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Jun 2019
don't expect me to do for you
what you don't do for yourself
don't mistake your right to be wrong
for my respect

the worlds collided, merged
what you attack rules over you
the song i've known for years
makes sense now but
i still won't play it out loud
but i'd watch you dance anyway

i will tell you what i have been dreaming about
since i chose to be useful
those are my real hopes
and dreams
that i want out, once and for all
but that would never be allowed
i am, we are, exhausted, anyway

your anger is justified by everything you lack
there is no point in teaching
you need to be left to learn

here is my last line
everything this masochistic mayhem is about
it's fine to be alright
it's still normal to feel okay
it has been always normal
for you to be okay
it is okay to show vulnerability
you are human after all
but always remember to defend your keep
steady now and don't lose your footing
this will be my mantra
Written by
Cotton Candy
   Bogdan Dragos
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