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Jun 2017 · 906
The Echos
Becky Littmann Jun 2017
He let them win
Somehow their repetitive chatter & noise crept right in
Quietly & unseen they anchored their lies & fabrications
Truths were quickly fading into arguments & altercations
In his head their noise just echos & echos in a shout
He battled & fought, but it wasn't well enough to keep them out
The echos only got louder & louder
More & more he began to doubt her
Thoughts began dwelling
The echos were now just yelling
Hoping truth he'd soon forget
& Trusting was something he'd always just regret

Proud of what they've done
The echos thought they've won
But his thoughts weren't able to convince his heart & soul
He knew without her, he would never be whole
Feelings, really now, this time they were true & real... truly not a chance to break
& As for the echos.....well they were just a silented mistake
Jul 2016 · 1.4k
Becky Littmann Jul 2016
I have been left unattended for too long, in a city by the Bay
& mischief is dying to play,
I can only imagine...
As the chaos escapes from within
The beast is unable to stay tame


Apr 2016 · 851
Becky Littmann Apr 2016
For someone who loves to unnecessarily just talk & talk
Regardless of all the silent responses she often got
This speechlessness feeling is quite a shock
Suffocating with endless feelings, feeling less she is NOT
I know it sounds preposterous & absurd
Since cold & heartless she tended to display
Because the fire in her had no longer burned
She had broken pieces with an ash covered soul & the darkness faded her away
Becky Littmann Feb 2016
Whatever, I don't care if you pay attention
I'm prone to come, **** **** up & just leave
& yes, im well aware at the glares I receive
I'm tiny in size
But that's quite obvious if you have ******* EYES
There is more
Just wait for it, it's gonna POUR
The shadow lurkers , those who live in the darkness ..
Their PAINFUL screams forever echoing, maliciously & voiceless
They never just go away..
they just endlessly stay
hisses & shouts, salt unhealing wounds with every word
& STILL undefeated, I'm prepared to battle with what is yet to be heard..
I have no choice but to continue
...**** IT! I gotta do what I gotta Do!
I won't quit, I plan to go hard & attack...
The Shadow Lurkers left me with a cold heart
& I'm giving that **** right back..
Sometimes your soul is lost in a sunless light & you're the only one who can save him before the darkness becomes the bright... Be at peace with yourself first before you try to fight the war around you!
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
Supposedly too much television will rot your brain away
BUT... you can 't believe what everyone may say

KERMIT told us it ain't easy being green
TAYLOR SWIFT taught us people can be trouble & really mean
SEBASTIAN the CRAB told us it is better down where it is wetter
CINDERELLA taught us that eventually things will get better
SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS told us over & over he's READY! he's READY!
THE TORTOISE taught us that being quick may not always work
KAYNE WEST taught us people are rude, interrupting, annoying & huge jerks
MR KRABS taught us some people are money hungry & greedy
LINDSAY LOHAN taught us some people are attention needy
DORA THE EXPLORER taught us to live our life as an adventure & go explore
SWIPER taught us to always go for more
SQUIDWARD taught us not everyone has happiness to share
PATRICK STAR taught us that some people's heads are filled with air
PLANKTON taught us that you can never give up on reaching your goal
ALICE's curiosity taught us don't chase white rabbits with pocket watches down their hole
PETER PAN taught us to live carefree & have no worries at all
HORTON taught us that a person is a person no matter how small
THE LORAX taught us to take care of our trees
SNOW WHITE taught us that there maybe more than what the eye sees
TOMMY PICKLES taught us sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
THE GRINCH taught us that deep down inside, the cruel have hearts too
NEMO'S DAD MARLIN taught us you can't protect people from all & or any danger
BARNEY taught us not to talk to a stranger
LILO & STITCH taught us no one gets left behind or forgotten, that is "OHANA"
SOUTH PARK taught us not to give a **** & some friends can be a huge ****** BAG
JUSTIN BIEBER taught us what isn't "SWAG"
STEWIE taught us that even if you're talking not everyone is listening
NELLY taught us that not everywhere has air conditioning "HOT IN HERRE"
DOROTHY taught us is you want to go home just click your heels three times & repeat "THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME"
SOUTH PARK'S TWEAK taught us that your underwear get stolen by the underwear gnomes

So much we've unknowingly managed to obtain
secretly stored in our brain
celebrities, songs, shows & even cartoons have taught us a lot
& that's what life lessons are all about
little hidden lessons & messages everywhere
& completely unaware you pass it on & share
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
It is as unpleasant as a nail in a your tire
or getting burned by fire
it is sometimes better to think twice
like before stepping onto the lake's ice
it came at us full speed
& with no warning label first to read
it disgusted me in every way
a party favor I wished that hadn't shown up to play
it wasn't at all like the rest
unwillingly I was given insomnia to give a trial test
mistaken for something we assumed was STILL there
but instantly after letting go of the black swan
we knew something really odd started going on
the usual way was UNusually strong
still we shrugged it off like nothing was wrong
dancing, picture posing, shot taking & celebrating
...looking at that time now, **** what a first impression it was creating
a night oh so memorable
definitely did we make it extremely unforgettable
we attempted to call it a night & get some shut eye
wide awake hour after hour sleep never joined, only failed attempts to try
so questions we're asked, "WHAT THE **** DID WE DO?!"
this whole time they thought we already knew
thank goodness we only had that one
could you only imagine what any  more of it may have done??
.....Sadly though, it gained itself another follower & it didn't take much
that mind just couldn't control the urge & resist, got ****** into its clutch
while passing the time, since the sandman missed our eyes
in the stillness of the room...there was countless clicks & flashes of us trying to "SMIZE"
Top Model had nothing on how awesome we pose
SHOOOOOOT, we at this point, are do it yourself picture pros!!!

....Now after some months have gone by & it's the New Year
& I knew it...the time had come, something I had too fear
...following it had returned & continued
tagging along was a ****** ******* attitude
fighting & arguments began
I wanted it to stop, trying so hard to end it was my plan
nights of wet cheeks & swollen eyes, tears dripping
it seemed the further & further away defeating it was slipping
I knew after that night
Winning the battle wasn't near in sight
the ONE party favor that just continued having an endless after party going
it's break obsolete, it just kept on flowing
with unsuccessful outcomes every time I was offered to join in
I STILL REFUSED to just let this monster win
&..... ONE DAY.... with help from my best, it all came to an end
into the toilet & flushed was what we did recommend
it was finally disposed of & far away
....A year or two passed & people didn't stay

....Summertime, when troubles are being destroyed daily & forgotten
of those who treated us quite horribly rotten
road trips to enjoy, nights out dancing & drinking
not a care to bother with, at least that is what we were thinking
new favors had graced our presence in our new party scene
& for once, our company was drama less & far from mean
Thizz was the past feel good choice we'd chose
when along came Molly, she showed us how feeling GOOOOOD realllly goes
Well **** it girl, you weren't lying now were you??
You're a whole new experience that I could get used to
"OHH YESSS, COME ON, they're playing 'Bad Romance' "
at first I needed some good old fashion peer pressure
I was nervous, scared, & kind of unsure
But I was easy to convince
& so thankful for each & every experience
Very, Very glad it was a risk I didn't miss
there's just nothing that compares to this....
.....Well along came that wicked, wicked party animal
who hadn't changed at all
single now, with a new attitude & mind set
....I risked it & decided to put it all in & place my bet
..........months later, " Hmmmm, have you gotten thinner?"
Where our weight had gone
was all we were questioned on
pretty soon rumors began to spread
so much dumb **** was accused & said
Oh please, give me a ******* break
Soon they were smashed & proven all to be obviously FAKE
jealousy & nosey that's all
haters will always be hating but will never be my downfall

...We found ourselves, the ones that got lost & abused
broken down, scarred, voiceless & confused
We were only off our fates course
disoriented from a toxic source
Our souls found their center again &
it's only fueled with peace
With high hopes to keep it continuing to increase
peace is what we needed to be saved
no savior with his crucifix could've changed our souls that were slaved
Peace is all you need & it exists, just believe
don't be fooled or tricked by those who try to deceive
peace is all about respect, love  & unity
a positive sense of mentality
being an optimist is pretty ******* dope
....Never giving up & always having some kind of hope!!
Aug 2015 · 655
Quick To Judge
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
I'm less & less shocked now-a-days
when I found out people's secret ways
each time just sounding more & more
like things I've heard before
If people would pay attention just a little bit
they'd notice quite a lot more ****
people have more in common that they realize
but instead people just assume & spread lies
as rumors rapidly spread
each time getting more twisted as it is repeated & said
even the truth eventually becomes inaccurate & deflated
that's when trust begins to get disintegrated
causing drama along the way
the reason a good relationship begins to decay
it all just started to become clear
judging just needs to disappear
We're all just human & the same on the inside
despite what secrets we choose to hide
they're hidden away
in fear of being labeled a certain way
unfortunately not everyone is comfortable standing out
but that's really not what it's about
really they can't handle the cruel attack
since their self-confidence is something they lack
people's criticism can be ****** & vile
& a person can only take so much for a short while
always assuming the negative is going to happen
before anything even has a chance to begin
their solution to their problem is this....
Any kind of change just ignore & dismiss
avoiding it all together
remaining the same, never changing & undercover, unhappy forever.
Aug 2015 · 4.0k
Fighting Words
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
Look at you sitting there on your high throne,
looking upon all you own
your mini-you's & the clones
you think you're high & mighty
because your a ***** daily & nightly
but what I'm going to say won't come lightly

