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Apr 2019
He is the sun if it ever took human form.
Radiant and warm

You treated his love as if it were a heat storm.
As if his love were burning you from the inside.
You mistook his intensity, and you let it suffocate you.

You tried to put out the fire.
As smoke seeped from your painted smile, you subdued him.

You tried to put out the sun.

But I...
I found him
His flame dimmed.
Under the artificial assumption, his light was too much.

He came to me trying to cover that intensity.

But I thought...
Why fit the sun in a lantern?
When it could light the world.

My love like fertile earth.
Smothered with rich soil.
Saplings reached for that warmth of him.
I wanted all of him.
A lantern wouldn't do.

We planted our seeds in moments.
And well nourished they grew.

Many moons came to pass, but now I have before me a garden of overgrowth.
Watered by our tears. Nourished by passion. Warmed by our love, and given life through our memories.

He is larger than life.
He is bold and bright and the light in my sky.
& I will tend to this garden and bathe in his sun.
He is my home, my light, and my reason.

You tried to put out the fire,
but now he is the sun.
Some raw thoughts that had been sitting in my memo's for a few months.
Written by
Meadow  F/Humboldt
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