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Sep 2018
Warm me in winter
If you can remember who and where I am
For we're just like Peter
Longing for neverland
Love may not come till summer
but it doesn't hurt to sit and wonder
if you'll return or fall in love with another
I've got my head filled with you
and I've got these fingers crossed too
It's all superstitious but I will wait to see what it does
Cuz if the mind creates our thoughts
Then maybe I can resurrect the love we lost
Till then there'll be no one in this bed where you have laid
No ones hands will touch this skin
Afraid that you'll feel it on your end
and never come back this way again
You are my soul
So hard to let go
I wondered how we ever went so long without each other before
Cuz when I ment you I
felt like I knew you'd always coming walking through that door
The one in my heart that can never be closed again
Until you return
I'll be missing you my sweet love
My dearest friend...
Apollo Hayden
Written by
Apollo Hayden
     Fawn, Joseph Miller and Angie Marcano
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