The ones you knocked down
just so you can wear that crown
don't think you won't drown
& I'm not just trying to clown
You're really a lonely *****
who's hobby is being a whitch
so get back on your broom
messing with me will leave you with a wound needing a stitch
So if I were you, I'd watch what I say...better yet what you do
my guess is you'll end up black & blue
with scars on your face
you'll be put back into your place
I'll ******* up with my words & class
& you're more than welcome to KEEP my TRASH
because second hand ***
is never going to last & that's a fact
& I sure as HELL DON'T want him back
that would be a huge mistake
my happiness I'm not looking to break
So say what you want
with all your ******* & lies
everyone can see the truth in my eyes
Aug 2015 · 791
Kindly Mistaken
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
Just because I'm nice
Doesn't mean you can walk on me
Just because my happiness is too good to be true
Doesn't mean you should try to bring me down
Just because you are unhappy
Doesn't mean I have to be
Just because you are lost & confused
Doesn't mean it is ok to confuse me
Just because you are a mess
Doesn't mean make my life a mess
Just because things are hard
Doesn't mean make it ******* me
Just because you are pretending
Doesn't mean I can't be real
Just because you seem ok with things
Doesn't mean that I am
Just because you had me at my best
Doesn't mean that you won't see my worst
Just because I smile
Doesn't mean I don't hurt
Just because I don't talk to you
Doesn't mean I've forgotten you
Just because I yell at you
Doesn't mean I don't care about you
Just because you're my best friend
Doesn't mean I'll agree with you
Just because we aren't together
Doesn't mean I don't still love you
Just because you left me
Doesn't mean it will never be again
Just because I'm focused on me
Doesn't mean that I forgot about you
Just because I wrote this
Doesn't mean I hate  you
Just because you heard something someone said
Doesn't mean it is TRUE
Just because I'm single
Doesn't mean I'm going to be a *****
Just because I don't go out
Doesn't mean I'm boring
Just because I do go out
Doesn't mean I'm looking for ****
Just because I say something
Doesn't mean it is ok to twist my words while repeating it
Just because I am no perfect
Doesn't mean I am not perfect for you
Just because I get upset
Doesn't meant I'm crazy
Just because I care so much
Doesn't mean I can't let go
Just because we are friends
Doesn't mean my life is easier

BUT.....Just remember my heart can only hold onto so much before it explodes!! The decision is clear,  once you realize that it will  be too late!
It was too late..
Aug 2015 · 797
The Fight That Wasn't Won!!
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
Remember the memories
Remember the fun
that was all lost
by a fight that wasn't won
     Remember the friendship
Remember the forever promise
that was all lost
by a fight that wasn't won
     Remember what we did last summer
Remember the crazy nights
that was all lost
by a fight that wasn't won

Maybe one day we'll reconnect
Maybe one day it will all be forgotten
as the days go on
this was because of a fight that wasn't won
    Maybe one day we'll have more memories
Maybe one day we'll have more fun
as the days go on
this was because of a fight that wasn't won
    Maybe one day we'll all just laugh at this
Maybe one day we won't all be so ******
as the days go on
this was because of a fight that wasn't won

Sometimes I get so mad
Sometimes I get so ******
that this STUPID **** went this far
over a fight that wasn't won
    Sometimes I get really sad
Sometimes I get really happy
that this STUPID **** went this far
over a fight that wasn't won
    Sometimes I can't even believe
Sometimes I can't even imagine
that this STUPID **** went this far
over a fight that wasn't won

Now I can see how you really are
Now I can see your true colors
I'm glad this happened
in a fight that wasn't won
    Now I can have more laughs
Now I can have better memories
I'm glad this happened
in a fight that wasn't won
    Now I can see you weren't a friend
Now I can see you were my worst enemy
I'm glad this happened
in a fight that WASN'T won
Aug 2015 · 1.6k
I'm Sorry
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
(written in 2000)
I'm sorry that I wrote that
I'm sorry that we can't be friends
I'm sorry for whatever I did wrong
I'm sorry that you hate me

I'm sorry for whatever went wrong
I'm sorry we didn't get along
I'm sorry for the things I've said
I'm sorry that you hate me

I'm sorry how things ended up
I'm sorry the **** hit the fan
I'm sorry for how I acted
I'm sorry that you hate me

I'm sorry we were ever friends
I'm sorry that we ever got along
I'm sorry for how you've acted
I'm sorry that you hate me

I'm sorry I ever trusted you
I'm sorry we became friends
I'm sorry that I ever met you
I'm sorry that YOU hate me

(Added on 2015)

I'm sorry I never ended up hating you
I'm sorry that my apology wasn't good enough
I'm sorry that I apologized for your actions
I'm sorry we still haven't spoke since

I'm sorry you couldn't let things go
I'm sorry for how bitter you've become
I'm sorry for the ugly person you grew up to be
I'm sorry...BUT I guess you'll just FOREVER hate ME.
This was written back when   I was in  high school  in like 2000 sometime &  I had posted it on a webpage I had ,before myspace & facebook , where some cyber bulling had been going on against me from an exfriend. Well I wasn't going to take her ****  so  I had said some nasty things in return to her. Well being the bigger person I realized I was still in the wrong for doing that so  since I am good with words I wrote this  poem to apologize & posted it. The person still didn't give a **** & hated me anyways. So that was my attempt to fix what I had done , I never did or do hate her but to this  day she hasn't spoken to me since. Whatever her loss.
Aug 2015 · 430
Believe In Yourself
Becky Littmann Aug 2015
Are the words in your head worthy of being written?
&& if they were read out loud would anyone care to listen?
OR should you just leave them unsaid
so they never get the chance to spread?
Thoughts & pure randomness pours
of all my risks I've taken opening new doors
experiences I'll never forget or regret
all the good times I've had & new faces I've met
So much fun I've had so far
from road trips to L.A. or nights out at the bar
my life keeps getting better as I go
So I'll continue to just go with the flow
HAPPINESS is what you make it
be optimistic &  don't throw a fit
DON'T be afraid to take a chance
& ALWAYS make time to DANCE
LAUGH a LOT & smile often
you have the courage to do anything
as long as it's yourself you believe in!
Jul 2015 · 566
BLIND Without A Clue
Becky Littmann Jul 2015
As I sit here & look back
I should've walked out that door
Instead I stayed & slowly began to crack
In reality I need & deserve more
Month after month, hour after hour
It was my heart I let you devour
As you swept me off my feet
It didn't feel like a game
You fooled me being so sweet
My heart took the blow & you're to blame
I made such a huge mistake
I wonder if this was a devious plan
To see how long I'd stay & all the ******* I'd take
You were good at pretending to give a ****
I'll give credit when credit is due
You managed to pollute my head with fake love, I had no clue
I'm glad it finally ended
A relationship not worth repair
& over time my heart has mended
You're not even a friend, but you don't care
We are definitely, definitely THROUGH!
Jul 2015 · 987
No Soul
Becky Littmann Jul 2015
On the outside I look calm & collected
But inside it's a mess of emotions I've purposely neglected
Id rather seem cold & emotionless
Than try to verbally express
I shut down & retreat to only a place I know
A place I always run to & go
Sure I may be alone there
Being alone I don't care
I am only in control
Because I am an empty soul
Don't try to tell me I'm not empty
I've heard those words a plenty
They don't have any value or worth to me
Besides I like what my soul has become to be
It makes caring less of a mess
& I have no worries or stress
Inside through darkness I stroll
Happily I live without a soul
Jun 2015 · 5.3k
Becky Littmann Jun 2015
I swear I'm leaving right now
Yet I'm still running around in a rush
&& STILL no pants on
They lie somewhere on my floor
If I don't leave now I'm going be late for sure...hmm got everything.. OH WAIT!!!
FUUUUCK quit messing with your hair & put down your BRUSH!!
****... 15 minutes later **** & I'm still NOT gone
Almost out the door...
*******...WHERE THE **** ARE MY KEYS..GREAT!!
Now speeding like a police chase
Weaving in & out of traffic lane by lane
Trying to beat the clock & it's tick tocks
A sound I  SERIOUSLY ******* HATE
I'm barely on time, a few minutes to spare
It is a WAAAY too familiar race
It's an endless ******* trend, driving me insane
It's like a whole day of me wearing matching socks
SOOOOO, SO WHAT if I'm occasionally always LATE
At least I'm always never not eventually there but still at least there
&& DOESN'T MATTER where it is I'm going
If there is a specific time of arrival expected
Don't tell me that correct time
UNLESS..... In all actuality the arrival time is actually irrelevant
Since I  know you have a "PARTY ALL THE TIME"  way to celebrate
Then please keep on shuffling when my face is showing
Lateness is something I've so EPICALLY PERFECTED
If I had a nickel for every time I was early, I'd have a MOTHER ******* DIME!!!
Being on time & I have just always been so distant
That's why punctuality &  I will never relate!!!

