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Jun 2014
Made from paper & some ink but it's worth quite a lot
It effects those it touches & those it does not
It's the cause of arguments & fights
& not enough of it, then out go the lights
It's hard to believe it's not even alive
We use it to help us survive
It gets copied & distorted
& across seas, it's sometimes transported
When it arrives it's exchanged
To this different appearance
Large amounts might require a government clearance
It can ruin lives & destroys happiness
I know it's hard to believe this
People lose their houses without it
& others are just happy with the change in your pocket
It's really the reason for theft crimes
Just trying to get by in troubling times
Working for it never seems to stop
& still not enough is made to get all you need
Which limits how much you buy when you shop
Barely enough food for the mouths you feed
Leaving little left for you to pay that bill
Stress & worries soon to follow
& down your cheeks tears begin to spill
Now your account is way too low
We underestimated its true value
It's definitely the root of all evil
If you let it control you
It will never be shared equally
To all the people
Which us sad & crummy
Maybe it'll give you a luxurious life or maybe no life at all
& what the beast is known as is MONEY
Don't let it be your downfall
Becky Littmann
Written by
Becky Littmann  32/F/california
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