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Two young pretty woman
Friends in since the 8th grade
One, Johnnie, was a classy yet
And the other, Tasha, plain
And ******
They were both mountaineers
When Johnnie forced Tasha to
Go out and see the sights
Johnnie got the eye
Of a middle aged Tibetan monk
It was love at first sight
Though forbidden
Lama Tashi
And Johnnie Merton the middle of the night
In a shack
Run down yet cozy
There they made love
And talked while kissing
For they really loved each other
One morning
Tasha and her beloved
Were nowhere to be since
Suspicious Johnnie
Looked until she found
Her beloved Tashi
Walking away
And her β€œfriend” Tasha
Running away
This meant one thing
They were coupling.
Enraged at the thought
Johnnie poisoned her friend
Then she recurved a letter
From the Lama
That he made a mistake
And only wanted her
Johnnie crumpled the letter
For it added to her rage
The Tasha survived the
And it sent Johnnie in to a rage
She then took her ice axe
And hacked Tasha to death
With it
Thirty wacks
Then she lured her lover to the shack
And tried to couple
With him
During witch
She gave him
Fifty wacks
With the ice axe
While making love to him.
That was when she
Made the life long mistake
Johnniece β€œJohnnie” David
Killed herself with an overdose.
No note was left.
Toxic yeti
Written by
Toxic yeti  29/F/Almonte
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