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Aug 2014
You can’t deny what is justified
Neither the wrists that were crucified
And at the peak of His sovereign grace
And the crown that pierced the top of His face
And we destroyed in our eyes a chunk of mud
And yet; He saved the souls of Adams blood
He forgave our ignorance and tall some grew
And many today through Him become new
We were granted a gift you see
One so unnatural it shouldn’t be
We know it so well it’s like we don’t care
But truth is you look at what else He’ll spare
You glance at the list and we’re bottom to top
And everything else is washed with a mop
So may it never be! As Paul would say
To belittle such a privileged way
I can’t save you from your delay
But sovereign is the Lord through Him you may
The invitation is written in us now
And it’s your choice where you’ll be when our knees will bow
Maybe I’m saying this a little too lightly
Understand when you’re given a rope, you should hold on tightly
For crying out loud do you still not comprehend
That others given a soul aren’t lent a hand
as a being in God’s creation alone
and made to accept a debtless loan
Through a process foreign to things known
And here we lie guilty and not blown
In all evil is God given wrath
No escape from a hopeless death
So as not so mind-opening as I wanted to be
Think to yourself about this significance and see
What we live in this life is passionately hated and despised
But yet it’s still your choice to either be loved or denied
For our helpless minds were those wrists crucified
You can’t deny what is justified
Hell was meant for satan and his demons. The second they turn away…BAMMMM WRATH! ! ! and same with all evil should I mention. That’s where we come in. I know that God wanted us to give grace and gifts and mercy and forgiveness to. It wasn’t just anything, not just any random concept. He decided that we were going to exist for this meaning. It’s His sovereign side too. Because Jesus’ blood was shed for all man with the blood of Adam. Not spirits. Can you still think insignificantly of yourself? Not that you are what you are acknowledged to be in relativity, but that in all bondages of life and nothingness, you can feel the ones you seek for when in logical terms you should never have been able to.
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