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Sep 2019
“Why do you always distance  yourself when we get if you don't want to be friends just say it”
“Okay... I don't want to friends”
When I was 8:
I met this guy
He was nice and kind
He was short and shaped like a ball
He still made me fall
Deep in his eyes
I felt alive
After a while we stoped talking and I never saw him again

When I was 9 my best friends of all my life:
With no regret in their eyes
Like they see something they despise
And all those night thinking I wasn't enough
Were very rough
Losing the only people you love is very tough

When I was 11 :
I understood that they were gone
And I moved on
Thats when I met him
The only one that could make me laugh
Like back then

When I was 12 :
He didn't like me anymore
Says he got bored

When I was 13:
I saw him again
The short was shaped like a ball
Except he wasn't like that at all
He got taller
Taller than my father
He got toned
And it showed
I felt a blush creep on my face
I said hey and he smiled

When I was sure there wasn't any love left:
I trusted her
I told her I liked him
She understood I could never walk up to him
So she did
She got his number
His hoodie
His love

When I gave up:
“Yeah he likes me a lot but I dont”
I then understood  that if you love someone
They will leave
So sorry
But I dont want to be your friend
Written by
WhyWould YouGiveUp  F/open.window.starry.night
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