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Dec 2019
where do the bad people go if hell isn't real?
will they linger on in a never ending limbo,
walking never ending roads to never ending nothingness?
will they cease to exist,
dissipate into thin air?
would they think back on their lives,
the crimes they've committed?
would they try to seek forgiveness,
for every ounce, every drop of blood or sweat or tears they've shed for their own selfishness?
would they be sorry for what they did?
or would they remain prideful and allow the maggots to eat away at their flesh?
maybe they'll remain on earth
to watch others go on with their lives
maybe they'll watch their families,
how they go on with their daily business without them
maybe they'll watch the lives of the people they've wronged,
how they smile knowing they're gone
maybe they'll rewatch their lives,
from the day they were born to the day they died
over and over and over again

and maybe that's the hell
maybe hell was within them
and they were hell itself.
some people just ****
Written by
lua  16/F/on the moon
(16/F/on the moon)   
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