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Jan 22
I reside in my feelings
Classify myself as soft
Tender is my ego from my tinder experience
On bumble I was stung, only to be left stumbling
No fresh coffee wants to meet a day old bagel

I create fables with my imagination
The open wound on my sleeve festers
Causing thoughts to manifest
They get the best of me, so y'all get the worst
My lifelong curse

I could listen to every song about love
Never finding a verse to relate to
It's late as I write this too, or early based on perspective
I need a Detective, to locate my innocence
Where in then, I might find the man I am supposed to be

Sought out affection from the wrong places
Chasing those that fear being caught
Weary from the pursuit, I become a mute
Ask me to speak up but the point is moot
Run along, practice your shoot dance

Romance, that induces a trance, is an intoxicating aroma
Pity that my presence is nauseating
There is no debating, I know my history
I am no mystery, just misguided by my own hand
I write because I am left with reading between the lines

I'll stand the test of time
Sands through the hourglass
This is the daze that is my life

By Axton Rupp
Axton Rupp
Written by
Axton Rupp  M/Canada
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