Mar 2015 · 682
Seen & NOT Heard
Becky Littmann Mar 2015
As the words stirr in your brain, soon to be forgotten & left forever unsaid
Day after day slowly disappearing
Under layer upon layer of dust
Since the choice of being seen & not heard was a must
Just the thought of keeping my mouth shut & leaving my voice silently unspoken
Drives my mind insane & my heart feeling ignored & broken
How can they say it is better to seen & Not HEARD???
To me that just sounds so harsh  & complety absurd!!
I say it's better to speak what's in your mind
Sure it may not be what they want to hear because it may be rude ,instead of kind
But everyone has the right to express
What they think or may have thought
People just need to shut up & learn,
Learn to listen, they can either agree with it or not
No matter the subject or situation,
Someone will always have an opinion
We just have to be patient& trust ourselves with whatever we believe in
Mar 2015 · 21.6k
Bounce Bitch!!
Becky Littmann Mar 2015
Eenie Meenie Miney Moe
You're just another ***
Never saying "no" & NOT **** fo' show
Beyond  ****** is where you go
The nasty crust is what you are below

A busted *** ratchet
With a scandalous habit
So bounce *****, with  that ****
Or you're going to get hit
Peace out **** it
You need to just quit
Karma is what you're going to get
Because ******* DONT  FORGET

You're  not classy, just a slutty *****
With legs like a revolving door
Open to anyone wanting to score
But your ***** is stank & rotten to the core!
With more than one new STD sore
Just like I said before
BOUNCE,***** no one wants MORE!
Mar 2015 · 909
Loud Silence
Becky Littmann Mar 2015
A true friendship is quite rare
As are the priceless memories you share
The ones only you two can make
They're a person you're 100% real
with, no need to be fake
& you'd be lost without them
They're a one of kind gem
No one could take their place
Instead you'd rather just leave it an empty space
You both share a bond so strong
Even when things go a little wrong
& of course they sometimes will
Life won't always be so chill
You won't always agree
Eye to eye won't be what you see
Which may start up a tiny fight
over who's wrong & who's right
Don't let it build up & build inside & stir
Communication is always going to be key
always do this
It's by far better than getting lost in silence
What you may notice
Might be blurry to them  & out of focus completely oblivious
Nonchlant hints, unfortunately, they miss
Whenever you've wandered away from yourself & who you are
Your bestie won't let you wander too far
A true friendship is worth repair
Their life & wellness matter because you truly care
You'll go through hell & back together
Overcoming & living life side-by-side forever
No matter what obstacles you encounter
Making you both stronger & wiser after
A friendship that's always going to be worth it
Eachother you just get
You're one in the same
& glad they came
Before you disappeared for good
Leaving things misunderstood
BUT, since words were written read & spoken
...the silence was BROKEN
Dec 2014 · 721
Becky Littmann Dec 2014
For some of you your day is just about done
& as for me,  mine has only just begun
The sun slowly dims it's light
& the freaks take over the night
You can be whoever you want to be
After all, in the dark it is harder to see
Rules don't matter & anything goes
You may even encounter a vampire, who knows
BUT remember you can't stay
When the darkness goes away

I enjoy my breakfast before I sleep
My dreams **** me in too deep
At the crack of dawn
Here I go with another yawn
" the sun is way too ******* bright "
Under my blankets I hide & say "goodnight"
My life is on the flip-side
Not stuck in rewind
No pause in my day
Just a steady play

Graveyard shift, adjustment required
Of course you'll get over being tired
A rearranged life style
Better get use to it, it may be awhile
Eventually it'll be your daily habit & all will just fit
Normal no longer applies when you live in the day of opposite

No one will quite understand
Your presence is always in demand
When the sun is bright & shinning high
But you're fast asleep, in your bed you lie
It isn't a crime
This is your bedtime
You're "lazy" they claim
But they're not living opposite, it's not the same
They don't want to hear your excuse
So why waste my sleep, what's the use?
I have no shame
& I don't care if you think I'm lame
I don't think of you at all anyway
& that's how it's going to stay
The graveyard is where I roam
...Vampire time is when it's home!
Nov 2014 · 2.2k
Invisible Reflection
Becky Littmann Nov 2014
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Or at least that's what is said
But what if your vision is unclear
& your own image is not beauty in your eye
& your self-esteem declines as you get older
You're still ugly in your head
No matter what compliments you hear
& you don't know how to explain your reasons why

Society is to blame
Overly  advertising "skinny" pills or another new diet fad
magazine covers displaying frail & gauntly figures sharing their dieting habit
& there's an unofficial showdown on social media trying to one up your peers
It's become so stupid & lame
People going completely mad
Nothing is being achieved is what I don't get
Unfortunately this will continue on for years

Enhancing your appearance is become quite extreme
Botox filled needles, toxic injections say good-bye wrinkles as well as ****** expression
Button nose or a pointed one, maybe a bump rhinoplasty will quickly fix
Broken, distorted & barely holding on, slowly losing self-esteem
Whatever it takes, anything they can do to receive some positive attention
Showered with empty compliments, their beauty is deceiving & they're covered in lies
**** pumped full of silicone, hard to the touch
Some implanted *** cheeks, now it's massive & anacondas all want to bite
Reality is becoming surreal, dream like hard to decipher the real & fake
A crazed addiction that's just too much
A corrupting epidemic destroying what's right
We need to figure out how to protect the years to come with prevention
Killing this trending fascination of a stupid mistake

We continue to change it, hide it, deny it, maintain it, lie to it, cry at it & accuse it
Everyone has got one, no one is exempt
Year after year it's a bigger obsession
Criticizing & judging what they view is their daily routine
With no plans to quit
Changing their thoughts & mind is something dangerously risky to attempt
Unable to change what they view on their screen
Drifting farther out of any reality
Claiming they're unaware how negativity can quickly poison
In denial that it does any harming
Oblivious to the unraveling image
No longer obtaining any slight speck of your originality
& got caught up in the deadly alluring fascination
For results that were nonexistent
Ridiculously absurd & quite alarming
Side effects include blurred vision, forever tainted thoughts & more unfixable damage

Lost souls, a pointless quest to change what was never wrong
Leaving all those confused & badly broken & a mind almost rotten
A spirit was just no longer there
Emotions shut off & an expressionless face remains
Failing to reach society's idea of "perfection"
Another one gone, that didn't take very long
The light in people's eyes faded & their smiles joined the forgotten
Beyond the looking glass we lost our stare
& our spirit it claims
Nothing is left now but an invisible reflection
Nov 2014 · 7.4k
The Feeling
Becky Littmann Nov 2014
I'm high as a ******* kite
I know this **** isn't right
Staying up all **** night
But I didn't put up a fight
Since the feeling is hella tight
..... Hella tight
.... Yeah hella tight

Another day
Feeling the same way
I know , I know what can I say
Come out, come out to play
This feeling isn't going away
.... Just go away
.... Go away

I feel like I can fly
Way up high
Through the clouds in the sky
It's a trip I can't deny
It's a feeling you need to try...
... You must try...
.... Just try

I'm slowing down quite a bit
Not long before the ground I hit
Stupidly there I just sit
I really need to just quit
But Id miss the feeling I get...
...**** the feeling I get...
....what a feeling I get

Lost in its distraction
Like a bug lights purple glowing hyponotic attraction
Causing a massive chain reaction
A sickening fascination
A feeling of amazing satisfaction..
..******* addicting satisfaction...
...craving the satisfaction..

A feeling quite rare
Do I dare
Or do I even really care
A feeling that tingles everywhere
..this feeling I should share
....should share...
...but can't share

What a crazy place
Limitless like outter space
Intense & in your face
A feeling you embrace
Like winning a race
A feeling you can never replace...
...never replace..
...unable to replace..

It's mighty slick
Addicted you quick
Playing a nasty trick
Laying on the feeling thick stuck fast like a glue stick...
...that's right a glue stick..
....a glue stick..

