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23/M    The tall dark stranger those books speak of.
Renee Danielle
23/Non-binary/Michigan    I have a hard time collecting my thoughts, but some of them are kept here.
Mitch Nihilist
Toronto, Canada
Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Hemel Hempstead    Poet and short story writer. My short stories are mainly horror. I was attacked in 1997 and my left leg badly burnt which led me ...
Limbo    Tick. Tock.
Mel Little
30/F/Ohio    Everything I write belongs to me, and is copyrighted as such. If you steal my poetry and try to pass it off as your own, ...
21/F/tokyo    ❀ ig: @ocean_lagoons ❀ twt: @ocean_lagoons ❀
its gonna make sense
26/Two-Spirit/Philippines    doesn't make any sense/ trying hard to be a poet/ in between- madness and sanity, reality and fantasy. /Twitter, IG & Wattpad : @IGMSOfficial/ Tiktok ...
F/Ottawa    The French poet Aragon said: "By the time we learn to live it is already too late" Instagram: rose_emerald_ وردا‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
23/F/Pakistan    my life in poetry
chicago    digging through the depths of my deepest thoughts creating poetry
pretentious, pathetic, poetic
“i write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still”
Eleanor Rigby
I am a person with a messy drawer for a brain, a battlefield for a heart, and a blank sheet of paper for a life. ...
Mahdiya Patel
20/F/Johannesburg    The teenager that grew up too fast . أنا أحبك ~
Thisis A Pseudonym
26/M/Johannesburg    Somewhere between a role model and a cautionary tale. This is where I empty the bar of my bottled emotions. This is where I grow ...
Rare but Relevant
Wytheville, Va    Just striving for a great escape!
The Basalisk's Chambers    "And sometimes, love is just the aftermath of a tragedy." ----Skaidrum.
Ireland    "My friend you would not tell with such high zest,to children ardent for some desperate glory, the old lie; dulce et decorum est pro patria ...
nonexistent    nothin' is something.
NYC    Curious Ailurophiliac hungry to live life to the fullest. Here to store some thoughts in a form that is easier for me to explain than ...
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