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Jan 6
I turned twenty three days ago.
My God how did I get this old.
The first decade brought stability.
I learned who God was and what it was to be family,
But the last ten years brought me more adventure than anything.
I learned the lesson of seasons,
To be stable in solitude,
But to love the people in front of you.
I had big dreams
And let them go for bigger ones.
I learned living in the face of fear
Is not something you can outrun.
I learned an appreciation for home.
I learned to process life with the power of song
And the dangers that come if I don't write for too long.
I walked with a mother bringing her son into this world.
I saw a man die by the side of the road.
I stretched the walls of my tent a length that seemed absurd
And watched as God filled it, true to his word.
I learned that my mind is not what orders my life, but my soul,
In the hands of the Almighty God,
And my mind is the tool.
I learned that broken people come and they go.
They won't always be there when you think that they will
And there are times they surprise you more than you thought possible
And it's the glimpses of light in the dark that make it worth it all.
In the decade to come I am praying for more.
It's hard to pray for specifics,
Only You know the coming circumstances,
But what I do know is this:
I want to learn to trust myself
I want to I want to worship You on a whole new level
I want to fall in love with a man who surpasses
All I could hope for, ask, or imagine
And follow Your lead wherever You'll have us
Maybe meet our first son, or will it be a daughter?
Lord I give you my heart,
Where you lead I will follow.
I lay my life at your feet
Have your way with all of my dreams
I find courage on the path you signpost with meaning
That there is more to my life than just what I see
And in this I find hope
As I sit all alone
That the dreams that I dream
I don't dream on my own
Written by
colette alexia
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