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llyana May 2014
All i can see is black and white
  Tried to get up on my knees and fight
           Searching for a ray of light
     Before i completely lose my sight

   All I know is that I keep on running
   It was a long long road of dreaming
       But something inside my head
                        is screaming
      That maybe I should stop hiding

          I took another step and then
                   the light comes in
    Maybe It's not too late for me begin
              I'll face every battle and
                     i'm sure i'll win
        Because althroughout, to Him,
                          I will lean.
There are times that we feel lost. We dont know ourselves. We keep on searching for things we dont know. Our world seems empty, no color, just black and white. That's the time we look up on Him. And He will show us the light. He'll give us courage to face anyone or anything :)
llyana May 2014
Twinkle, twinkle you were right beside me
When I blink, there's no you that I see
I never expect nor I didn't see this coming around
Because all I know is we were happy, safe and sound

Run, run, run, as I shout your name
Thinking you're hiding and this is just a game
But then I found you, do you feel a little shame?
Even the sky cry hard as it started to rain

It feels like you stabbed my heart with an invisible knife
It might not bleed, but it hurts the same way
And I don't know if I can go on with this life
You left me hanging without a word to say

But then I woke up at 2am
I realized I should listen to them
You're not the guy to cry every night
I deserve better and I know this is right

All those I love you's, forever and always
Are now become words that just go to waste
But still I want you not to forget those little things
And the girl who loves the fading sound of strummed guitar strings.
Sometimes, even if it's over, you still dont want to be forgotten by that someone. Even if it hurts you, you still think of all the good memories you shared.

This is an old poem. I used a lot of song titles or lyrics if you noticed. I do love music :D
llyana May 2014
Goodbye doesn't always mean the end
Like a broken heart that can never be mend
Sometimes it means a new beginning
Forget the past and start believing

Say goodbye to the guy that broke your heart
Goodbye to the memories that tore you apart
Goodbye to the girl who was never been smart
Goodbye to the place where it all starts

Remember there are things we are better without
Like relationships that will never work out
Stop thinking and living the past
Instead, tell yourself "It will be the last"

Everything happens for a reason
Like winter changes to another season
Welcome a new day with a smile and say "hi"
Because sometimes, there's really good in goodbye.
We cant just live forever in the past. We maybe hurt but someday it will be fine. It is not a bad idea to begin again. To say goodbye to everything that once become the best in our lives. There's a lot of good things ahead of us.

Just keep moving forward. Let His will be done.
llyana May 2014
Took a deep breath, I whisper
           Dont let them get into you
        Show them you can do better
           In every little thing you do.

            Never look down, just up
     Dont be scared to do what's right
           Breathe and never give up
         In the end you'll see the light.

   Dont listen to every words they say
You know yourself better than they do
    When you're down, He'll find way
           Little girl, He loves you.
One thing, you should never forget. He's always there watching, waiting for us.
llyana May 2014
Slowly, boy, slowly
You captured my heart
In a blink of an eye, so easily,
You tore it apart

Telling me we'll make it out together
But you still see me no better
And why do you keep saying forever,
When you're out there looking for another?

Tell me, please tell me
How to breathe when i cant
Because maybe
I'm one of the dead.
I dont understand people who say I love you when they dont mean it. How could they pretend they did? How could they break someone's heart? Like. Just die.

Love is not a game.
llyana May 2014
Like autumn leaves that fall on a tree
Or a turtle making its way to the shore
I dont know what you've done to me
But will you worth opening my door?

Because the longer i look into your eyes
The deeper i get to fall right into you
And I cant explain but it feels so nice
To know youre feeling the same way too

I never expect this time would come
That i will let somebody in
After all the heartaches that i've gone
You're like gravity and so you win.
Why do I always write poems about love? Whatever :)
llyana May 2014
Again, I saw you standing there today
Still i cant find the words to say
Cant let out a "hi" or "hey"
Not even sure if it's okay

All along i've been following you
But when you look back I dont know what to do
Will you ever know this love is true?
Or will i remain forever feeling blue?

If only courage is something you can buy
Then maybe I dont have reasons to lie
About the words that came out as a sigh
Dont want to keep this until i die.
Made this tonight just to have something to post. Cant remember where i put the old ones i wrote.

— The End —