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 Feb 2017 Julia
Terry Collett
After the ball game
on the high school
playing field
Shoshana is still

sitting there
with another girl
so I go over to her
and she blushes slightly

and I say
what did you think?
she looks at me
and says

not very good
are you?
I smile
no not much

but they will
insist I play
at least you're honest
she says

I am
best way
I reply
the other girl

stands up and says
don't want to play
gooseberry see you
later Shoshana

and she walks off
something I said?
I say
no I think she finds

boys embarrassing
Shoshana says
I look at her
sitting there

dark hair
long straight
bell will ring
in a minute

she says
best get back
towards school
she stands up

and I say
where do you live?
I live a little way away
I get a school bus home

she says
so do I
I say
I know you do

she says
you get on
the same bus
as I do

I look at her
do I?
yes you've not seen me
I get on as quick

as I can
she says
I see you though
a bell rings

from school
well see you later then
I say
and she's off

leaving me there
and I wander back to school
across the grass
watching her go

her slight figure
in the afternoon sun
taking note
of her neat ***.
 Oct 2015 Julia
Water Romance
 Oct 2015 Julia
No matter how close together our hearts are
There will always be two cages between
Some of them weaved in bone and tissue
Others are the kind that cannot be seen

As close as you are to me
Closer still I want to be

If I could touch your hand and know your skin
Would find a way to let me in?

So many walls that you have put up
Some barriers broken by your mind
Physically in our own little domain
Some barriers of a different kind

You remain in sand buried in a beach
Letting the waves take their toll
I would dig you out my love
But in this life it is just a role

*Send me your waves
So when the world ends
And the oceans rage
We will still drink deep
Of each others love
 Oct 2015 Julia
Daniel Magner
shoulders are sore from
holding myself,
when I sleep,
when I work,
when I reach, reach, reach,
for something a little higher than stars
but come up with atmosphere
smeared on my palms.
Qualms about coming back to the surface, a rebirth, pushing up from the dirt, underground but still space bound,
only held back by the tension
locked in these
Daniel Magner 2015
 Oct 2015 Julia
Daniel Magner
 Oct 2015 Julia
Daniel Magner
It electrified
my impulses, demolished
my beliefs, left me
face down in bed, stark naked.
I can't go home anymore.

I lived in your rib,
felt each breath you took with me.
You blew out a cloud.
"Sing some sorrow ocean blues.
We can drown holding hands, love."

She thought of me
as LSD, I changed her world
with guaranteed leave.
Absorbed me through her tongue tip,
expelled me with every spit.
Daniel Magner 2015
 Aug 2015 Julia
Terry Collett
What did that bit of skirt
want with you
this morning?
Ro asks

I look past him
outside the fence
at kids walking
onto the high school
playing field

just to talk

skirt's don't want
just to talk
they are always
after something
Ro says
want to tie you
down to something
or be their boyfriend
or something sad
like that

no just talk
and not much
of that
I say
she seemed nervous

with you
who wouldn't
and he laughs
anyway how about
a ball game?

I say

I look away from him
hoping to see
the Shoshana girl
but I don't see her

so I walk with Ro
on the field to play
and other boys
up ready to play

then I see her
sitting on the grass
with some other girl
and she waves
and I wave back

but don't go over
I'm playing ball
on the right wing

but gazing at her
was like hearing
an angel sing.
 Jul 2014 Julia
I saw you fall asleep
amidst a garden of stars,
underneath a moon
that if I looked closer,
would realise was just
as bright as your eyes,
and I found my favourite
constellation running
across your collarbones
and down along your chest,
and somewhere in between
all of that,
it collided with planets
that would never have
looked so beautiful
if I had seen them on someone else.
When I looked at you,
I found myself wondering
how a person could look
like that,
like they were the galaxy,
a galaxy so pretty that
for a moment,
the air left my lungs.
 Jul 2014 Julia
 Jul 2014 Julia
My mouth tasted like mouthwash
Because I didn't wanna taste like you
And I remember you saying you loved me
But you were never my Montague

I still have your number on my hand
Written in permanent marker
We thought this was how long this would last
But every day things got harder

And I know where this will go
Because I've been down this road before
I will walk away just fine
And you will find yourself on the floor

You will tell me you can fix things
Though nothing can be done
And they'll say the pain will be over soon
But, boy, it has just begun
i had that mouthwash part in my head so i just quickly wrote this stuff down to give that line a home
 Jul 2014 Julia
Paula Lee
Dear God
 Jul 2014 Julia
Paula Lee
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Call this assurance if you must;
But when it's time to say Farewell
To one you love, it's just plain hell.

There are no words, no healing balm,
To fill the void, to ease the calm;
And not a thing that one can say
Will drive the quick hot tears away.

We look upon the empty chair
And seek the one no longer there;
And so heartbreaking is the pain
We question if we'll meet again.

How grim indeed, if death should be
The Bitter End--- Eternity;
Just some vague dream conceived by Man
And not a part of any plan.

But God has taken such great care
To note the sparrow in the air;
His Love alone can cover all
And Mark a simple Sparrows' fall.

And if he cares for the birds that fly,
then he must hear My Anguished cry;
"Dear God, I yield my grief to Thee
For Thou alone can comfort me."
To Everyone who is struggling with Grief
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