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Mimes Face
A Happy Dance
Pleasures Of Romance
Lost In Your World Without A Trace
Nineteen Words To Taste

So Keep Reading Their Force
My Wounded Heart Has No Choice
Dying On His Curse
Here Goes Nineteen Words

The Nineteen Words
To Mute My Voice
Killing Art In A Mime Dance
Muted Face Made Of Your Hands

Nineteen Does A Base
The Heart Reply The Drumpes
And The Body Dance
Gives The Soul An Inner Peace

Author / Aladdin Aures H.
such a lovely bubble rise
bulbs and spark to the heart
i keep watching you with my eyes
I hear your voice awaken art
to pick the words in my poem
i point them on you like apollo's arc
on my eyes desire with aim
reaches jupiter to leave a mark
so i can say it in each verse
with the soft arrow of Anteros
till the endless part of universe
beyond the level of the Erotes
and the sublime blessed grace
i'll describe the beauty of your face
and the perfection in you do the ace
the white on you conquers the lands
astonished while the spirits ascends
pauses the time so it will never ends
to draw it in every potential star
endless feelings! unconquerable grips!
rises and forget who the humans are
as the sun gets closer to touch your lips
once it get's very closer it's pretty far
your care launch the thousand ships
while your innocence nag and glare
an existence of a cosmos it possesses
a galaxy craters the beauty on mercury
drives venus jealous to his very end
then uranus forgot where is his sky
and pluto descibes it to his band
mars can't belive his own eye
while neptune losing his mind
and saturn's ring exceed the fly
earth was the blessed land
and jupiter was the one to tie

Author/ Aladdin Aures H.
This is a cold perfect night
The sun switch off the light
Hear my guitar owns the night
I stood on the beam of the light
To give the rule for the moon
He reflects It through the dune
There your heart such a stone
See a rock keeps a stone to retain
Then the rock was my silly brain
Such a sculpture looks really fine
Keeps the memory a part of mine
In a hall of the magestic britain
I'm inveterate to cross the line
Carefully she watches how i speak
In a magistic break doesn't bleak
Tired world makes me the freak
A plague of feelings makes me sick
The steak of heart does not streak
The plague is there wouldn't break
So i keep my eyes away of her eyes
No escape from the morning breeze
A viscous fail on her warmer tears
While i'm lost between the aisles
No matter how much hard I do
Can't Escape the reflections of you
You Know my soul keeps crying too
But i can't forgive The sins you do
Destiny keeps our separated ways
Deeds aren't hearts keeps the ties

Author/ Aladdin Aures H.
hear the winter closed the door
many reasons wouldn't ask for more
in spring bloomig mind Is the Cure
but i would skip it for what i wore
since all what soldiers does is war
here the field awaits for the summer
While I write words, With A Hammer
To engrave The words in Every Hour
A look in my Eyes it would'nt alter
as the glimp of the hitch fire
and A sunrise drives My desire
in every season of the year
i still feel you there getting near
As falling leaf on my Shoulder
And the autumn's angular figure
here she comes as a falling star!
how long goes and how much far!
But A cloud pointing on me finger
rain!, rain!, upon your chin my sir!
sorry! a man could'nt hold a tear!
let's play the song Near the river
you rain!, I rain! who's The Winner
but take it easy, she's the swimmer
i hold my chest with so much fear
All the thoughts going about her
While She took a boat on a tinder
the water drove me like a *******
dump my heart, till it won't appear
And no matter what would occur
I Know that was nice fall in a snare

Author / Aladdin AURES H.
as the far distance of the skies
the distance from your eyes
then the ground and the stars
the distance from your ears
I send whispers and sparks
and few words for the times
when I used to touch your arms
with that look!, everything charms
here I am calculating the miles
on a woeful stressfull verses
in a camp fire talking to ashes
few words to burn with papers
to fuel my fire with poetry pieces
hear my hurtfull heart weeps
about many shattered dreams
bleeding between the life claws
tell me about her glorious flames
tell me about the hurrican's chase
the world where they hitch rides
tell me about the next goals
remind me about the lost souls
i'm paying the bills for my sins!
but I did not do any wrong things!
gasping breath and washing tears
playing guitar, and the letter sings

Author / Aladdin Aures H.
Hey, Stay Awake For Everything We Made
To Escape!, It's Something We Never Like
Drives Me Mad, And Takes Me To The Wild
Till Every Bone On Me Started To Shake
Through The Darkness The Words Fade
And My Whole Life Became A ***** Lake
To Reflect The Moon In His Silly Shape
Could You Lie About What's Only Fake!
Say It With The Vibration Field Of The Lip
Say It As Long You Know you're The Sneak
There Will Be No Victime After The wip
There Will Be No World After The Struck

Hold On!, Hold! While I **** Myself To See My Soul
Hold On!, Hold! To Strike What Moves That Doll
Free That Soul, Free Me As Long You Can Keep The Skull
Hold On!, Hold! While I **** Myself To See My Soul

I'm Not Strong Enough To Stay In Your World
Such A Fire I Keep Fueling Your Silly Flames
The only Thing I Admire Is The Dark Cloud
It's Crying And Never Looked The Same
Draw On The Sky How I'm Stripped Of My Pride
With Some lightning It's Your Show Time
To Skip The Clones And Add Some Shade
But Who Lasts Does Not Look Like It's Me
So Keep Dreaming From A Tee To A Shred
In The End You Will Wake Up Without Me

Hold On!, Hold! While I **** Myself To See My Soul
Hold On!, Hold! To Strike What Moves That Doll
Free That Soul, Free Me As Long You Can Keep The Skull
Hold On!, Hold! While I **** Myself To See My Soul

Author / Aladdin Aures H.
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