High as a kite
I told you it wasn't right
Up all night
...I gave into the fight
The feeling is just hella tight.. hella tight...
...yeah, hella tight...
Oct 2014 · 781
Do You Mind?
Becky Littmann Oct 2014
La La La LA LA my mind is too LOUD
& it's an annoying distraction
It's stirring up a pretty thick cloud
Restlessness is taking over my attention
Blank stares are all my face shows
Deep into my thoughts I get stuck
BUT...that's how it always goes
it's just my wonderful luck
I am an unlucky Irish
& there sure isn't a genie around to grant my wish
My mind's explorer has too many tabs open & their "X" box to close isn't showing
No doubt the system will have an overload
I don't like the way this is going
With a lockdown in process, we're going to be in safe mode
GREAT, now popping up a message stating there's an error report
No GEEK squad could fix this mess
Don't even bother calling tech support
It's just an unfixable issue I confess
& it distracts me frequently from whatever I am doing
Good thing sanity isn't something I wanted to achieve
It will always be chaos, jumbled words & thoughts just brewing
Just occasionally, here & there, that some very needed silence I can receive
It's a place I don't go to play pretend
Too crowed & constantly a wonky massive amount of cluttering
Frustrating as being in a labyrinth with no end
Repetitive & out loud, sentence & words are what I am muttering
But I am far, far, far from crazy
I'm just distracted & on a mission inside my head
& I only seem like I'm kind of lazy
But if I don't complete this task, words & thoughts are forgotten, dusty & unsaid
So I do apologize
I tend to get lost between leaving & returning to reality
From time to time you may encounter me with eery, vacant eyes
.....a mix up between those though would sure weaken my stability please excuse me if I seem to emotionlessly stare
Right through you like freshly windexed glass
Because honestly, I never once knew you were there...
You vanished in my path as you pass
Dealing with constant noise can be quite extreme
Like shouting for help but without a voice & remaining unheard
For a split second, a rare moment my mind may be clear & clean
Then flooded without warning, just a thought or hearing a word
Ideas to write all about are popping up everywhere
No pen or papers, useless ideas if they're forgotten
& sometimes they're really good & worth a chance to share
But sorting words & lost in brain waves happens way too often
Never relieved for break
Wish a silent corner I could temporarily find
Just a minute or two rest, such a difference it'd make
Oct 2014 · 3.2k
Becky Littmann Oct 2014
Like electricity through a power line
Creative juices are flowing, full speed
& of course that's fine
It's all I really need
....Without it I'd probably be ruthless & mean
That I can't even imagine
Since it's never been seen
Compassion is just my normal routine
Hmmm what to make, what to make
Ideas are just an endless list
Choose one...HAHAHA you know how long that will take!?!
All too great too resist
Here's to another inspiring day
& all the many, many, many more
You're STUCK with me this way
The sky ISN'T the limit but in it I will soar!!
Becky Littmann Oct 2014
Sometimes you want what you can't have & resisting the urge is a lost battle from the start...
The tempted are quickly torn apart,
time & time again the white flag is waved.
Another has given up & caved.
Temptation has won once more
adding to their undefeated score...
rules broken & adrenaline is to blame's just the beginning of the curiosity game....
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
Vital Information
Becky Littmann Oct 2014
Nothing but nice,
I don't usually think twice,
Fire fuels my soul not ice,
Sorry but I took the last slice,
Happiness has no price,
Risk gives your life some spice,
Don't pass up rolling the dice,
....but HEYY...that's just my advice
You never know how effective words are, they're a stealthy device
Sep 2014 · 909
Becky Littmann Sep 2014
A boy you can't resist
He pretends feelings exist
How long will you linger
He has got you wrapped around his finger
You're thinking everything is going so right
He has got you wound pretty tight
It's never going to get better
Eventually you will end up reading a dear John letter
You really need to think twice
Listen to the words that have been given as advice
Sure it may be just an opinion
But they're from real experiences they've been in
There is so much you haven't seen      
My dear you're just eighteen
Aug 2014 · 16.7k
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
Have you ever seen the sun rise?
Witnessed with your own two eyes?
Watching exactly how it went?
Not through someone else's photo captured moment
You'll really enjoy it more if you view it live
& you'll appreciate just being alive

I've watched the sun rise countless mornings
It's like my own private showings
Each one completely different in every way
& the best way to start any day
They're bright & beautiful
Breatakingly blissful

You'll never feel the same once you've experienced it
& so many will never understand the feeling you get
It's hard to explain but I'll do my best
I'd imagine it's like fresh air deepily inhaled into your chest
Your lungs fill up with all the freshness
& you exhale all that causes you stress

Your worries all just disappear
Your mind is calm & clear
It's a feeling that just forever stays
Until your dying days
Joy & happiness is all you release
It is what brings you inner peace

All you care to do now is enjoy everything
No matter the troubles & obstacles life may bring
A happy soul is all you've got & need
Your heart has compassion & optimism is what you bleed
Sharing your smile with all you pass or whoever you meet
That is your favorite way to say hello & greet

All from experiencing a live sun rise happen
That all may seem impossible to imagine
All that out of just a sun rising?
When it happens to you, it IS quite surprising
Shocking at first, you just can't believe how you feel
& you wonder how can this even be real?

If you allow yourself to let go of your worries & any doubt
Then you make room to clearly feel what it's about
You're allowing yourself to be vulnerable
& that's when you become more relatable
Clearing your clouded mind of opinions from useless chatter
Let's you finally enjoy what most may think or say doesn't really matter

Those are the ones who don't pay a lot of attention
& are afraid to get lost in their imagination
Never will they set a foot out of their "safe" box & risk crossing that thin line
It's OK, it's their loss & that's just fine
They'll just never understand your constant positive attitude
& can't recall a time you were even the slightest bit rude

They will never know how to just live happily
Inside their soul will be dying slowly
Some won't see how beautiful a sun rise really is
It's something no one should ever miss
A sun rise & even a sun set
Are too amazing to just forget!!
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
Enjoy The Show
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
Boys are really quite amusing & don't even try
They don't realize ALL the entertainment they willingly supply
I swear it could keep me entertained for hours & hours
they bring one girl flowers
she feels so special & can't believe the great guy she has found
but little does she know, he's still messing around
the mystery girl is quite good at her game as well....
since she sees a lot more that goes down, yet she'll never tell
Usually the truth doesn't unfold
...that is... until a friend mentions to her what she is told
SHOCKED & SURPRISED about some of the news her it did majorly confuse
They don't talk like they are happily taken
or even seem like they're smitten
really it's more like how they can't wait to make her purrrrr like a kitten
they tell her how great they will put it down
& how they really wished she didn't live all the way across town
yet, message after message day after day
these boys really can't stay away
She doesn't do anything special or fantastic
buy yet, just like snapping a rubber band, they come flying back, like elastic
she sure isn't one for lying & she doesn't like to brag or boast
it's just what she's noticed the most
When their relationship isn't "going perfect" & there is a little fight
right away who'd they hit up to hang out for a bit that night
maybe it's because they know she's super chill
& their ***** secrets she'll never spill
OR it could be they know she'll most likely say "yes"
& she NEVER becomes a stage 5 clinger or causes them stress
.....BUT the *** has got to be pretty good & rather fun
since they almost always go more rounds than one
You know they wouldn't keep calling if the *** was whack & horrible
because I'm sure they could have called someone else, it's VERY possible
It is her company they can't seem to resist & just need
It is kind of doing a friend a favor, a favor indeed
BUT *** isn't always what happens with them, I hope you know
Sometimes it's simply to just chill, hang out & watch a good show
still nobody will ever believe that, of course, since "everyone" knows two people can't just "hang out" there is ALWAYS someone who will have their doubt
So from an observer, here's my advise: just be wise
DON'T be fooled with what one may say, it can be rather deceiving to blind eyes
What matters more than anything, is ones actions
because they could be really good at causing little distractions
So just be smart & watch cautiously to those around you
since you don't know if they are being fake or real & true
Now, don't get me wrong
they're not all ****** bags
Just watch out for the one who unknowingly brags
the little things will give them away
& they may slip up with words or stories they say
so just be well aware
& handle your heart & feelings with precious care
Guys with girlfriends they claim to love so much & it is all over social media but then they go hitting up other girls on the down low. They thinking that they're slick & that no one will ever know.. oh but we know...yes we do..
Aug 2014 · 569
Saturday Night
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
Chilling with my crew
doing what we do
drinking some brew
not too many, just a few

We are in the bay tonight
The weather is just right
No ******* trying to fight
friends got their pipe, trees & a light

