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Mona Dec 2019
Like a soft cloud
It is surrounding me
My thoughts far away
My heart warm and save
A state of mind
Where happiness and sadness
Cross each others way
And are able to live in peace
Mona Nov 2019
Forever missing you
Oceans away
Forever longing the taste of your lips
Over the sea
Forever asking myself
What could've been
As I stand by the shore
And the wind caress my skin
Mona Aug 2019
Let me lay next to you
Let me hold your hand
Let me kiss your neck
Your chest
And the face of yours
Let me feel your skin on mine
Your breath
Your heartbeat synchrone to mine
Let me whisper
How much your lips
Remind me of my future
You are complete , you are my light
Let me hear your voice
Silent and warm;
Let us melt into one
And stay forever, be mine
Mona Feb 2019
And for a short time baby
You made me believe
That in reality
There can still be
A fairytale lived
Mona Feb 2019
You win
You lose
You move on
And there are times
You lay next to this one soul
And wish
This moment
This person stays for a long time
Maybe forever
And if not
You‘ll be calm
Because you know
Maybe not in that moment
But you know
More of those moments
Are yet to come
To let you shine
Like the brightest star in the sky
Mona Feb 2019
My fear became real
My love for you gone
My eyes dry
You disappear
In my mind
I hold you tight but
The feeling I feel
Deep inside me
No one should know
My biggest fear
As a secret
I keep it
My dear
I don’t want to lose you
Now read it from the bottom up.

I tried, let me know what you think x
Mona Feb 2019
For some reason
I still believe
You are one of a kind
For some reason
I still want you
To soften my downs
And decorate my highs
But most of all
I‘m holding on
To the reason
To be able
Living without
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