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Sep 8
Don’t tell me any more of these trivial distractions,
don’t bore me with any more stories you saw on TV,
don’t want to hear the latest gossip it’s all nonsense stop it,
who cares who’s dating who, personal lives’ are not news,
who cares who won whatever award, or won the Superbowl,
I don’t know at all & I don’t care anymore, never really did,
most things are just distractions from anything that’s relative,
what I’m interested in is the soul you hold in that body of yours,
so tell me, what really matters to you, what do you care about
I’ll tell you what, if you’re shy I’ll say what I care about first,
I care, about the greater good, about improvement of self,
I care, about how we’re going to heal this broken world,
I care, about how we’re going to heal these broken hearts,
I care, about what we’re going to do to fix this mess,
want to give my best, want to look back & say we did our best,
there I told you what I care about, now it’s your turn,
tell me something that truly matters, or leave me alone,
I’d rather be alone & at peace, then together & in war.

So let me be, at peace, with myself & all of my demons,
because I wan’t to release them but don’t know how,
so just leave me alone unless you can help me figure it out,
& don’t tell me any more of these trivial distractions,
because I’m trying to stay focused & not be distracted..

∆ LaLux ∆

from THHT3: Hollywood Hearts
available worldwide 9/9/19
Another Future Classic piece of Pop Poetry for our Collective Contemporary Society...
Written by
Aaron LaLux  33/M/Hollywood
   Shiv Pratap Pal
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