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May 2014
Not everyone has to go through these struggles
Accusations,  lies and broken glass rumbles

Tempers that flare
Parts eveywhere
Yelling and banging
The neighbors must stare

They wonder how a girl like me could fall for this trick
The promises have all made me quite sick

Name calling,  ranting,  interrogations and such
Have left me to feel like O' quite the 'duck'

But it's my history that has left me scarred and flawed
One which has come back and opened a door

A door for a future that is peaceful and sweet
One which I have yet to meet

But I'm on the brink, with the knocker in my hand
Just about ready to take my final stand

Look my history dead in the eye
I'm finally ready to get over this high

"I'm all grown up now can't you see"
Then close the door
"Stop ******* with me"

It's time to stop repeating the  mistakes of others
For the love of god I don't want to be my mother
Written by
Victoria  NY
     Pamela Rae, ---, --- and ---
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