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Oct 2018
maybe these day you feel alone or even lonely,
you know that actually you are surrounded by bunch of people,
you have lots of friend,
but you feel nothing from them,
you still feel you are on your own,
you don't have someone to share your story with,
but it's not that you don't want to share your story,
you just haven't found the right person to share with,
because you can't trust everyone, and that's totally okay.

maybe these day you've been asking,
"until when i being like this?"
maybe these day you praying to God,
"i don't need bunch of friend, i just need a person who will understand me and never leave me."
maybe you are so close to giving up,
but you choose to not giving up, you stay patient and stray strong.

you are doing the right thing.
on the right time,
God will send you someone you asked for,
or even someone more than you asked for.
someone will really do care for you,
someone will always stay right by your side,
someone that you can trust and rely on.

you just need to wait a little more.
and believe that on the right moment,
that will happen to you.
Written by
Lyn  21/F
   Adam Holmstrom
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