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Mar 27
By Arcassin B.

I've blown my heart away many times,
I've set my goals and owned my peace of mind,
featuring this ***** mirror and my enormous talent for ghosting,
playing with the illusion that if I could play off in this matrix I'll become
too lucid , sink into the floor and let my mind erase itself
like the self destruct sequence shaping my reality as I see fit
minus the weakness and the weekends of not having a care
about the pieces of any puzzle,
especially those rainy days I use to endure,
I'd tap myself and look outside,
mad little man out the door,
now when I walk outside I see snow,
froze my hate to the core,
I let God carry out my anger, see,
my accomplishments will flourish, this is where I really wanna be,
hope I don't get discouraged, in this life.

Arcassin B
Written by
Arcassin B  21/M/Palm Coast , FL
(21/M/Palm Coast , FL)   
   Arcassin B
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