!


Oh, my Rainy!


**** me softly!
**** me softly!
Ravindra Kumar Nayak
Written by
Ravindra Kumar Nayak  30/M/India
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