Happy girl right here
Thinking of someone makes me smile ear to ear
So get me a beer
Raise your glass & cheer
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
It's nice to feel wanted
I'm not trying to be conceited
....but who doesn't like to feel needed?
helping you, so you can stay feeling unstoppable & you've succeeded
letting nothing hold you down & you're never defeated
they'll be there when you feel life left you cheated
it will bring your spirits up to know someone's there for you after you have been mistreated
as long as you learn from your mistakes & be sure they're not repeated
if they are, then from your brain that lesson learned, might as well just be CONTROL+ALT+DELETED
But this rhyme isn't close to completed
my side I must tell before they have me committed
& before you know it, insane asylum admitted
white wall padded, straight jacket fitted
& no visitors EVER permitted
So do you understand what I'm saying? Like do you get it?!
pay attention to my words very closely
they're after my happiness mostly
I'm unaware of their faces, it's done quite anonymously
unless I give in to their way & live my life forever blasphemously
changing me & my thoughts enormously
& then making me noticed famously
overnight fame & success appearing mysteriously
my childhood now seeming so ghostly
I'll leave lasting impressions & image my legacy will be known to have lived infamously
the media flooded with my stories of how I partied too promiscuously
under the constant watch of all seeing eye, making sure all stays on track & smoothly
controlled by the higher ones who act quite villainous
a high price to pay to be so important, to win quite victoriously
but I was just a slave, robot, or however you want to put it, but moving unconsciously
at first the perfect decision to get away from the bad, only it was worse & more costly
lost myself to another version of me, who took over so viciously
Now I'm "reborn" something much more deviously
this is my life now, no alive way out.... obviously
with my fancy house, expensive cars & endless appearances, my life will continue to be luxuriously
& I will always smile deliriously
.....So would you sell your soul for instant gain of wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy & glutton, to achieve fame & fortune so scandalously??
& be forever remembered notoriously
the choice is ALWAYS yours, choose wisely...
just in the end, don't take the results so surprisingly
Now you're in the constant eyes of society
from how well you do with sobriety
& your every more daily & nightly
So DO NOT take things so lightly
& hold your morals & beliefs tightly...
Be careful what you wish for that is all.
Aug 2014 · 1.0k
You Thought
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
You say you got tricks.....
I'm waiting, I don't see anything special...
are they in your hat, or your magical bag...OH WAIT
the tricks are up your sleeve...
...BOY PLEASE... you don't really think I believe???
Wave you magic wand a couple more times
don't forget your rhymes
for magic words...
abracadabra maybe a lil' hocus pocus
What about supercalifragilisticepialidotions....****!!
hmmmm... OH NOTHING------
because you're full of **** & really, really bad lies
Oh my, my I WAS right surprise, surprise
The ball was never in your court, not a little....
not at all
You are not a royal court jester, you have no jokes
Tried to fool me, you can't, not with any of your tries
So guess what sucka, jokes on you
Rejected & through with it all
stop trying, there's no crying in this game
& don't point fingers at me, it's yourself you need to blame
I caught you up, like a private detective, some Veronica Mars skills
Be glad I'm not on a mission like either one of the **** Bills
Did you get the picture,
is it clear yet?
Probably not since you don't know how to use your mind
I'll leave you to ponder
Word of advice though so you won't be pondering forever, the answer isn't easy to see...
because there's nothing to see
If you don't get it still,
It depends on how  you feel & with rejection how well you deal
If you don't believe what I tell you now, maybe in 20 more years when you're still alone, you can see I was being real
I guess for now just fix your magical talent
more practice is required, since talent is lack thereof
good thing this wasn't a beauty pageant
surely you would've lost the talent portion, as well as overall beauty
enough with all of this mess
& your brain still trying to process
I'm NOT interested, not now & I wasn't then either
this is called rejection, my feelings won't change
I bet you're still confused like Alice in Wonderland
....I guess you'll just never understand
but I'll always have the upper hand.
Some guys just don't get it..
Aug 2014 · 474
My Pen & I
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
There we go again me & my pen
teaming up together real late at night
deciding on how these thoughts I should write
the ink begins to leak just a little
as it slowly starts to trickle
out sentence after sentence I begin to scribble
Scratching words out & writing different ones
only to scratch out that & back to the original it goes
it just fit there better
& hopefully I don't forget a letter
it's just a rough draft, so whatever

Which story shall I expose
So everyone who reads this knows
how my life truly goes
it's better that all those reality shows
There's no directors or cameras that follow me
Although, if that was true, they'd have some great footage to look through
because there's just about nothing I don't do....
From late nights to road trips to see the other half of our crew
Memories we definitely make & not a **** thing we do, we fake
We give it 100 & not a single break
We never think twice & don't believe it't any kind of mistake

So my pen is excited every time I pick it up
it can't wait to write my latest story & who I attempted to corrupt
as it flows through my pages
telling about all the ages
& my crazy peace signing rampages
honestly me & my loves belong on movie stages
but that's just a thought I wanted to share, until it all changes
then my life will be up for some big rearranges

You won't ever truly, truly understand my stories you see
You can say you completely understand them but that's a lie, since you are not me
So I definitely know that can't be
my experiences only are understood by a few
the ones who were there with me & did it too
They know what we've been through
the memories we make, bring us together, you have no clue
the best of friends forever, tight together, a special bond, stronger then any glue
all because of trust & fun, plus all the **** we've done & STILL have to do
No one will ever change that, not even YOU!

So let my pen do it's work
& don't be a total ****
because when it's done, it's the notebook pages your eyes will lurk

For that split second I'll let you in my head
& you can see what I do & why I stay up instead
Now can you see why I don't always go to bed
So hopefully everyone will enjoy what they've read
& always remember me when I'm dead.....
Promise me, NOT ONE tear will be shed
just remember me for the words I said
& how I was such a great friend...
I did live happily ever after & have reached my end..

Eventually I will but right now I am just writing as if it has been years & years ahead
so just pretend
&  your imagination, for a moment, to me will you lend
If you want to make  sense out of my words, it is something I do highly recommend
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
.....Soooo do you want to know something rather funny I heard
& know for a fact is completely absurd
this did I hear from a friendly little bird
Who I can trust is true to their word
there's this boy I use to know really well
Who's running around with all these stories he's trying to tell
about me being so horrible & I'm going to hell
he must have tripped & hit his head when he fell
Telling his new "lady", a  lady she is not, not in any state
all these lies about me when we used to date
it's just ******* & drama he's trying to create
I'm not sure what I did to him for me to receive all this hate
I personally thought I was great
I am just glad things changed to rearrange my fate........

Another conversation was being held....
"Honey!", he calls "I have a date night arranged."
"We can talk & post stories about my ex, I know it sounds strange...."
....BUT you're my shoulder to cry on, he thinks to himself, I shouldn't have ever replaced
I wish I could retrace......

....Now....I have this random thought hit, just out of no place
They must sit around their fireplace
Seeing how much they can say to destroy my name's good grace
Hmmmm..I guess it's my face
he cannot seem to erase...

Let's get back to a happier state
where you can see why there wasn't a need for a debate &...

before I was in too deep & it was too late
this is what this idiot said
I swear he's mental in his head
who knew this is where our split would've led
& surprisingly don't you think, since I was dumped, it would be me in which the lies were spread
instead the table has turned
& it's me they want to make sure gets burned
but they're dumb & to ignore those who don't matter is what I've learned
So their little game will get nothing out of me
& I really have no reason to be concerned
& no need for comebacks or smart remarks to be returned
I'm over this ****
& I find it hilarious too, that he's saying I used to hit
Apparently I was abusive & violent
like I beat him??... is that what he meant
because anybody who hears this will surely know it's completely ridiculous, wonder how much time with that he spent
making me sound like such a bad ***, what a compliment
definitely he's lost his mind, it's a few screws in which he seems to miss
he's also quite confused, since it was me he called useless
& how I was always lazy
but now you can all see it wasn't me who was crazy
& for whatever reason it may be
That **** talking & lied about me
is what he decides to do is beyond anything I can see
I have moved on with my life
& at first the pain hurt like getting cut over & over with a dull knife
It was  just time to finally end the strife
I happily continue on & that is all just a story I tell starting with this.... It all began once upon...
... upon a time where I was "in love" but now it's long gone...
there was a new girl he had gotten
but strange it was me he still had not forgotten
To me he wasn't someone I thought about often
All these lies he's getting caught in
make him look even more & more rotten
& even his mother, the one he could trust in
she lost her faith in little boy because he continuously tells her to him she means nothin'
But we both know who, in the end really matters
& to ignore their endless chatters
when their world comes crashing down & all they have shatters
it's maybe then they'll finally get what it is they both are so desperately after
'cause from me & his mother, all they'll get is points & laughter
so go ahead & spread all your vicious lies
doesn't bother me at all, go ahead with all your tries
the more you hate on me, the more & more I become more wise
I guess I'm just always on your brain, well isn't that a surprise
I do have one thing to say
as I go about my each & every day
I'm glad things happened this way
to show me, I'm way better off if I didn't stay
So listen carefully to my words that I speak
& they may come as a shock
the time has definitely passed on the clock
can't you hear it's tick, tick, tock?
So that means GET THE ******* MY ****!!
Before I ******* hit you with a ROCK!!
& then I'll leave your body outlined in chalk
So you better be careful with the **** you talk
& if you see me out, it's the other way you better walk
even though it's flattering that it's me you want to stalk
but it's getting ridiculous
& there is just one more thing I want to confess
I'm so much better now without so much stress
I'm just sorry you are now a complete mess
Now maybe you can see, it was always you who was worthless
& that I was actually quite priceless
BUT this is what you wanted, I guess
I'm much better I must say & my friends all are glad I'm not ending up hopeless
So when people ask me "are you moved on?" I can HAPPILY say "YES!!"
because I'm now filled with peace & happiness
Seven years together & it meant nothing really to him. Engaged for two of the years, even thought he claimed in the beginning he never wanted to get married but then later proposed. When asked anything about getting married after that he would reply with a snarky comment. He only proposed because he thought it was what he was suppose to do not because he truly wanted to. He was & is nothing but a joke. He was very unhappy with himself & will never admit it but took it out on me with verbal & mental abuse for years. I thought I could "fix" him & I never could, you can't fix someone who doesn't want to be fixed or helped. I am a very, very caring person and put my own needs last before all of those I love & care about. I can't help it but now I can say I am happy & free! This was also a few years ago not recently.  Peace & Love, ~B~
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
All the crazy **** I do
& no one even has the slightest clue
They only hear parts of what I've been through
Only if they knew
& all of its true
See it always gets me flowin'
& no telling how long I can keep it goin'
Some parts may sound the same
but that's not how I spit my game
I'm better than that..
that's ******* lame
So **** whatever you claim
& let me try to explain
after this you'll always remember my name
Forever imprinted in your brain
hard to get out like a blood stain
You might as well leave it there to remain
& you'll always have good thoughts with not one reason to complain
because I'm Becky Littmann *****!
My words will leave you with a nervous twitch
because I've turned up the switch
Now even faster than a softball pitch
my words are sharp & hard hitting, they will leave your brain needing more than one stitch
You could end up in a ditch
but you'll realize it was all a dream after I give you a lil' pinch
....actually your mind had a glitch
& your brain may have slightly came unhitched
I can fix it though, it's a cinch
Just sit right here on the bench
Now can you just hand me that wrench
it may hurt a bit, so your teeth I would clench

