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Dec 2018
For Christmas this year, I’d
like all those who are missing
back home safe
I’d like the lost and lonely
to find themselves again without trying,
safe in the knowledge they are loved and needed.
Those fake power hungry people who
destroy other’s lives – just because they can
the corrupt politicians who take from
the mouths of all those ordinary
families who are struggling to live
to be held accountable and a change comes
I wish each family all have ample
to thrive contently, this Christmas.

You, the weak and the listless
to find inner strength, so that you
may rise like the phoenix
in the blaze of glory, you burn
brightly shining orange and gold.
This year, end all world wars
send all the boys and girls home at last.
For me and all those people like me
will you bring a little happiness
so we may all find our place in this world?
can the orbit of life
echo this in all of us
this year, and every year, for Christmas...
Written by
colzzmacdonald  M/UK
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