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Jun 2019 · 91
Radhica Kumar Jun 2019
What does being broken mean?
What does being lost mean?

She woke up to moments of unsubdued
She woke up clueless as to what she ought to do.

She walked outside but regrets became obvious.
She walked outside unsure of one's purpose.

She kept listening to bottomless music.
She kept dancing to relentless music.

No amount of books can protect her from what she feels.
No amount of films can conceal the pain for her heal.

She is broken.
She is lost.

She kept it all.

Kept it, and found nothing but cold under the sun.
Kept it, and found pain during rain.
Kept it, and found loneliness under the moon rays.
Kept it, and found no constellation to the twinkling of the stars.

She was broken.
She was lost.

She kept it.

She prayed for peace and had it.

She wakes up to moments of deep breaths.
She wakes up to pursue purpose.

She walks thorougly for she was indeed uncrippled.
She walks unswervingly for she was blind no more.

She listens as profoundess is found in the songs that her soul sings.
She dances to the beat of her finally, unwavering heart.

Such amount books gave new chapters of life filled with twists and things she didn't thought she'd look forward to,
Such amount of films opened hope in the way her eyes was filled with spark and curiosity,

At last, her strings gave in to ease
She knew she always had Him.
Hence, the warmth of the sun filled her back with support.
Hence, the unending pour of rain to her hands and arms as she extends it remind her that Someone's got her and she'll not be the fallen, not anymore.
Hence, moonlight reminded her of her faith and optimism to life.
The stars, o the night's brightest of the most brightest one's appear a memoir of her infinite thoughts gave her beauty and enchanting passion to all things that she does.

Slowly, looking up at the sky.
She squints her eyes as wrinkles at the sides of her face show up.
She feels all at once.

And there she was finally free.

— The End —