I'm **** proud to write so clever
I'll write about anything & whatever
I don't want to stop ever
writing is so freeing, however
it's annoying when you can't write whenever
& the words & thoughts just building up with no time to write, whatsoever
You're freaking out cause you can't wait to put them together
Eventually finding time to write & share it with whomever
there's no way I would not share my work, nope NEVER
You'll always know me any place you are, yes wherever
Crazy may be what the call me but Becky Littmann is me forever

You may know my name now
& have heard my stories & thought WOW
But you'll never completely know what I've been through
& what I truly value
it's my life & I won't argue
I've only given you a preview
& none of it would I undo
because to me none of it was an issue
everyone may have their point of view
or their opinion about what I choose to pursue
but honestly that's nothing new
I wasn't asking for your thoughts but wanted to explain to you
what made me wiser & how I grew
I'll cherish every memory & moment with my crew
which brought me to the point of a new
...ME to debut!
& experience what some people may think is taboo
I'm glad I shared moments with a certain few
& no names need to be said, they already know who
I'll continue to be crazy & do all that it is I simply love to do
Being myself & staying true
So with all that, I bid you adieu..
Aug 2014 · 2.9k
Electronically Ruined
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
"Look Up" by Gary Turk is a poem I've recently watched / read
& it's message was SO powerful, it's now forever in my head
So deep, well spoken & extremely true....
I hope you'll share it, I know it'll be a lasting impression on you
This video poem & it's message has inspired me to write....
.....guess I'm not sleeping tonight....

Kids nowadays
Entertain themselves differently from my childhood ways
This is what we've become to be
Can't go too long 100% electronically free
Fresh air & drinking from the hose
Have been lost & forgotten I suppose
Of course fresh air & hoses still exist
It's their simplicity that's being overlooked & missed
Kids imagination is becoming rare & isn't creative anymore
Far, far less than all the kids in years before
Glued to some form of a screen
Hours in a line they'd rather wait, the newest game they feel
The parks are all much too quiet now
Their fascination no longer fascinates somehow
playground equipment empty & bare
& it's seems like everyone really doesn't care
The weekends are slowly turning into just another day
With marathons of endless video game play
Not even one foot stepped outside
Instead, like a hermit,just staying inside
Sunshine wasted daily & ignored easily
My should be enjoyed worry free & regularly
Go play a game of hide-and-go-seek
& try to start a winning streak
Or how about some good old Red Rover, Red Rover
...Who will you decide to "Send Over"
Maybe it'll be on your secret crush
Just be careful not to blush
Another game I loved to play
Cartoon tag, HURRY & SQUAT what character will you say?!
There's so many games of tag you could choose
& fun & laughter you'll never lose
Like freeze tag or how about tunnel tag
NONE of them at all are dull or close to being a drag
Just one rule I think should always apply
Count to ten after tagged so instant "tag backs" won't cause a cry
Or you could play mother may I?
.....also I recommend giving Red Light, Green Light a try
NOW if sports are more your thing
A glove, bats, ***** & bases are something you should bring
Basketball more your style
Then bring a ball & shoot hoops for a while
If you'd rather just enjoy the day & sunshine
That too, is perfectly fine
Take your dog for a little walk
& bring a friend a long & just talk
Outdoors has so much to offer you
There is endless amounts of options for things to do
Maybe enjoy a scenic little bike ride
Or a new adventure you've always wished you've tried
A park isn't the only outdoor place you can enjoy
Your own swimming pool is a great too with an old tire tube toy
There you can play hours of "Marco Polo"
Or see how your splashes go
Just don't forget to wear sunscreen
Or your results will be red & burn, if you get what I mean
& always , always drink lots of water
Especially when the weather gets hotter
Staying hydrated is without a doubt the best
No need for you body's limits to be put to the test
Back when I was young & carefree
Inside was the last place I wanted to be
Sunrise to sunset outdoors running around
There were times where I even rolled on the ground
As day turned to dusk & the sun was almost gone
That's when the street lights came on
Ending my day covered from head to toe in dirt
& a grass stained T-Shirt
I had an abundant amount of fun
& hated having that day already be done
I was one of the boys for a long time
But smart enough to let them commit any crime
No girls lived on my street at first
& I thought that was just the worst
But I could easily keep up with the boys & their plans
Daily, I'd quickly throw on & tie tight my vans
Riding through all the empty fields & dirt mounds used to jump
Houses being newly built & just a wood frame
Look back now, we had so many adventures & no one of them the same
FINALLY a girl moved in, just my age too
I was excited to the max, more than she ever knew
Barbies was mostly our pick for entertainment
Even outside we'd play them, so many hours we spent
Lego forts we're sleep over fun, that's for sure
So many memories & good times I created with her

2014 is the current year
Children's idea for "fun" is something I fear
Technology is always evolving & growing
& its dependency is definitely showing
Instead of coming home when the street lights come on
Sending a text is the new tradition
Actual words are becoming eliminated
& ridiculously being abbreviated
Which is causing normal speaking to sound absurd
Sometimes it's too horrible & unable to decipher what you've heard
Thanks electronics for advancing & inventing a new language
Now we talk like we have severe brain damage
"Dats Cray, Cray she's my bae"
Uuuuuhhhh WHAT THE **** DID YOU SAY?
Translation: "That's crazy, she's my babe" is what they said
Seriously, they are sounding more & more uneducated
Everyone now has a phone glued to their hand
It's a new trend that I'll never understand
Electronically we're being defeated
Not realizing it's not always needed
Like on a beautiful day & the weather is just perfect
Don't close your blinds because the sunshine you're trying to reject
Instead shut off that power ******* device
Fresh air is waiting & the breeze is nice
Computer games & all those gaming console
Are just disguised as good clean fun but actually they're slowly killing souls
One by one
Until the last one is done
We're just slaves to our electronics
No longer needing hooked on phonics
Dictionaries were quickly replaced
"Just google it" is now popularly phrased
As the years continue to progress
Electronics will advance & more will just obsess
It is kind of like when you're scrolling through a social media board
Reading the latest status your friend posted & beautifully poured
& trying to put down your phone for a bit
But it only managed to last a minute
Not a single change, how lame
So you hit refresh over & over but still nothing changed
All the while hoping some things would've rearranged
Desperate for some kind of excitement or some entertainment
Staring at the screen
Which displays nothing new to be seen
You're wasting your day
You don't want to forever live this way
Missing adventures you could've had, but gave them no chances
A screen brightly glowing hypnotized you, not allowing any reality glances
It puts you secretly in a trance that will mesmerized
Forgetting to blink, helpless they become are your eyes
Don't let it get to that part of no return
& remember what, a long the way you did happen to learn
Control your mind & don't let technology completely drain you...
Electronically free let's you experience all the possibilities you can do
All the new things you can try
...As long as you occasionally disconnect from WIFI
Sorry it's so long
Aug 2014 · 1.4k
An Itchy Itch!
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
**** these annoying little itches
Just go away, stop playing tricks
You're acting like 9th street's ***** *******
Who act like they're tired of just ******* *****
You start with being a little tickle
A quick scratch to attempt satisfaction
Nope, you're too fickle
& are becoming a wretched irritation
I swear it's an invisible hair
I feel the *******, I know it's there
Tricking me by switching spots
**** your evil plots
Just when I thought you finally gave in
TWO MORE PLACES ITCH, I ******* can't win!
It's the ceiling fan that's to blame
Blowing the air with no shame
But I got to keep the fan going
Without it, I'll have a sweat layer profusely glowing
.....Wait a minute, is this really happening
You swear I'm not dreaming or imagining
The itching has finally called it quits
WhoooHoo, no more scratching fits
I don't think I could handle that much more
Just as annoying as it was before
The ghost hair loves to pop up at random
I can't stand them
With all their UNFUNNY pranks
Such a pleasant visit, Geeez thanks!
But it never manages to last
BECAUSE  I will ALWAYS be the one who will outlast!
Aug 2014 · 730
Alone In My Mind!
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
Another one to add to my record books
I've watched yet another day's sunrise
but today's mash of day to night to day run on is slightly bent
Maybe it's how the clouds & sky looks
OR MAYBE my peace is on one of those really awesome highs
But to me it feels like the weather is trying to repent

