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Jul 4
Rather than just Good, or Great
I reach high and feel Excited
And when I feel Together-ness
I call that feeling United

The words I use - mold my thought
And help create my body state
So I’ve learned to know the names
Of feelings I want to activate

Pleasant, Pleased, or Powerful
Affluent or Approving
I feel Certain, Clean, or Cherished
My feelings keep on moving

Elated or Expressive
I can feel these every hour
Sometimes I feel Invincible
And bursting with inner power

At times I may feel just Fine
And my body state will match
How much better to feel Divine?
A feeling others want to catch

Name your feelings - let them flow
Feel Blissful, Brilliant and Bold
Feel Merciful and Mindful
Good feelings - they never get old
This is Prosperity Poem 83 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).

Your life will brighten up as you are able to identify and name good feelings. This poem is about feeling Certain or Cherished, Elated or Expressive, Blissful or Brilliant.

You can do better than "fine, good, bad" for your feelings. The emotional words you use literally shape your thought and your experience of life. Feel Mindful, Merciful, and Magnificent!

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Christopher Westra
Written by
Christopher Westra  53/M/Utah
     BR Dragos and Christopher Westra
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