Alone in my mind, I frequent there quite a bit
I'm a V.I.P. member, platinum access
Party of one, that reservation will never change
Routine time after time I'm left standing, too crowded to sit
&& knowing the outcome every time, yet still I habitually return to the mess
Some great times come out of there, I know it seems strange

My attention is rather easy to get but you won't have it long
Distractions catch me quick, lost in another disorganized thought
Loud endless static echo's from the constant ruckus
Which can be more annoying than a jammed doorbell's "DING ****, DING ****"
Focus is nonexistent with all the commotion, which is quite a lot
BUT I am not becoming one of the hopeless

Alone in my mind, always working overtime
Day or night doesn't matter when, it doesn't take breaks
Untangling it can sometimes be a tedious mission
Worse than trying to get directions from a mime
Hours could be lost by how long it takes
& for a split second, eyes blind to reality with empty vision

Now inside trying to sort & arrange my thoughts & word flow
From what makes sense & what needs to get real
But just like quick sand, it never fails
I get stuck in the same place
To my notebook's pages, it refuses to cooperate & correctly go
But it's not always such a big ordeal
Occasionally the words nice & easily fall into the correct space

Alone in my mind is where I usually can be found
When I'm up with the moon & stars
& all the house is fast asleep
There I sit with notebooks all around
With pages of scribbles about life & how it scars
But that's where my soul speaks & my emotions run deep
Aug 2014 · 2.4k
Zippity Do Dah ...REMIX
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
Zippity do dah zippity a
My oh my what a ******' HOT *** day
Plenty of sunshine heading my way
Sunshine heading my away!?!
HELL NO sunshine I've got something to say:

"Your shine is too bright,
Your rays are too hot,
You weren't invited to hang out,
& you take too long to leave!!

Staying cool is forever a fight,
Rain I sure do miss you an awful lot!
I hate being in a ******* drought!
Sweet drippin' in places you wouldn't believe!!"

Zippity do dah zippity a
My oh my what a wonderful day!!
Becky Littmann Aug 2014
My mind won't quit
I hate when it does this ****!
It's sleep I lack
Typical problems of an insomniac

Writer's problems wouldn't you know it
3am & I'm a ******* poet
But it's not a surprise
.....that's why I can't seem to close my eyes
Jul 2014 · 1.8k
Stuck In A Vacant Stare....
Becky Littmann Jul 2014
Today is one of those days
My mind has sooooo much clutter
I don't know where to even begin
My table I sit, staring blankly at my notebook
Waiting for some sort of words to come out
But blank the paper still stays
Sloppy words, quite unhelpful, I mutter
It's so loud in my head, I wish you could listen
My eyes glaze over when into the clouds I look
Thoughts going floating all about
& truly I reassured you that my words are quite real
& tell you how high my anxiety level rose
My attention spans is worse than a hyper active, strung out crack addict
Who is in Walmart's clearance section
Up & down up & down sliding clothes back & forth over five times
Sometimes things feel so surreal
Almost like a mirage I suppose
.....**** every two minutes there I wander off distracted
If it doesn't catch my interest quick, then it's see ya later attention
.....ooooh glitter, shiny sparkles oh so pretty wind chimes

Well that helped unblock my daze
My mind just needed to choose where to start
It was something in the clouds that ignited a brain spark
& all of sudden my mind was like "where are my pens?"
No more distant stares, sitting in front of blank paper
.....ooooooweeeee.... Goodness I  really gotta remember to blink during my gaze
Yes, that would've been smart
Then maybe every blink wouldn't open up so heavily dark
& I could clearly walk without blindly step by step suspense
I am just a day dreamer kinda creator
Becky Littmann Jul 2014
**** YOU HEAT.....
You cause my *** to get burned by my seat!
Every time my cheeks & the leather meet
Feels like hot coals under my feet
Right through my shoes.....******* too concrete
& that's the sidewalk not even the street
Swimming.... A refreshing treat
With ice cream to eat
Mission keeping cool complete
Adios hot weather I won't be beat
You're so sweet
Thinking you could defeat
....instead you're running away in retreat
Hopefully you don't attempt to repeat
.....risking to become obsolete
& I won't be discrete
Leaving the seasons incomplete
Then spring & fall can finally greet
Erasing summer as quickly as CTL ALT DELETE

.....this Facebook status was a rhyming top of the top elite
& it deserves a retweet
Flowing on a roll like tires on sleet
Or wind through holes in a sheet
If I want a retweet, I better go send out the first tweet
**** this flow is neat
When I finished & read it, I was like "awwww ****, *****, *****"
This started as a Facebook status one day just because I was feeling creative & it was really hot outside. I couldn't stop going though so it became an epic little rhyme.
Becky Littmann Jul 2014
In this day & age
It's almost better to be locked in a cage
The economy got drunk & is acting strange
Sometimes it is NOT "time for a change"
Now you're lucky if you work above minimum wage
It's seriously a ******* outrage
I don't even want to read onto the next page
I'm sure it'll just create more rage
The curtains need to finally close on this stage
& be thrown in the dump with the garbage

Eventually the rich & famous will fall
Hitting that good old wall
No more shopping visits to the mall
Don't expect anymore girls night call
No one will be able to "ball"
No mor bragging about money, no reasons to brawl
& Kayne how does it feel to ball & end with a crawl
Haha isn't that some **** ya'll

It's nothing but a bunch of *******
People whining & complaining in a huge fit
About every little tiny bit
Although no one is doing anything about it
Therefore the worse it'll continue to get
Going nowhere like a batter who can't hit
A benchwarmer he'll forever sit
Never trying to improve anything, just choosing to simply quit
Throwing in the mit
There's a lot of talking, no actions yet
******* ***** when everyone's a hypocrite!
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
Stings... A Bit
Becky Littmann Jul 2014
Her eyes are so big & brown
& her face never has a frown
A smile brighter than sun rays
It'll quickly lighten up your darkest days
She's something terrific
Sure she may be a little eccentric
But her positivity is contagious
This girl is overly vivacious
To some it seems a bit odd
& that it is all just a big facade
I can assure you she's not at all fake
But that's how the people judge her, which is their mistake
Since everyone is slightly flawed here & there
Place & time will never matter, assumptions will happen anywhere
Some more than others, obviously
They're the ones getting teased & mistreated, unfortunately
Some people can just be so extremely ruthless & downright mean
& the effects it does aren't always immediately seen
Insulting words that unknowingly abuse the mind, settle in quite deep
But there's no telling how long it'll be, before it begins to outward seep
The pain will surely scar the soul
& nothing can or will ever completely repair the hole
It's like a pair of jeans with a grass stain
Wash after wash it fades but still slightly the green does remain
Never again perfect or close to new
How could it be after what it's been through
So much is attempted to hide & keep concealed
That it slowly but eventually healed
Words one says out loud
Really do make more than just a sound
They leave quite a dent
No matter how they were meant
They can never be unheard
Not even the quietest whispered word
It just lingers in the back of your head
Never forgetting what was said
"Just joking" or "You know I'm kidding" won't make it disappear
It's already vanished into your ear
Even if your response is always defensive
Some are just too slow to look at it from your perspective
& they'll just continue to say snarky *** comments
It's manners they're lacking, thanks to their parents
No bother responding, it won't make it better
They're so **** CLUELESS... Ugh AS IF, WHATEVER!!
There's no effect from their negativity
No sense in losing your dignity
You don't want to stoop to their level & do what they do
That's just stupid, there's no good reason to even want to
They're just a sad, lost cause
A show without a final applause
They need so much attention
Constantly craving & searching for some sort of affection
Like all those misfit toys stuck on that remote island
Happiness is too hard for them to attempt to pretend
Even a smile is becoming harder & harder to fake
So they serve up sarcasm like it's a piece of chocolate cake
Far from sweet & delicious
More like rotten & malicious
BUT that's fine you see
It won't change a thing about me
I don't give a ****
About any opinions you continue to chuck
I really don't care at all
So don't expect me to help you up if you fall
My hand won't be there
Honestly it won't be near, not anywhere
Your sarcasm is rather weak
& gibberish is really all you speak the way, you're HORRIBLE at pretend
From the very beginning I knew you were an alive version of an invisible friend
Sometimes you were around
& other times, nowhere to be found
****!!! Vanishing like a magic trick, disappearing like a ghost
When I needed a friend the most
I should've realized
You have such vapid eyes
Well I guess you live & you learn
I'm sure someday you'll learn a lesson, unless you've missed your turn
Until the time comes along
You'll continue on like Lamb Chop's never ending song
Going on & on just because
You never really knew what it was
Maybe eventually you'll figure it out
Although that I really do doubt
The truth hurts, yes I know
No sugar coating it, SO THERE YA GO!!
Sweetness wasn't hard to replace
But honestly, for years I've wanted to punch you in the face
I know surprising for me to say
I'm not a fighter in any way
My buttons can only handle being pushed so much
That's when my fists want to react by throwing a punch
OH WELL....what's done is done
A fight is never fun
It's pointless, there's no reason to be fighting
It's like trying to eat & chew without any biting
Or a cotton ball wind chime
.....just a complete waste of time.
Jul 2014 · 2.4k
So Bittersweet
Becky Littmann Jul 2014
Different day, same ****
& here I am back at it
Such a love/hate kind of habit
Speeding up the pace, gotta go like the White Rabbit

Although, I'm not going to be late
I'm just TOO impatient for time & it's hard to wait
I'm sure some of you, at times, can relate
Like when you're ready a tad bit early for a date
Time seems to go so much slower, which I ******* hate!

Of courser I am well aware
This habit is the reason I've got extra time to spare
& that is when I do & redo & redo my hair
Which I do quite often, not doing it is actually what's rare
Just another fun little FYI fact I'd like to share
& yes I know, you probably don't really care

A list of 'to do's' are done with such a quickness
Cleaning is a breeze, it should always be like this
I guarantee you though, there will be something I miss
I get so sidetracked, that's what my problem is....

Days have no end & nights rapidly just begin
Enters is turned up, my blood is steadily pumping under my skin
Creativity is leaking & starting to overflow from within
WHOA SHOCKER! Another race with the sun & yet again I win!
I don't always have the greatest self discipline
****....this habit is one hell of a bittersweet sin!!
Jul 2014 · 412
What A World....
Becky Littmann Jul 2014
This world we live in
OH BOY, where do I begin?
I can't believe people actually live this way
So disrespectful, rude & inconsiderate
Some are so quick to hate
Pointing their fingers at others to blame
With not even having the smallest ounce of shame
Being sneaky & spiteful
Plotting multiple ways to be vengeful
Others are defeated by words & actions of their rival
& become desperately suicidal
In their mind they can't do anything right
Living their life just isn't worth the fight
Their eyes have run dry
No more tears to even attempt to cry
Emotionless, another day they've managed to complete
Smiles faked for those they greet
Most hide their sadness very well
Even their loved ones couldn't tell
Silently disappearing into the background
& before you realize it, they no longer are around
So don't be blind to your words & how you act
You never know who you will impact
& ignore all these idiots
Who can talk trash but can't take it dished back, ******* hypocrites!!
But remember this too, it's just as important
Giving smiles & cheer in a large abundant
ISN'T always a person being fake
They just appreciate life & each breath they take
The best way to keep your soul at peace & balance
.....DON'T judge someone at first glance
There's always more than what you know
Types still exists, even if right away they don't show
It's not always about how you look
Like a missing cover on a book
You shouldn't assume it's trash & throw it away since it's worn
Like a person who's genuinely happy even if their clothes are torn
Stop being ruthless jerks!!
It's NOT how this world works!!
Jun 2014 · 2.0k
Never Underestimate
Becky Littmann Jun 2014
Some days I swear my brain in burning....
Just can't ignore it, it's too distracting
& honestly quite disturbing
But the ******* just keeps on occurring
****!!....See I can feel it now, it's returning
I don't know what the **** is going down in my brain
It's so intense & twisted, I  wouldn't even begin to know how to explain....
....I suppose, maybe, it's like you're trippin' on acid while listening to Black Hole
Sun  or Acid Rain
There's so much going on, it's more than I can handle, too much to contain
& this happens daily, pretty soon it'll be all sanity ****** into the drain
Now see.....there it went, just as quickly as it came
It's a complete & utter mind **** game
Just when I start to enjoy it
It tells me, JUST KIDDING, I QUIT!!!
I'm getting ******* tired of its ****!!
Either go away & don't return
Or ******* stay & commit
But this come & go
None sense I'm beginning to really ******* hate
I'm not interested in what you're dishing out upon your plate
Because every time I attempt to sample off it, I end up in some twisted mental
Locked away for not two, three or four days double that!!
YUP ******* EIGHT!!
After finally coming back to reality
& clearing up my damaged mentality
Yup, there goes a little more of my integrity
Before you know it, I'll be judged by the eyes of society
But you know what....
**** IT, it will only make better & I'll remain, still, with my sick ***
So bring it on random feeling
Throw your worst at me,
You'll get 86'd like Al Kapone
I'm now in savage mode
Nothing's going to mess with me, not even your tightest hold
So tell me.... "How does it feel to be shut out in the cold?"
I've figured out your evil mission & it sure as hell will be made
Because this girl right here is simply unstoppable
So hurry up & hop back on your little tricycle
You wouldn't want to freeze up now, like a popsicle
&& that's how you win a fight without once getting physical
So here I'm left to sit alone
All I'm left with are pupils noticeably dilated
After my brain was rudely invaded
Like it was a trap house getting ransacked & raided
But I was done being mind ****** & violated
With all I had in me I fought & I can proudly say I MADE IT!
So the results are in....
&& guess what *******....I WIN!!
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
Say it, Mean it.....Do it
Becky Littmann Jun 2014
You said you love me
       But do you?
You said we'll be together forever
       But are we?
You said I was your world
        But am I?
You said you want me to have your babies
       But did you really?
You said things will be OK
        But they weren't
You said we will be fine
       But were we?
You said we'd last
       But did we?
You said it's time for a break
        But was it?
You said we'll always be friends
        But are we?
You said.......

What I said was I love you
       & meant it
What I said was you're my life
       & meant it
What I said it'll always be us
          Well....I was wrong...
What I said was the truth
       &  meant it

You told lies....
   & I believed them
You were a verbal abuser
    & I just took it
I was fooled
     & stayed too long
I was slowly fading away
     & didn't even know it
Friends told me to just leave
      & just let go
Friends told me he's not worth your time...
    & I finally listened
I couldn't fix you
     & I walked away....
Jun 2014 · 8.4k
A Trick's Story
Becky Littmann Jun 2014
While the clock ticks to the hour, yesterday's remains washed
clean in the shower
To obtain her power
Applying her make-up for the night, making sure everything's
just right, holding tonight doesn't end in a fight
She'll do anything she can
To please a man, even if it's not part of the plan
The night is coming to its peek
It's the money that she will seek
Each night at the bar, hopping tonight she'll go far, we all
know what you are
We can see the attention you crave, by the way you behave
You're willing to be any mans nightly slave
& you only pretend to be brave
As the bar doors close, you return to your hoes, you think you're
slick & nobody knows about your ***** shows
I can't tell you what to do
But just remember when they are through, they'll just leave you,
you're their ***** fling, their one night thing
They'll never be your king nor give you a ring
So go home, feeling alone
Waiting by your phone
But let it be known
When you're pretending to be nice it's because
Your love cones with a price!!
Becky Littmann Jun 2014
Rolled money, old cards, empty bags tucked away in those
certain drawers
We'd P.A.T.T hard behind closed & locked doors
Party favors kept hidden during the day
& at night brought out to play
Soon as we started, it's one after other
Something I'll never share with my mother
Bits & pieces I might tell
Never the whole story, unless I want to hear her yell
Carrying on into the night
Our secrets kept well out of sight
Morning comes & off to work we go
No matter how ****** we felt, we'd always show
Can't let the habit take control
Even though our bodies were paying the toll
It was a decision we decided to make
A risk we were willing to take
Looking back on all those times
It helps me now, write some pretty awesome rhymes
Although we don't do that anymore
Since it doesn't make us feel like before
Plus I don't like repeating the past
But we did find some peace & we enjoy how long that tends to last
We have so many laughs & never ending fun
&& just to think it is only just begun
P.A.T.T= Party All The Time , we said this all the time, it's a James Brown song. It was our party theme song & the abbreviation stuck.
Jun 2014 · 1.8k
Becky Littmann Jun 2014
When an argument may occur
& things get heated
Feelings & emotions stir
An apology is needed
Since a friendship could be broken
From your heart be sincere
It's not just words spoken
& don't just tell them what they want to hear
Really mean what you say
You'll be glad in the end
There's no other way
& your friendship will begin to mend

I know an apology is hard to tell
NO ONE likes to be wrong
& control yourself, don't yell
Another fight may arise & go on for WAAAAY too long
A simple "I'm sorry" isn't hard to admit
Be responsible for your actions
& apologize for your ****!!
For more positive reactions!!
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